Chapter 21 - Writing A Novel Openly!

Chapter 21 Writing A Novel Openly!

“Good! As expected of a student of our academy!”

The Dean patted Lin Bai’s shoulder with a good amount of weight!

He looked up, eyes filled with joy!

If that was the case, wouldn’t the students in their school be able to obtain unprecedented martial arts by reading novels?

Wouldn’t they make a profit?

This had never happened in other schools!

The principal smiled extremely gently and rolled his eyes at Lin Bai.

“Alright! Lin Bai! You can actually cash up one of them. Then you can definitely cash up another one, right? I’ll arrange time for you! You’ll specialize in reading novels!”

The Dean could not forget the power of the Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist!

What kind of advantage would it be if he used this to deal with the Origin Beasts and those foreign races hiding underground that were difficult to defeat?!

Perhaps they could really snatch back their homeland and completely destroy the Origin Beasts!

The Dean could not help but look at Lin Bai even more fervently.

Lin Bai felt a little helpless under the Dean’s gaze.

Why is he looking at him as if he is a money tree?


The students immediately felt a little jealous.

Lin Bai had only used a set of fist techniques to obtain time to read novels?

Wasn’t this too awesome?

“Dean, you’re so biased! We can read novels too! Why did you only arrange special time for Lin Bai!”

“That’s right. Cash up by reading novels. We can also realize the cash up!”

The Dean swept a dignified glance at the noisy students.

“Alright, Lin Bai has already cashed up. Did you guys cash up?”

“What did you obtain from reading novels?”

The Dean’s words immediately made the sour voices disappear.

They had been reading novels for so long, but they had indeed not cash upped anything!

They did not even know about this cash up before today!

Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to say another word, afraid of being reprimanded.

The principal nodded in satisfaction when he saw that everyone was silent.

“Instructor Wei, continue to train them!” He snorted.

“Lin Bai, come with me!”

Lin Bai paused for a moment and hurriedly agreed.

Why is the Dean looking for him?

The Dean smiled and tapped the chair in front of his desk while looking at Lin Bai gently.

“Sit down. You don’t have to be so restrained.”

The secretary brought over tea and looked at Lin Bai in surprise.

She had clearly heard something.

Lin Bai felt a little strange.

Didn’t he spill everything already?

Lin Bai was slightly stunned. He lowered his head at the Dean with a probing expression. “Dean, why are you looking for me? What I said before is true!”

The Dean waved his hand.

“I know that you are the author of the Heavenly Dao Record. This fist technique appeared in your novel.”

He did not say it directly just now because he saw that Lin Bai was unwilling to expose his identity.

Lin Bai choked.

He did not want to expose his identity.

However, he did not expect the Dean to help him cover it up.

Lin Bai’s face turned slightly red thinking of how he had spouted nonsense in front of the Dean in all seriousness just now.

“Dean, it’s also true that I can cash up from reading books. It’s a benefit of the myriad worlds.”

“That set of Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist is also a cash up benefit for me! I can cash up the martial arts inside as long as there are enough people reading the novels that I wrote!”

Lin Bai knew that he could not hide his identity anymore, so he told the Dean everything with all honesty.

The Dean was delighted.

Wouldn’t Lin Bai be the academy’s savior?

The next wave of danger from the Origin Beasts was right in front of them!

He did not even know when this batch of new students would go to the front line to kill the enemy.

Perhaps it would be half a year later!

Perhaps it would be next month!

It was even more likely that the academy would be attacked tomorrow!

Lin Bai’s novel might be able to resolve the crisis of the Origin Beasts attacking! Thinking of this, the Dean could not help but become even more excited.

“Lin Bai! Good lad!”

“You can choose all the training other than the basic courses and the necessary cultural classes freely!”

“I want you to write more martial arts novels and to teach them how to use these martial arts!”

“Lin Bai, what do you think?”

“How about this? I’ll specially spare half a day for you to focus on writing novels. Is that okay?”

“I can also arrange an office space for you to write novels. You can choose the table for yourself!”

Lin Bai was shocked.

He looked flattered and stood up at the Dean.

“Dean, there’s no need for the office space. I can write it in the dormitory.”

He was already used to the atmosphere of the dormitory. He might not be able to write so well in another place.

The Dean was stunned too.

However, he did not say anything else and nodded at Lin Bai.

“Alright! In that case, create your novel in peace. Leave the rest to me!”

In the future, he could even directly get Lin Bai to teach his students these martial arts! The Dean could not sit still anymore at the thought that he could cash up by reading books. He also wanted to cash up as soon as possible!

Lin Bai’s ability was too beautiful after all!

This temptation was simply irresistible to the Dean. The Dean smiled at Lin Bai thinking of this.

“Alright, go back and prepare first. I’ll arrange the class schedule for you separately.” He felt that with Lin Bai’s ability, he might not need any instructor training at all. Lin Bai did not say anything else seeing that the Dean had dismissed him. He stood up and bowed slightly to the Dean before leaving. Lin Bai was immediately surrounded by his roommates waiting in the dormitory as soon as he returned.

Li Tongwu looked at him nervously with guilt on his face.

“How are you? Did the Dean make things difficult for you?”

Lin Bai’s heart warmed.

He did not have many friends in his previous life. He only obtained roommates who were sincere to him after coming to this world. He smiled and nodded.

“The Dean only asked me some questions. He knows that I wrote the Heavenly Dao Record.”

Li Tongwu heaved a sigh of relief. He blamed himself.

“I thought we’d implicated you.”

“Seriously, you wouldn’t have been discovered to have skipped class if we didn’t want to read novels.”

Lin Bai could not help but laugh. He comforted Li Tongwu. “It’s fine. The Dean has already said that he can give me a special class schedule and specially spare me half a day to write novels.” When his roommates heard this, they were immediately pleasantly surprised.

Li Tongwu patted Lin Bai’s shoulder excitedly.

“That’s great! Doesn’t that mean you can write novels openly in the future?” Lin Bai nodded.

He turned on his computer and logged onto the website.

The number of readings in the Heavenly Dao Record increased.

The Gift Ranking was refreshing without stopping. Names flashed in front of Lin Bai one after another.

Lin Bai narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

He felt that he could continue writing his third novel.

He wanted to level up as soon as possible, and the best way to level up was to write more novels! Thinking of this, Lin Bai immediately opened the interface of his new book.

“Eh? Lin Bai, what kind of new novel are you going to start?”

Li Tongwu immediately became interested when he saw the interface.

Lin Bai blinked.

“A genre you haven’t seen before!”