Lin Hao snorted and realized what he meant by inconvenience. Going to a wine bar like this, he couldn’t wear a military uniform, or it would affect the image of a soldier.

“The little girl is over there. Look, in that group of people in front of you.”

Yan Xingzhi looked in the direction he pointed, and he saw Cen Ning. 

While she conversed with a friend next to her, she picked up a goblet of wine and sipped half of it. 


The lights were dim, and the dance floor under the stairs not far away would have some action soon.

Yan Xingzhi watched silently, and she paused for some time in confusion when she put her goblet down. A while later, she smiled, presumably at what someone said. Her flushed cheeks seemed to have taken off the veil that she used to cover herself in daily life, and she was beautiful. This complemented her watery eyes.

Yan Xingzhi paused for a few seconds, and then he sat down on the chair.

“Jasvbla Zyd, obu esd’v usw nyzz bla shla?”

“Fbl’p ryavukdt okvb qakldep. Ebu pbswze R nyzz bla shla?”

Nkd Tys oyp pvwddle qsa y xsxldv, plnalvzu nakvknkgkdt kd bkp blyav. Ebu eke bl nsxl kd pwnb y bwaau vbld?

“Ekzz usw eakdj vbld?” Nkd Tys pyke lyadlpvzu. “Mbl nsnjvykz blal kp hlau tsse.”

“Ls.” Zyd Dkdtgbk aykple bkp byde, ypjle vbl cyavldela vs tkhl bkx y tzypp sq oyvla, yde vbld pyke vs Nkd Tys, “Zsw nyd ts qkapv kq usw byhl psxlvbkdt vs es. R’zz pkv qsa y obkzl.”

“Tso oswze R byhl psxlvbkdt vs es? R’x blal vs eakdj.” Nkd Tys pyv esod clpkel bkx yde saelale vos nsnjvykzp qsa bkxplzq yde bkp tkazqaklde.

Dky Zk bye yzalyeu eawdj vss xwnb, yde byzq zlydle sd y xyzl xlxcla, rzyukdt eknl.

By this time, everyone was already quite intoxicated.


Vice President: “I see you guys can’t drink anymore. We can just end it here today. Hey, those that are not drunk, help those who are drunk. I just booked a few rooms, and we can just head over directly.”

“Yay! The vice president is the vice president, reliable!”

“Ah, I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I have to sleep…”

Everyone got up one after another, and Cen Ning also got up. However, at this time, her brain seemed to lack blood supply, and she directly sat back down again. She frowned, only to feel that her headache was very severe, and if she wanted to stand up again, it would be like killing her.

“Cen Ning? Cen Ning, are you alright?” The senior sister in the club was very good at drinking. Seeing Cen Ning’s dazed appearance, she hurriedly came to help her. “You drank too much. Come here, put your hand on my shoulder.”

Cen Ning puffed out her cheeks and fluttered her other hand against her face: “Hot…”

“It seems that your alcohol intake is really bad. You only had a few drinks.” The Senior Sister laughed.

Cen Ning looked at the person in front of her and felt as if her ears were blocked. She couldn’t hear what she was saying, only saw her mouth open and close, and then struggled to lift herself off the sofa.

Late at night, the impetuousness and wantonness inside the wine shop gradually revealed. There were more and more people, and the music became wilder.

Cen Ning covered her ears and whimpered: “It’s so noisy…”

“It’s quite noisy. I can’t carry you.” Senior Sister was about the same size as Cen Ning, and she couldn’t carry her all at once, so she shouted to the side, “Xia Yi, you drunkard! Are you going to care about your Cen Ning?”

“Care, yeah care…” Xia Yi walked over in a daze, but was pulled back by the vice president, “Hey, don’t overdo yourself, you’re too drunk, take care of yourself first.”


After that was said, the vice president came over and wanted to help carry Cen Ning, but as soon as he stretched out his hand, he was paused.

“I’ll do it.”

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Yan Xingzhi bent over and wrapped one arm around Cen Ning’s waist, and pulled her into his arms at once.

“Eh? You, who are you?” The Senior Sister’s eyes focused on his handsome face, but her few remaining senses didn’t let her forget that Cen Ning was a drunk girl in their club. “This is my friend, what are you doing?”

The other members present were also stunned by the sudden situation. The man in front of them was not at the same level as them. It could be said that he was a hooligan, but his clothes and appearance didn’t match that description.

“Sir, this is our friend. We can carry her. No need to trouble you.” The vice president was quite experienced in life. Although his eyes were vigilant, his words were polite.

“It’s okay, we know each other.” Yan Xingzhi was too lazy to explain, but it felt inappropriate to just leave like that.

“You two know each other?” Everyone was shocked. “Do you know what her name is? Don’t fool us.”

“Cen Ning.”


Probably hearing a familiar voice calling her name, Cen Ning finally raised her eyes stupidly.


“Um… how did you…”

Hearing the sound, Yan Xingzhi lowered his eyes and glanced at her. Cen Ning leant against his chest. Her eyes were blurred and bright.

The reflection of light flashed in her dark eyes, glimmering like stars in the night sky.

Yan Xingzhi paused for a moment, and after a few seconds, he said sternly: “Nonsense.”

Cen Ning blinked. Her mouth flattened, and her tone was rather aggrieved. “You scold me…”

Yan Xingzhi: “…”

“I have a headache—“

Yan Xingzhi lost his temper at her soft and waxy voice. He opened his mouth and finally said, “It’s good that you know it is uncomfortable.”


Everyone on the side was stunned, and the senior sister said embarrassingly, “Cen Ning, you know him.”

Cen Ning looked back and said obediently, “He’s Yan Xingzhi.”



Yan Xingzhi was waiting for her words of confirmation, and he took out the ID card in his pocket promptly.

The Senior Sister took it over to look and finally felt relieved. “You two really know each other.”

Vice President: “Even if you two know each other, you can’t take her away. Cen Ning, who is he?”

“He… Gege (TLN: This means brother).” Cen Ning said in a low voice, “Xingzhi Gege.”

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“Brother… different surname, cousin?”

“He’s not my cousin, he’s my gege!” Cen Ning giggled, wrapping her hands around Yan Xingzhi’s waist, rubbing her cheeks against his chest comfortably, “He’s my gege and my… husband.”

Yan Xingzhi stiffened.

Everyone: “???”

Everyone was shocked, but Cen Ning was immersed in her own world, holding on to Yan Xingzhi firmly without letting go. “Mhm, he’s my husband.”