Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Supreme Feng Qi

Chapter 176: Supreme Feng Qi

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Feng Qi closed his future self’s message box.

After that, he went through the messages that Wei Wei had left for him.

From Wei Wei’s description, he learned about future’s development after his death.

Old Wang had used suicide to resist his fate and escape the control of the owner of the fog.

But the future had not changed as a result.

Because Lin Ran had become Old Wang’s substitute.

In this timeline, Lin Ran had displayed unparalleled talent in spell research after joining the Tiger Soul Research Institute.

However, he still did not give up on researching cultivation techniques.

Subsequently, he established the Tiger Soul Research Institute’s Infinite Group and began researching cultivation techniques.

He would continue his grandfather’s unfinished wish and develop a super cultivation technique that could change the future.

At this moment, although Lin Rail’s influence was not as strong as Old Wang’s, he was still the idol of many cultivators. He had already established his status as the founder of seal techniques.

Naturally, he became the best choice for the owner of the fog.

With Lin Rail’s influence, the owner of the fog successfully launched the super cultivation technique, Flesh Sacrifice.

After cultivating this cultivation technique, the purity of the cultivator’s bloodline would increase significantly, allowing the cultivator to obtain a strong physique comparable to a domain creature.

At the same time, this cultivation technique was very suitable for laying the foundation.

According to Wei Wei’s evaluation,

excluding the hidden dangers in this cultivation technique, it could definitely be considered a divine-level cultivation technique.

After cultivating this cultivation technique, cultivators would be able to easily cultivate other cultivation techniques in the future.

This was because the increase in the purity of bloodline was equivalent to increasing the talent of cultivators, causing their perception and guidance of Spiritual Qi to improve greatly.

This also included the adaptability of the body to Spiritual Qi.

Therefore, be it body cultivators or spell cultivators, they would generally use the Flesh Sacrifice as a cultivation method.

Flesh Sacrifice became the first choice for human cultivation.

Seeing this, Feng Qi could not help but sigh.

Now, he was basically certain that the cultivation technique that Lin Ran had developed back then had been tampered with by the Tiger Soul Research Institute.

In the previous timeline, he must have relied on his own hard work to develop a very outstanding cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique was very likely to rewrite the development of human cultivation.

Therefore, there was no problem with Lin Ran’s cultivation, and there was no problem at the testing stage. However, after it was published, there was a huge problem.

Since Wang Jinsheng was dead, the owner of the fog definitely needed a new goal to promote Flesh Sacrifice on behalf of the former.

Coincidentally, Lin Ran, who had a huge influence, also wanted to switch to researching cultivation techniques.

So he became Old Wang’s best substitute.

What happened next was history repeating itself. He went down Old Wang’s path again and finally launched the bloodline switch.

In the end, Wei Wei even left a message saying that she had left him a surprise.

However, she did not say what the surprise was.

He guessed that Wei Wei’s surprise should be a good talent mystery box in the Scarlet Research Institute’s base.

After closing Wei Wei’s message box, Feng Qi opened the search bar and entered Lin Ran’s name.

After filtering, relevant information about Lin Ran appeared.

[Lin Ran (Historic Great)]:

Age at death: 253

Research cultivation technique details: Visitor’s authorization, unable to access.

Cause of death: Visitor’s authorization, unable to access.


He was one of the ten most talented geniuses in history. He had many outstanding contributions in the research of spells and had even established the Hand Seal spell school. Later, he was transferred to lead the new Infinity Group established by the Tiger Soul Research Institute and try his hand at cultivation technique research.

During this period, he developed an epic cultivation technique, Flesh Sacrifice, that promoted the development of human cultivation.

This cultivation technique uses oneself as a furnace to temper one’s flesh, blood, and bones. It can greatly improve the cultivator’s physical fitness and cultivation talent.

Subsequently, Lin Ran continued to advance in cultivation and created a series of outstanding cultivation techniques. The results of his research promoted the development of human cultivation and benefited future generations.

Historical achievements: Historic Great, S-grade Human Elite, Leader of Tiger Soul Infinity Group, elite member of Tiger Soul Research Institute, outstanding graduate of Winter Academy, creator of seal-style spells, creator of five-element symbiotic spells, new planner of the Spell Trajectory 3.0…

After reading the future’s evaluation of Lin Ran, Feng Qi was not surprised.

He had relived Old Wang’s history and would definitely obtain the same “honors” as Old Wang.

However, what puzzled him was why his visitor’s authorization could not check the details of the cultivation technique developed by Lin Ran.

Puzzled, he opened the cultivation method list and entered “Flesh Sacrifice”.

He tried to use another method to read this cultivation technique.

Then, a line of words popped up on the screen:

[Visitor’s authorization, unable to access this cultivation technique.]

Seeing this authorization notification, Feng Qi could not help but be stunned.

It was easy for him to understand why his visitor’s authorization stopped him from viewing cultivation techniques above three stars.

After all, domain factions did not want the human cultivation system to develop quickly, so they restricted all aspects of cultivation techniques.

However, the Flesh Sacrifice cultivation technique should be promoted vigorously.

Why is there a restriction on its viewing authorization?

[Ah Qi, don’t forget that domain creatures are also hostile to each other. The Flesh Sacrifice is useful to the owner of the fog, but it’s a scourge to other domain forces. It’s understandable to restrict it.]

