Nearby, beside the stage, Lin Hao put down his glass and watched as Yan Xingzhi strode out with Cen Ning in his arms.

“Tsk, Brother Yan is still Brother Yan.”

The girlfriend by his side asked curiously: “Hey, is this man your friend? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

Lin Hao glanced at her. “He joined the army.”

Girlfriend: “So he is an army brother. No wonder he’s so handsome.”


“Take your eyes off of him. I’m standing right by your side. Are you such a person?”

“No,” his girlfriend smiled tenderly, “But that girl just now, is she his girlfriend?”


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“Just that one.”


“Okay, please show your ID.”

Yan Xingzhi put down Cen Ning, letting her lie softly beside him, and handed over his ID.

The front desk clerk checked and said, “I need this lady’s ID too.”

He frowned and looked down at Cen Ning. “Did you bring your ID?”

“Um… Senior Brother, don’t drink, I, I’ll drink…”


“That doesn’t taste good. It’s terrible, hiccup!”

The corners of Yan Xingzhi’s eyebrows twitched. “Cen Ning, ID.”

The front desk clerk saw this situation with a look of vigilance. Was this a case of abducting a girl and opening a room in a hotel?

Although she felt that the man in front of her was upright, she still asked to be safe. “Sir, may I ask what the relationship is…?”

Yan Xingzhi felt a headache. Was today’s problem ever going to be over?




Yan Xingzhi was purely trying to avoid unnecessary inquiries, so he replied with this answer. But unexpectedly, Cen Ning suddenly shouted, “No, not girlfriend, he’s my gege, not his girlfriend.”


Front desk clerk:”……”

Yan Xingzhi’s face was almost green, and he rummaged through her bag without a word, and finally found her ID.

“Hers.” Yan Xingzhi put the ID on the desk.

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The front desk clerk silently accepted it and started to register.

However, when registering, she did not forget to keep glancing at the two of them. Yan Xingzhi got a headache from all the glances at him. Not to mention it was very difficult for him to adapt to the state of the person next to him, who was usually quiet.

“She drank too much and is speaking nonsense.” Yan Xingzhi finally explained.

After all, it was someone taking a presidential suite, and the front desk clerk also smiled politely when seeing this. “Okay sir, here is the room card.”

They finally got into the elevator, and Yan Xingzhi stood straight. He kept her upright with one hand around her waist. Later, because Cen Ning couldn’t stand up straight and kept trying to lie down on the ground, he had no choice but to pick her up and lift her in a bridal carry.

After entering the room, he bent down and put Cen Ning on the bed.


“Lie down.” He used his backhand to pull at her hand that was around his neck. But after pulling at it for a bit, he couldn’t pull it away.

“I don’t feel so well—“

“So remember not to drink alcohol in the future.” Yan Xingzhi said and pulled at her hand again. “Let go, and you’ll be more comfortable after a good night’s sleep.”

“Mhm… I’m not feeling well.” Who knew where Cen Ning got her strength from? She was hugging Yan Xingzhi’s neck like she was hugging a bear plushie at home, and she immediately pulled him down.

Surprised, Yan Xingzhi was pulled down by her. He was stunned for a moment, and just as he was about to get up, he realized that Cen Ning was nestled on his neck. She was so bold and dared to go to heaven after she was drunk, and rubbed him like he was a rag doll.

“I’m not feeling well. I have a headache…”

The hot breath sprayed on his neck and ears, and her soft cheeks were pressed flat against his neck. As soon as he turned, her lips brushed lightly across his skin. Yan Xingzhi stiffened, his lips pursed tightly, and he tried hard to take her hands off.

“Mmm…” There was sudden wetness on his neck. Yan Xingzhi stood stiffly, stagnant.

He whispered, “Did I hurt you?”

When Cen Ning whimpered a few more times, the wetness on his neck increased as well.

She was crying silently.

Yan Xingzhi said softly, “Cen Ning?”


“Can you stop leaving?”


“Can you, can you not leave…” sobbed Cen Ning. She was asleep.

Cen Ning was crying hard, and although she didn’t make a sound, he could feel the tears streaming down the collar of his shirt. He couldn’t understand what she was saying in small bits and pieces, and could only coax her with a good temper in the end.

“Okay, I won’t leave.”

“Stop crying.”

“How old are you, crying like this?”

“Cen Ning…”

After a long time, Cen Ning finally fell asleep and stopped.

Yan Xingzhi got up and moved his almost rigid neck. After he felt more comfortable, he bent down and lifted the quilt to cover her.

At this moment, the phone in Cen Ning’s bag suddenly rang, and Yan Xingzhi took it out to look. The screen read: Senior Brother Xia Yi.

He remembered this person. He was the one who came to pick her up back to school that day. He was the one who sat drinking beside her today, and it was also his name Cen Ning had been shouting after being drunk just now.

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In the silent room, there was only the sound of Cen Ning’s deep breathing.

Yan Xingzhi let the phone vibrate for a while and then pressed the power button to turn it off.

After a few seconds, the screen went completely black.

Yan Xingzhi put the phone back into her bag, and then glanced at Cen Ning, who was sleeping soundly. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly recalled the incident when she secretly kissed him a few years ago.

At that time, wasn’t she only sixteen?