Chapter 38

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Lin Bai subconsciously protected Li Tongwu.

He looked up and saw a strange Origin Beast rushing over not far away. There were two black horns on the Origin Beast’s head.


Lin Bai dodged sideways and immediately activated the incantation, shouting.

“Lightning Slash!”

He stretched out his hand and pointed. A huge ball of light condensed and smashed towards the Origin Beast!

The Origin Beast was caught off guard and did not even have time to dodge. They could only flip over and half of their bodies barely brushed past the ball of light, suddenly dripping with blood.


The Origin Beast let out indignant and unbearable roars. The ground trembled slightly, and tall trees scattered fallen leaves, smashing into Lin Bai and Li Tongwu.

Lin Bai suddenly looked up.


Lin Bai roared angrily, and an extremely strong light immediately appeared and shot straight into the eyes of the Origin Beast.

The Origin Beast immediately let out a crazy and terrified cry and charged around!

“Li Tongwu!”

Lin Bai immediately shouted. Li Tongwu raised his head tacitly. He pointed at the Origin Beast with one hand and used his mental strength to light the talisman.

The talisman was thrown at the Origin Beast!

The fire was instantly ignited!

The flames darted extremely high and wrapped around the Origin Beast.

Lin Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

He was about to turn around to look at Li Tongwu’s situation when a small sound suddenly came from his ears, like an extremely painful roar.

It came from the Origin Beast.

Lin Bai’s gaze paused.

“What’s this?”

He could not help but raise his head to look at the Origin Beast. His eyes were very serious, as if he wanted to see what was different.

Soon, he realized that a short shadow had jumped down from the Origin Beast and was about to run.

“Stop right there!”

Lin Bai immediately rushed out, but the shadow was extremely fast. Lin Bai almost didn’t catch up and could only throw the wooden stick horizontally!


The black shadow let out a painful cry.

It was directly pressed under the wooden stick. The big sparrow’s thick feathers hit the black shadow with a bang.

Lin Bai narrowed his eyes slightly. He gestured to Li Tongwu and split up with him before rushing in front of the black shadow.

Only then did Lin Bai see what it was.

It was a figure much smaller than them. He had a red beard and was wearing exquisite armor. However, he was only about a meter tall.

His eyes were extremely big, glaring angrily at Lin Bai!

He muttered in a lot of languages that Lin Bai could not understand!

Lin Bai picked him up impatiently and looked at Li Tongwu in confusion.

“What’s this? Why is this on the back mountain?”

Li Tongwu glanced at Lin Bai hurriedly as he guarded against the Origin Beast.

“I don’t know! I’ve never seen this little person before!”

“Why don’t we bring it back and show it to Instructor Wu and the others? They might know what it is!”

Lin Bai thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

Lin Bai carried him by the neck in order to prevent this little guy from escaping and returned to the camp.

At this moment, Zhang Haishan had already built the fire. Wei Feng and Wu Yue had also set up their tents.

The few of them were guarding their territories, as if they were afraid that something would happen.

They turned to look at Lin Bai and Li Tongwu when they returned.

Li Tongwen looked curiously at the little person in Lin Bai’s hand and sounded puzzled.

“Lin Bai, where did you capture them from?”

Lin Bai threw the little guy to the ground. The little guy blew his beard and glared. He fell flat on his face, looking very irritable!

Lin Bai snorted.

The little guy immediately did not dare to speak anymore.

Only then did Lin Bai turn to look at them helplessly.

“I don’t know where it came from! Li Tongwu and I went hunting, so we approached the water source when we were looking for rabbits.”

“I saw a strange Origin Beast with horns immediately before I got close! I originally thought that I would be fine as long as I dealt with the Origin Beast. I didn’t expect that this small person was riding on it.”

“I took it down along the way!”

Lin Bai paused for a moment and raised his eyebrows at Wu Yue, who had a dark expression.

“Wu Yue, do you know what this little person is? From which country?”

Lin Bai felt a little strange.

He had never seen such a small person on Earth after all!

However, many novels would depict the dwarves.

Lin Bai felt that this little person was like the dwarves described in novels on Earth.

Lin Bai pursed his lips and looked at Wu Yue. He said softly, “Take a look. I’ve never been to the battlefield before and don’t know anything about this.”

Wu Yue seemed to have only come back to his senses when he heard this.

He glanced at Lin Bai in a daze, his eyes filled with shock!

“Lin Bai, this is the Gro Race of the subterranean aliens. Most of them are short and afraid of the light, but they are extremely smart and cunning. They are the one which you have to look out for among the subterranean aliens.”

“We’ve also tried to fight the Gro Race before, but they know how to tame many Origin Beasts… And they often hide behind the scenes.”

There was very little information about the Gro Race. This precious information was exchanged for by many soldiers who had sacrificed themselves.

However, Lin Bai had actually captured a living member of the Gro Race!

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows.

“But why did this person come to the back mountain? Shouldn’t the area around the military camp be the safest?”

Wu Yue paused.

A chill suddenly ran down his spine.

“Logically speaking, we should have sent someone into the mountain to search before the competition. Moreover, there are security guards around this training mountain.”

However, this Gro Race could actually get past the security and come here with an Origin Beast!

Everyone’s expressions were a little ugly.

If the students and soldiers came in tomorrow…

Would they have to face this Gro?

Lin Bai thought of a possibility almost immediately.

However, he did not say anything and only raised his eyebrows at Wu Yue and Wei Feng.

“Then what should we do now? Bring this Gro Race back? What will you do with them?”

Wu Yue and Wei Feng did not know either.

They had never captured a living Gro Race after all.

Wu Yue smiled bitterly.

“We don’t have any experience either.”

Lin Bai paused. He lowered his head and pretended to look at the Gro Race casually.

He realized that the Gro’s expression was still very nervous just now, but he has relaxed a little.

Does this mean that this little guy understands their conversation?

Lin Bai pursed his lips and became interested.

He deliberately said to Wu Yue, “Why don’t we kill him now? Since we don’t know anything about it, we can even bring the corpse back as evidence!”

“Maybe we’ll win. We might even not have to participate in the competition at all.”

“This is a huge contribution!”

The corners of Lin Bai’s eyes curled up slightly as he looked at the Gro Race’s face from the corner of his eye.

The Gro Race’s face instantly turned extremely pale, and fear appeared in his eyes.

He can actually understand them!