Chapter 20 - You Can Cash Up By Reading Novels?

Chapter 20 You Can Cash Up By Reading Novels?

The Dean was shocked.

He raised his head in disbelief and looked at Lin Bai, his eyes anxious.

“Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist?”

This name is all too familiar! Wasn’t this the move he had read in the novel just now?

The Dean could not help but think of that attractive description!

It was almost identical to Lin Bai’s fist technique, as if it had been materialized.

Lin Bai looked at the Dean’s shocked expression and was a little puzzled.

“That’s right, Dean. It’s called the Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist.”

“What’s wrong?”

The Dean looked at Lin Bai in disbelief.

He still sounded surprised.

“I read a novel just now. The Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist written in the novel is exactly the same as yours.”

“The first move, second move, and even the third move are exactly the same!”

Lin Bai was slightly stunned.

He thought for a moment and understood.

The Dean must have read the book he wrote previously, which was why he was so surprised.

Lin Bai thought of the website’s cash up benefits.

His ability would increase even more with an increasing readership!

The others could also obtain the inferior version of the Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist!

He felt that it should be able to benefit others even though it was not as good as his.

Wouldn’t he be able to have a higher click rate this way?

Moreover, the more people that could use it, the stronger his ability would be!

This was a very profitable trade for him.

Thinking of this, Lin Bai was delighted.

He had an excellent idea!

This would be the best opportunity to advertise his novel!

“Dean, you might not know, but I got it from reading this novel.”

“Moreover, there will be a certain chance to cash up the martial arts in real life as long as more people read this novel.”

“I cashed up after reading it!”

Lin Bai’s voice was sincere, and his face was serious. He did not seem to be lying at all.


You can learn new martial arts by reading novels?

The Dean was speechless for a long time!

This was the first time he had heard such strange and shocking words!

He had practiced martial arts for many years and had participated in various battles. He had also learned from many big shots.

His master was also second to none.

However, he had never told him that he could cash in on martial arts by reading novels.

And it was such a powerful martial art!

If someone had said this to him in the past, he would have reprimanded them for being delusional!

They would definitely think that the other party was a useless piece of trash who was daydreaming!

However, Lin Bai was the one saying this.

Lin Bai’s neat fist technique and speed were still constantly replaying in his mind.

Lin Bai even relied on this fist technique to forcefully defeat Wei Feng!

Wei Feng was one of the most outstanding instructors in the school and Lin Bai could compete on level grounds with him!

He subconsciously wanted to doubt it, but he felt that his doubts were unreasonable.

The naked truth was right there after all!

At the same time, the students and Wei Feng heard Lin Bai’s words.

Wei Feng was shocked.

He even forgot that the Dean was still by his side.

He blurted out to Lin Bai.

“How is that possible! I’ve never heard of anyone who can learn martial arts by reading novels!”

The students beside him whispered and looked at Lin Bai, their eyes filled with surprise and speculation.

“Is that really possible?”

“That works? You can learn martial arts just by reading a novel?”

“Why not? Didn’t you see what Lin Bai was doing just now?!”

“Have you seen that move before?”

Indeed, they had never seen it before.

The Dean glared at Wei Feng unhappily.

Wei Feng’s voice interrupted the Dean’s reminiscing. He retracted his gaze reluctantly and looked at Lin Bai’s voice curiously.

“If that’s true, what is the name of the novel you read?”

The Dean was still suspicious. However, he was interested in verifying it.

He wanted to see if the novel Lin Bai was talking about was the same as the one he read.

Lin Bai raised his head. His eyes were slightly raised, and his voice was indifferent. “Dean, the novel I read is called the Heavenly Dao Record.”

“The Heavenly Dao Record is a very good novel. There are very detailed martial arts inside, and the plot is very good. I can easily immerse myself in it.”

“I didn’t think much when I read it. I just entered the plot.”

“Then I cash upped!”

He blinked and looked at the crowd that was going wild.

Lin Bai was immediately satisfied.

He knew that they must have heard him.

“This small story was published on the Myriad Worlds. Dean, do you know about this website?”

Of course he knew!

Not only did he know, but he was also reading the same novel there!

The Dean’s expression was very serious. “What did you do to cash up?”

Lin Bai’s cash up was not the path of a reader at all. However, his expression did not change. He said to the Dean, “Dean, I didn’t do anything. I was just more serious when reading.”

His tone was firm. “This should be the same as us practicing martial arts. We have to study seriously to have a chance of cashing up.”

“I was also very surprised when I made the cash up.’ “Then, I used the Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist when sparring with Instructor Wei. I didn’t expect this fist technique to be so powerful.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to defeat Instructor Wei if not for this fist technique.”

As soon as Lin Bai finished speaking, even the Dean could not suppress the students who were already going crazy.

They became even more excited at Lin Bai’s voice!

“Is it true, Lin Bai!”

“F*ck, if I’m really as powerful as Lin Bai, I will even memorize the Heavenly Dao Record!”

“Others can cash up such a powerful fist technique just by reading the Heavenly Dao Record. I only know how to shout that the protagonist is really powerful when I read novels!”

“I’ll log into the Myriad World now. I’ll add Heavenly Dao Record to my Library now!”

“Me too. I’ll read the Heavenly Dao Record now! Maybe I can cash up in the future!”

The students’ enthusiasm was instantly roused.

They seemed to have already imagined the scene where they would be able to cash up in the next moment.

Then they would be able to be as amazing as Lin Bai.

A bustling sound instantly entered the Dean’s ears.

He still looked calm on the surface, as if he was satisfied after verifying it. However, truth to be told, his heart was in turmoil, as if thousands of rivers and mountains were sweeping over. It is actually true!

He believed Lin Bai’s words now.

He knew that only the Heavenly Dao Record had such a fist technique after all. Lin Bai could comprehend such a powerful fist technique by reading the Heavenly Dao Record.

This novel was indeed extraordinary and Lin Bai’s aptitude was probably superb!

He had also read the Heavenly Dao Record himself but he got nothing!

The Dean was even more shocked when he thought of this.

Lin Bai’s aptitude might bring more surprises to the school!