Chapter 175 - Chapter 175: Comfort Is Reserved For the Dead

Chapter 175: Comfort Is Reserved For the Dead

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Through the messages in his email, Feng Qi realized that he had chosen to develop in multiple aspects in this future timeline.

He had done far more than he had planned.

Other than Mu Qing, his future self wanted to influence the future from all angles and find out historical information.

This undoubtedly increased the risk, and there were many uncertainties.

But he understood why his future self would do this.

The moment he knew that he was in a sacrifice timeline, his future self had long disregarded life and death and only wanted to obtain more information for him.

With doubts about history, he continued to read the contents of his email.

Old Wang’s guess might be right. The Science and Technology Research Institute wants to infiltrate the Tiger Soul Research Institute.

The Tiger Soul Research Institute might also be infiltrating the Science and Technology Research Institute and destroying it at the critical moment before Blackie is completed.

I’m thinking.

Can you choose a future timeline and either join the Science and Technology Research Institute or the Tiger Soul Research Institute?

Then, use the information you know to help one of the domain factions and destroy the other.

If you really achieve this, things will probably change in the future.

At the same time, joining one of the factions can also bring us a lot of internal information.

Today, Old Wang published his first article at the Tiger Soul Research Institute. He wanted to redefine the cultivation system.

As soon as the article was published, it caused a sensation.

He chose to continue being outstanding to lure the appearance of the dark forces and interact with them to obtain information for me.

Old Wang’s new cultivation technique was released. The first cultivation technique he developed received a four-star rating.

As expected of my teacher.

His excellence is such that he is worthy of any praise.

Old Wang is getting more and more achievements. Just yesterday, he received the S-grade Human Elite and Gold Medal of Outstanding Contribution.

Old Wang contacted me today.

He realized that something seemed to have happened to his body.

Every night, when he dreamed, he could always hear whispers in his mind.

He said.

If he hadn’t spoken to me before, he might have thought that he was under too much stress. But now, he believes that he is being eroded by some form of consciousness.

He is afraid that his memory information would be read, so he decided to take some measures to develop a cultivation technique to strengthen his mental will.

It will allow him to resist the erosion on the mental level and protect his memories from being read.

278.1 had a long talk with Lu Yue today.

1 asked him about the Path to Heaven and Mu Yao.

However, he did not tell me the truth.

This was what he said. Before the miracle approaches me, it means that I’m not qualified to obtain information about the Path to Heaven.

As expected, the relevant information about the Path to Heaven is related to Mu Yao.

Her appearance is like an invitation to the Path to Heaven. Only then could one obtain detailed information about it.

F*ck, it looks like Lu Yue’s line won’t work. You have to find another way to contact Mu Yao.

Old Wang has been in a bad state recently. He often has nightmares after falling asleep and would occasionally be in a daze.

He told me that the dark forces have probably chosen him as the best candidate to spread the bloodline switch and are already prepared to control him mentally.

However, he also said that he has already developed a special cultivation technique that can make his mental will very powerful to resist the corrosion of external forces.

But, this cultivation technique had a flaw. As long as his mental will is lost, he will instantly die.

1 know he deliberately put in this flaw.

He knows very well that if he was controlled and his memories were read, all secrets other than the email would no longer be secrets.

302.1 just video-called Old Wang today. In the call, he looked very haggard.

In just a few years, his temples had already turned gray.

He kept smiling in the video, but 1 know he is under a lot of pressure.

Recently, the Science and Technology Research Institute launched an operation against the Scarlet Research Institute. I was also affected because I was very close to the Scarlet Research Institute and had helped them launch several biotechnology technologies.

Indeed, I’m too unrestrained in this future line.

1 hope the Science and Technology Research Institute doesn’t pay attention to

Otherwise, 1 might have to leave this beautiful world in advance.

Old Wang’s health is getting worse day by day. In his dreams, he often see himself wrapped in fog. A voice kept speaking in his mind.

If I’m right, that voice belongs to the owner of the fog.

If it really possessed Old Wang’s body, it would live as Old Wang in the future.

This is probably why Mu Yao called him Wang Jinsheng.

Its true motive is already very obvious.

It wants to use Old Wang’s influence to promote the bloodline switch so that the entire human race will cultivate a super cultivation technique with a the calamity concealed within and wait for the future harvest.

This is the foreshadowing left behind by the owner of the fog a thousand years ago.

Old Wang is dead

It’s not homicide but suicide.

Before he died, he sent me a video.

(Video attachment)

Taking a deep breath, Feng Qi opened the video attachment in the email message.

The scene was in a cultivation techniques laboratory in Tiger Soul Research Institute. Old Wang was seated at the lab bench.

He looked completely different from what he remembered. His temples were gray, his hair was messy, and his deep eye sockets made him look very tired and haggard.

However, he still looked at the camera and smiled as he said,

“All Qi, 1 might not be able to hold on much longer. That will is about to break through my mental defense.