[Just like how the Tiger Soul Research Institute might be the mastermind behind Blackie going out of control, other factions in other fields might also hinder the owner of the fog and prevent it from promoting the Flesh Sacrifice very well.]

Hearing the narrator’s answer, Feng Qi came to a realization.

In that case, it made sense why there was a restriction on the viewing authorization of the flesh sacrifice.

After all, domain forces were also hostile to one another.

Even if human civilization had fallen, the war between them had not ended. Naturally, they did not want the other factions to develop well.

At this thought, an idea suddenly appeared in his mind.

Next time, can I ask Wei Wei to record the details of Flesh Sacrifice in the messages? He could bring it back to reality to for Old Wang or Lin Ran to study and resolve the hidden dangers.

Flesh Sacrifice was evaluated as a divine-level cultivation technique, so it naturally had its outstanding aspects.

Rather than destroy it entirely, it was better to guide it onto the right track. If he could find a way to resolve Flesh Sacrifice, he could easily resolve this crisis.

[Ah Qi, this idea is amazing. You can completely bring the Flesh Sacrifice back to reality for analysis and research. Then, Old Wang or Lin Ran can develop a cultivation technique to eliminate hidden dangers and promote it.]

[If this plan succeeds, when owner of the fog will confidently snap his fingers in front of Mu Yao, it will be dumbfounded to discover that the seed it had buried for more than a thousand years has long been taken care of. Just the thought of it makes me excited.]

“It can be used as a reference direction for the next future timeline.” Feng Qi grinned.

The future was still covered by fog, but he, who could travel through to the future dream, was completely capable of trial and error.

Only after resolving all the hidden dangers in reality could he allow human civilization to grow healthily.

In the end, he would lead humanity to confidently face the battle of the apocalypse.

Now, he had the answer to the historical doubts about Lin Ran and Old Wang.

However, there were still many unsolved doubts.

Mu Yao, the Path to Heaven, Blackie, the distribution of domain forces…

It was also very important to improve the overall strength of human civilization would in the future.

Even if the hidden dangers within humanity were eliminated, the external ones still existed.

Those expanded domain fields were external hidden dangers.

The endless domain creatures Mu Yao faced during the final war were what he considered external hidden dangers.

Eliminating internal hidden dangers was for the healthy development of human civilization. To resist external hidden dangers, human civilization needed to become stronger as a whole.

Only by combining the development of both could human civilization resist the invasion of the domain.

There was still a long way to go to win the final victory.

[Something is wrong, time to retreat.]

The sudden reminder from the narrator made Feng Qi realize that Blackie was on its way.

Therefore, he immediately turned around and walked out of the shelter.

After leaving the shelter, he headed east directly.

On the way, he began to think about a problem.

His future self suggested in the messages

to consider joining the Science and Technology Research Institute or the Tiger Soul Research Institute.

While obtaining information, make use of their power to target another faction controlled by domain creatures.

For example, joining the Tiger Soul Research Institute to fight against the Science and Technology Research Institute, and vice versa.

This future timeline had already been included in his reference.

Following this train of thought, he suddenly wondered if he could find a way to control Blackie in the Science and Technology Research Institute.

If Blackie’s going out of control was indeed related to the interference source created by Tiger Soul Research Institute,

He could also create an instrument to control Blackie. After sneaking into the core circle of the Science and Technology Research Institute, he could find an opportunity to implant it into its body.

As for how to create a “remote control” to control Blackie, he could completely solve it over the accumulation of many periods of 1,500 years.

With the accumulation of time, he could always find a way to create a “Little Black Controller”.

Thinking of this, Feng Qi was a little tempted.

If he could really control Blackie, with the support of the Suction Cup and Blackie, he could completely do whatever he wanted in the future dream.

Last time, the owner of the fog and Blackie fought briefly.

In the end, the former chose to retreat, unwilling to be entangled with Blackie.

From this, it could be seen that Blackie’s deterrence was still very terrifying.

If he could control Blackie, he would definitely bring Blackie and the Suction Cup into the fog area and capture the owner of the fog to beat it up.

If he could, he wanted to beat the owner of the mist into a trance.

Then, he would use Nightmare’s ability to read its memories and empty its mind.

[Little brother, wake up. Wake up quickly. If you continue to fantasize like this, you can write a Dragon Proud Sky© fantasy novel. The development of the plot is about to go out of control. At that time, the owner of the fog will kneel in front of you and shout, “I was blind and offended the Supreme Feng Qi. I’ll kneel and beg for mercy…” Pui, this is so awkward.]

If I were really that strong, I’ll definitely grab you out of my brain and make a body for you. Then, I’ll make you kneel and beg for mercy.”

[Hehe, when that day comes, it will be time for me to reveal my true colors. At that time, I will possess your body and become the new Supreme Feng Qi.]

“I’m a little flustered.”

[Don’t panic. If you call me father a few times, I might spare your life.]


As they teased each other, Feng Qi arrived at the city ruins.

He was already very familiar with the terrain here.

After slowing down, he continued to walk towards the secret base of the Scarlet Research Institute.

He was looking forward to the surprise that Wei Wei mentioned.

He felt that he could actually bring some rune transformation technology back to reality in the future. Then, he would hand it to the Scarlet Research Institute when he began the future timeline.

Just like the cell regeneration ability that the Mala gave him.

As long as the rune transformation technology was improved, he could completely get them to research and custom-made a specific innate ability for him.