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After a short pause, Lu Linyan nodded at him and rushed forward with the other four.

Han Bin smiled in response.

Chen Fei, who was at the side, was puzzled. “Brother Han, aren’t we not planning to interfere?”

Han Bin said, “Did I interfere? I didn’t interfere. It was just a small matter. It was unintentional.”

Chen Fei: “?”


On the way.

Han Qichuan suddenly changed directions at high speed, dodging the huge figure rushing over from behind. However, the figure did not attack them. Instead, it ran straight ahead with all its might.

“This is?” Yun You touched her chin. She was a Thinker. Then, she said in surprise, “Mutated beasts?”

[Meow! This kind of mutated beast shouldn’t appear in the city. Why is it in C City?] Big Orange said.

“The Prism Fruit!” Yun You suddenly thought of a possibility. “It’s very likely that it’s also targeting the Prism Fruit.”

Certain animals had special senses towards the world. The appearance of this mutated beast in C City was very likely because it knew the location of the Prism Fruit in advance and specially rushed over to snatch it.

Han Qichuan was stunned for a moment and looked at the back.

He looked down at Yun You and said calmly, “Hold on to me.”

Then, he increased his speed again.


The Zombie King was suppressing the two psychic ability users at the same time. Now that someone was rushing forward, the new zombies were too far away to stop them.

Hence, it chose to let go of the suppression of the Succubus and turned to Ling Xuanwei.

How could a peak Level 3 be a match for a Level 5? In a second, Ling Xuanwei was defeated.

Was she going to lose? If the manager came, the outcome might be different.

In a hidden building, she spat out a mouthful of blood. Clearly, she had suffered serious internal injuries. Her aura was weak, but she stood up and looked over.

On the other side, Mei, who had regained her freedom, put her right hand in her bag and used her telekinesis to quickly retreat, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Hachi, an annoying fly.

The Zombie King did not want to waste any more time.

Without the interference of the psychic ability users, it was too easy for it to deal with them. It slightly restricted their movements, and then they were all knocked to the ground by the rocks from the ruins.

“Cough, cough.” Lu Linyan propped himself up with difficulty and looked at the Zombie King. Was this the difference in level?

It seemed like they were going to fail the mission in the end!

Upstairs, Han Bin looked calm on the surface, but he was actually staring at the Prism Fruit nervously. If one looked carefully, they would notice that the book he was holding was clenched tightly, and it was even trembling slightly.

Why wasn’t he here yet? Could it be that his prediction was wrong?

“Brother Han, do you want me to go too?” Chen Fei asked. His nervousness was written all over his face.

“There’s no need. He’ll come.” Are you joking with Chen Fei? If he went alone, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for a second, let alone Chen Fei.

After Han Bin answered him, he closed his eyes slightly and forced himself not to look anymore.

Seeing how confident Han Bin was and how everything was under control, Chen Fei could not help but sigh. Brother Han was indeed the boss. Just this calmness and confidence in his ability alone left him and his brothers in the dust.

When the fruit was only half a meter away from the Zombie King,


A beast roar shook the world.

A beast that looked like a lion but was twice as big as a lion ran over and quickly approached the Zombie King.

The fiery mane carried a faint flame that was especially dazzling in the gloomy weather. Its claws and teeth were sharp, and its hair was cut off by the wind. There were two strange horns on its head, and its ankles and back were covered in hard scales. A pair of bell-sized eyes stared at the Prism Fruit.

The Level 4 Earth-type zombie wanted to stop it, but to its surprise, it was sent flying with a kick.

Terrifying strength!

The Zombie King was very angry now. When the Prism Fruit was about to reach its hand, another one came out.

He activated all his mental strength, hoping to stop the invaders.

The mutated beast was not to be outdone. Its powerful beast might directly resisted.

The two auras collided. Both sides used their full strength. The surrounding aura was violent and domineering. No one could withstand it.

Lu Linyan and the others had already evacuated the scene and met up with Ling Xuanwei. Ling Xuanwei held on until the last moment before they arrived and finally fainted.

“Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei, are you alright? Xiao Wei!”

Lu Linyan hurriedly caught it and checked its breathing. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief. He looked at the battlefield again to check the situation.

The two terrifying monsters were temporarily restrained by the other party. They could not move even half a step.

When the two of them were fighting, the Prism Fruit fell to the side. However, no one dared to pick it up, and no one could pick it up.

Everyone present could not even get close.

What terrifying power? Was this a high-level pressure?

At this moment, everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them.

Lu Linyan and Cheng Jun’s eyes lit up. They were still too weak and needed to become stronger!

Beast King? The Beast King of the Great Wilderness actually came all the way here to snatch the Prism Fruit?

Upstairs, they were also under relatively weak pressure, but Han Bin was still watching by the window under the pressure.

“Brother Han, why don’t we retreat further?” Chen Fei was already gritting his teeth and could not take it anymore.

Han Bin hesitated for a moment. “Retreat first. I’ll wait and see.”

The Beast King and the Zombie King were present at the same time. His previous guess was very likely wrong. The mysterious person might not have obtained the Prism Fruit in the end. He wanted to know the final outcome.

“No, then I’ll wait a little longer.” Chen Fei gritted his teeth and insisted.

Han Bin glanced at him and did not say anything, but he still secretly decided to retreat in advance.


“We’re finally here.” As soon as they arrived, Yun You immediately jumped out of Han Qichuan’s arms.

Without the warmth in his arms, Han Qichuan felt a little empty for some reason.

Yun You raised her head and saw the battle situation in the city center. It was a ruin, chaotic, and dusty. A huge long-horned lion was looking at another zombie.

[What are you doing?] Yun You asked Big Orange.

[Meow, it’s competing with pressure.]


[Meow, you’re not affected. There’s no need to know.] Big Orange yawned.

Since it didn’t affect her, Yun You lost interest in it. She found the Prism Fruit on the ground and prepared to go over.

However, Han Qichuan stood in front of her with a frown and a serious expression.


“It’s dangerous. Don’t go over. I can’t go over.” He couldn’t even get close to the pressure there. Even if Yun You could go over, he was worried that the two of them would be strong in close combat.

Yun You smiled nonchalantly. “Nothing will happen. I’ll pick that up and we’ll leave.”

Yun You pointed at the Prism Fruit.

Nothing will happen? Han Qichuan looked over again. The two of them were facing each other. The boss was just going to get a fruit, so he shouldn’t be targeted.

Although he thought so, Han Qichuan was still a little worried. “Is it very important?”

Was he implying that he had to go?

Yun You nodded and replied, “Very important.”

Han Qichuan compromised. “Hurry up.” It was very dangerous there.

Yun You ran over with Big Orange in her arms, but she was blocked by the Strength-type zombie.

The helplessness in his heart took a little more time to settle down.

Just as he was about to attack, a gray figure went up to him.

Then, Han Qichuan’s voice sounded. “I’ll block it.”

Considering her previous experience, Yun You was a little worried. Big Orange jumped onto her shoulder and said nonchalantly, “Let’s go. He can beat it.”

Last time, he was at a disadvantage because he was worried about Yun You. Moreover, this zombie was not strong.

Hearing Big Orange’s words, Yun You felt relieved and rushed forward.


“We should leave,” Lu Linyan said to everyone.

Cheng Jun nodded. Two peak Level 5 existences were no longer something they could interfere with.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard Big Fatty Zhang cry out in alarm.

“Captain, look!”

Everyone looked over in confusion, then their eyes widened.

A person in front of them ignored the pressure and picked up the Prism Fruit with a slender hand under the noses of the two.