“I was prepared for this, but what 1 didn’t expect is that this will is actually nibbling at the mental restriction I had set on myself. I thought that after it broke through my mental defense, the mental restriction would immediately activate and kill me.

“However, this spiritual will is nibbling away at my mental restriction. If it succeeds, I will completely lose the ability to resist. It will be able to read all my memories.

“There’s only one way out for me now.

“I can’t accompany you on this path anymore. It’s already a fact that Tiger Soul Research Institute has been infiltrated. I’ve investigated the core cultivation technique researchers around me. Their consciousness is also being nibbled away. They often appear in a daze, similar to me.

“But with me, they can forget about succeeding. The initiative is still in my hands.”

Looking at Wang Jinsheng on the screen, Feng Qi already knew what he was going to do.

At the end of the scene, Wang Jinsheng smiled at the camera and said,

“All Qi, continue on. The future of mankind depends on you.”

Old Wang has passed away. The day after he sent the video to me, he was found dead in the laboratory.

1 don’t feel good.

In the end, he took the initiative and did not become the puppet of the owner of the fog.

He did not compromise with his fate.

354.1 got drunk.

In the dream, I returned to my middle school days.

1 saw Old Wang walking back and forth in the mottled light and shadow. He used his slightly thin hand to wipe and write on the blackboard, explaining knowledge to us, telling us to always be confident in the future.

The sunlight shone through the gaps in the branches outside the window and landed on his body, but his figure became fainter and fainter.

Like an ink painting soaked in water, it gradually became blurry.

After waking up, I thought for a long time and pulled myself together.

However, on the path to the glorious era, Old Wang has forever stayed in yesterday.

He was the savior in my heart, and he could also bear the title of a Historic Great.

Teachers are easily found, but not masters.

I’m honored to have been your student. I’m honored to have journeyed with you. Goodbye.

The Science and Technology Research Institute is preparing to attack me.

They are doing this in order to suppress the Scarlet Research Institute and they didn’t forget me either. Today, 1 was interrogated by the law enforcement officers of Star City Military.

The subsequent series of measures should be the same as in the previous timelines.

In the end, I will be defined as a human traitor and be taken to the execution ground.

There is no sadness in my heart at the impending parting.

1 was already prepared for this day, but I’m indignant that I did not further and provide you with more useful information.

The public opinion attacks of the Science and Technology Research Institute have begun.

The public opinion is overwhelming with unfavorable news about me. They said that 1 was controlled by a domain creature and that 1 might be a human who had transformed from a domain creature.

1 don’t blame my critics.

Lies have clouded their eyes, but their anger at me stems from a love for the world.

I’ve already given Lu Yue instructions for the subsequent matters.

1 hope that he will develop in secret and not be exposed. He shall only destroy Tiger Soul Research Institute after he becomes stronger.

From the current information, the Tiger Soul Research Institute is hidden deeper than the Science and Technology Research Institute and is more dangerous.

If the bloodline switch is still born in the future, the destruction of mankind would only be an instant thought by the owner of the fog.

I’m going to Star City’s Trial Court tomorrow, but I know that this is just a formality. My end is already predestined.

I’m really sorry that 1 didn’t provide you with much useful information on this future timeline.

Next, 1’11 give hand the email to Wei Wei and she’ll continue to provide you with future information.

1 suddenly feel a sense of relief. My moment of release is coming.

As for you, you have to continue to shoulder the dreams of your classmates, Old Wang, Wei Wei, Mu Qing…

Tired? That’s right. Comfort is reserved for the dead like me.

Don’t envy me, hahaha.

The email messages ended there.

After reading the contents of the email, Feng Qi could not help but sigh.

He could imagine the changes in his mental state before his future self died. His heart must have been filled with indescribable pain.

Especially Old Wang’s death. It was a huge blow to his future self.

He had been an orphan since he was young. His worldview had been shaped under Old Wang’s guidance.

If he had not met Old Wang, he did not believe that he could still firmly choose to shoulder the burden and save this world after obtaining the ability to transmigrate into the future dream.

The casual farewell in the message box was just to not make him feel guilty.

He, who had worked tirelessly for the rise of mankind, ultimately went to the guillotine under the disdain and doubt of the world.

After his death, the Science and Technology Research Institute which was truly doing evil might sneer. There will be one less obstacle that can advance the development of human civilization.

However, his future self was powerless to change this. The helplessness in front of despair would definitely fill every corner of his heart.

He could not help but clench his fists.

[Ah Qi, you have chosen to burn yourself in every future line to light up your future. Don’t disappoint your future self in the future timeline. Continue going forward!]

When he heard the narrator’s words, Feng Qi nodded hard.

“Even if the road ahead is filled with setbacks and difficulties, it won’t stop my heart that yearns for the good, let alone my vision of creating a brilliant golden age.”

The anger in his heart burned at this moment and became the motivation to continue forward..