Chapter 39

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“So you can understand us! Why did you pretend you don’t understand us?”

Lin Bai grabbed the Gro by his neck and hung him upside down.

“Speak! Otherwise, I’ll make you fall to your death now!”

Lin Bai’s words were not polite at all, exuding a crazy aura.

It made the Gro even more afraid. He was hanging upside down, his eyes filled with fear.

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!”

Lin Bai smiled.

He made the Gro stand up and looked at him with a smile, but it inexplicably made him feel afraid.

Lin Bai nodded at him.

“What’s your name? What are you doing here? How many people did you bring? How did you get in?”

Lin Bai stretched out his hand as he spoke. A weak flame appeared in his hand, making the Gro shiver.

He was a little frightened, so he had no choice but to speak shakily to Lin Bai.

This Gro’s name was Solo. Solo was not too important to the race. He had just joined the army this year and was sent by their leader to scout the way.

He drove the newly tamed Origin Beasts from the Gorge Mountain three hours ago and traveled for a full three hours before arriving at the water source.

He planned to go straight down the mountain to observe the camp.

Gorge Mountain?

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Where’s the Gorge Mountain?”

Solo was not very familiar with the human language. He looked at Lin Bai with a bitter expression and trembled, unable to say anything.

Wu Yue’s expression was even more serious than before.

He sounded serious towards Lin Bai.

“It’s three hours from here, but it’s not too far from the Marina Metropolis area. Origin Beasts often gather there.”

However, he did not expect the Gro Race to exist in that place!

Were they no longer willing to stay underground?

Violent waves surged in Wu Yue’s heart. He did not expect such a simple competition to give birth to so many details!

What should he do?

Wu Yue looked up at Lin Bai.

Lin Bai had clearly thought of this.

He made a prompt decision.

“Let’s go! Let’s return to the camp!”

“Let’s go see the General! We can’t delay this!”

Solo’s expression froze when he heard that they were going to bring him to the human territory and meet a general.

He immediately wanted to escape.

Lin Bai reacted quickly, slapped him unconscious and lifted him up.

“We have to set it up as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’m afraid not many students will be able to return alive after this competition.”

At that time, they would probably lose a large number of soldiers.

Since Lin Bai had seen it, he could not ignore it!

He turned around and left as he spoke. Everyone followed hurriedly.

The six of them walked down the mountain in a mighty manner, crossed the river ditch, and returned to the camp.

The officer guarding the entrance of the camp was a little puzzled when he saw them return.

He reached out to stop them and looked at Lin Bai’s voice.

“Why are you guys back down here? The competition stipulates that you can’t descend early as long as you ascend the mountain!”

“Hurry back!”

“Can’t you students behave yourselves and not break the rules?”

The most important thing in being a soldier was to obey orders.

What about these people?!

They ascended and descended the mountain as and when they liked!

They did not care about the rules at all.

He decided to teach them a lesson at that thought. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be messing around on the battlefield?

They would lose their lives then!

Lin Bai frowned slightly.

“We have something to discuss with General Li! Something important!”

He deliberately emphasized the word and looked at the officer.

The officer’s frown was deeper than his, but his expression changed when he saw Solo in Lin Bai’s hand.


Lin Bai revealed a helpless expression.

“I said it’s important. Let us in!”

The officer was still a little hesitant, so Wu Yue could only go forward and whisper to him.

Only then did the officer barely turn his body and say to everyone, “General Lin and the others are in the conference room discussing the mission tonight.”

“Wu Yue! You can’t fool around with them.”

Wu Yue’s expression was calm.

“I only take orders from my Captain. Move aside.”

The officer was speechless and could only let them leave.

The conference room was in the first building in front. It was extremely quiet in that building, and people stopped them along the way.

Wu Yue was the one who took care of it every time.

Lin Bai felt that Wu Yue’s military rank might be very high and should be very convincing, but Wu Yue had no intention of saying anything.

He did not intend to ask about it then.

Lin Bai looked up at Wu Yue and saw that he was very familiar with the handling of the situation along the way.

Lin Bai went forward and patted Wu Yue’s shoulder. He smiled at him and said, “Do we wait in the conference room? Can we go in directly?”

Wu Yue was stunned for a moment, but he quickly reacted. He lowered his head and looked at Lin Bai, saying softly, “It’s an emergency, so we should be able to go in directly.”

Lin Bai nodded softly and looked at Wu Yue meaningfully.

“You were a little distracted just now. What are you thinking about?”

Wu Yue shook his head.

They arrived at the conference room as the two of them spoke.

The soldiers guarding the door were clearly a little vigilant. He only turned around and walked in when Wu Yue and Wei Feng showed their ranks.

In just a moment, he walked out and invited them in.

As soon as Lin Bai entered, he saw Li Zhongjing standing at the side. An old general was sitting in the seat of honor. On the other side of the old general was a middle-aged general, about the same age as Li Zhongjing.

It was Zhang Jian, who had appeared this morning.

As soon as Lin Bai entered, he went straight to the point and slapped Solo to the ground.

“We went to the back mountain this afternoon and captured a soldier of the Gro Race scouting around. His name is Solo. He said that his race will enter the mountain tomorrow and attack the soldiers and students with the Origin Beasts!”

The conference room fell silent as soon as Lin Bai finished speaking.

The old general suddenly raised his head. He glared at Zhang Jian and said angrily, “What’s going on?! Why would real Origin Beasts and this Gro appear in the back mountain?!”

Zhang Jian’s face turned pale.

“General, I don’t know either. We searched the back mountain two days ago and again this morning. We didn’t find any traces at all.”

The old General’s expression was extremely ugly.

What would have happened tomorrow if Lin Bai and the others had not gone up the mountain in advance today?

A surprise attack without warning?

What would happen to them if they did not react in time and caused huge casualties?

Such losses were enough to send them all to the military court!

The old General gritted his teeth.

“There must be something wrong!”

“Tomorrow’s competition is canceled! Tell everyone to standby! Students, return to the dormitory. You’re not allowed to enter or leave!”

“Guard the entire military camp! No one is allowed to go out!”

After saying all this, he looked at Lin Bai with trembling eyes.

“Were you the one who killed the Origin Beast and captured this member of the Gro Race alive?”