7 it's soft and we

When they get there it's already 9 pm. They get out and hug her aunt and uncle. She feels her uncle's hand touch her ass as they hug tight and she gasps a bit. "oh I am sorry honey"

She is wearing a very looseflowy dress that ends at her mid thigh, it's strappy and shows a bit of her cleavage and obviously no undies.

She is taking out the bags and her uncle helps her. As the bag is heavy she bends to put it down showing a lot of cleavage as the dress is loose. He gets hard and licks his lips.

"Pussina I don't think you hugged me properly"

"But uncle I just did"

Knowing that no one is around he says "No you didn't...hug me again"

She says ok and he slowly moves his hand along her figure from ass to back and hugs her feeling her big boobs against his chest. The hug is so tight that it makes her sit on seat her car, legs out of her car, door open. He wants to see her boobs so as they separate from the hug he slyly slips both the straps the dress falling easily. "ah" She gasps as he stares at her great rack. Before she could put the straps back He hugs her naked upper body again his face in her boobs."aahh uncle....stop...."

He feels great with his face against her soft big titis. He slowly moves his face away touching her nipples with his lips. "mm"

"oh I m sorry honey I just missed you so much that didn't realize that you were naked"

She fixes her dress and they go inside. He goes in first with the suitcases. She walks wierd behind him because of the wetness between her legs. She felt horny.

They enter in. Her uncle has 3 children, 1daughter 2 sons. Her aunt tells her that she is sharing her cousin sister's room,Jane . Jane is 25 ,head taller than pussina, brown hair, fair.

She goes in the room and closes the door. Just then Jane comes out of the in built bathroom in just a towel. They get excited to see each other and hug each other. As they hug Pussina feels Jane's boobs on her face as Jane is taller and gets a bit wet.

"oh Pussina I have missed you my sweet sister, it has been 4 years since we last met" "me too Jane I missed how we used play all the time. Well we are not kids anymore so we can't really play" They laugh.

"oh you can keep your bag there"


Pussina bends to put the bag under the table and Jane notices that she can see her ass a bit. "it's big" She licks her lips. "huh?" pussina says still trying to push it under. "nothing"

She finally puts the bag and Jane stops staring at her ass.

"Pussina go take a shower"

"oh ya I should.... do you have a razor my vagina is a bit prickly!" Jane gets an idea."hmm I do...butttt.....my razor is a bit too sharp u won't be able to shave without cutting yourself..let me shave your pussy"

Hearing her say pussy made pussina wet and she can't let her see that, it would be embarrassing. "no..nooo..."

"come" Jane says ignoring her . And like a gud pussy she follows her into the bathroom.

As Jane fishes out the razor pussina gets really nervous. "Pick up your dress.....let's see if you are a thong person or a g string"

When pussina picks up the dress Jane sees her naked wet pussy. "ahhhh you don't like to cover it....it's wet" She says to pussina liking her pussy wet. "Uh.." "it's ok I'll clean it"

And cleans it with the tissue " pussy spread your legs" She starts shaving on her knees, her face near her pussy. When she is done she looks at her pussy and blows on it. Pussina starts to get wet because of the stare on her pussy and the hot blow makes it worse.

Jane stares at Pussina's juice coming out of the pussy, loving it. Jane then touches the V area above the clitoris"aahhhhhh"

"it's soft"Jane says, then tells her to take shower and come out. Pussina falls on fer knees not able to stand as Jane goes out. Pussina takes a shower and when she is sure that she is not wet she goes out in the room naked.

She sees a towel on the floor and Jane on the bed with a thin blanket on her eyes closed. She looks at the mountain an her chest and the two little mountains of Jane's nipples. She gets wet again.

She then goes and lays down beside a naked Jane. She puts Jane's arm under her waist... thinking that she is asleep.