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Because of the direction, Lu Linyan and the others only saw his back. However, Lu Linyan and Cheng Jun felt that this back looked more and more familiar.

Moreover, the big orange cat on her shoulder was very familiar. Speaking of which, who would bring a useless cat to such a dangerous place!

It was really strange that even this cat could not be affected by the pressure. That was a double pressure from a peak Level 5. Could it be that they were too weak and could not even compare to a cat?

When the owner picked up the Prism Fruit, she turned around and revealed her beautiful face.

Wan Quan and Big Fatty Zhang were both surprised to see that she was only about twenty years old. Furthermore, she didn’t look like someone who was good at fighting!

Cheng Jun and Lu Linyan exclaimed at the same time, “Boss!” There was a hint of joy in their voices.

With the precedent of being able to directly seal Cheng Jun’s ability, it was not surprising that the boss could withstand the pressure of two peak Level 5s.

Previously, they had guessed the boss’s strength. Now, it seemed that the boss’s strength was stronger than they had imagined.

When Big Fatty Zhang heard the Captain’s words, he had a flash of inspiration. “Captain, she’s the owner of the shop where you bought the purified food.”

Lu Linyan nodded, and a hint of relief appeared on his tired face. “Yes, it’s her. That orange cat is also the one in the shop.”

The orange cat was the one in the shop, so the few of them might not be as good as a cat.

However, it should not be because they were too weak.

The boss of White Clouds shop participated in this matter and obtained the Prism Fruit. Although the Prism Fruit was not destroyed, it did not fall into the hands of the Zombie King. No matter what, they had completed the mission.

The three of them looked excited, especially Cheng Jun. Ever since He Linbing was out of danger, White Clouds shop had become more reliable in his heart.

Only Wan Quan looked puzzled. What were they talking about? Boss? What boss?

Big Fatty Zhang put his arm around Wan Quan’s shoulder and said, “Hey, hey, hey, buddy. Let me tell you something. Here’s the thing…”

“Shouldn’t we retreat now?” Cheng Jun asked.

“Mm, let’s retreat!” Lu Linyan replied.

They were all more or less injured now. Not only would they not be of any help if they stayed here, but they would also put themselves in danger.


“Let’s go. We’ll retreat further away.” Han Bin watched for a while longer. Considering that his subordinates were about to collapse, he finally decided to leave the battlefield.


Chen Fei wiped the sweat off his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief. If he stayed any longer, he might collapse. However, even if he collapsed, he could not let Brother Han, who had yet to recover from his internal injuries, be here alone.

Han Bin had used the Water Mirror twice in a row. Chen Fei felt that Brother Han might not be able to withstand two punches from him. Therefore, how could he dare to leave Brother Han alone here now?

Fortunately, they were preparing to retreat.

Han Bin turned his head and was about to take one last look, but it was this last look that he saw the scene he had been waiting for.

It’s finally here!

“You go first.”

“?!” Why did he change his mind again? Chen Fei was confused. He followed Han Bin’s gaze and looked down.

Alright! He could still resist!!

“No, Brother Han, I have to follow you. Don’t worry about me. I can still withstand it!”

Han Bin looked at him silently. After confirming that there was really nothing wrong, he ignored him.


Yun You saw that the two monsters were having a competition that she could not feel. She did not want to disturb them, so she planned to take the Prism Fruit and leave.

She picked up the Prism Fruit and put it in the clothes bag. She used the clothes to cover it and put it in the system space. What a joke. She had to keep this thing after obtaining it. What if it fell?

After doing everything, she planned to turn around and leave without any lingering thoughts.

She did not even give the two of them a look.

The Prism Fruit had been snatched away right under its nose. The Zombie King was about to go crazy from anger. At this moment, the Beast King had also noticed that the Prism Fruit had been taken away by a human. She was brazen and did not take a king-level beast like it seriously at all.

The Zombie King and the Beast King reached an agreement. They looked at each other and retracted their pressure almost at the same time.

The two pressures had already disappeared, and the surrounding people immediately felt their bodies relax.

After experiencing this, anyone who had withstood the pressure would definitely have stronger mental resistance, as if they had passed a trial.

Upstairs, Chen Fei was panting heavily. The pressure had finally disappeared. Chen Fei looked down. What had that mysterious person done?

On the battlefield below, the two Kings decided to deal with the bold human who had snatched the Prism Fruit first.

The Beast King roared angrily and pounced at Yun You. The Zombie King’s anger was even full. This time, it even used its greatest ability to imprison her. It wanted to personally tear this “weak” woman into pieces.

Yun You dodged to the side, her figure light.

The ability of a poker master was really useful. She felt much lighter and her body was more agile. She could climb walls and trees easily.

What Yun You didn’t know was that just by looking at the skills of the poker master, it was really as Han Qichuan had guessed. In the apocalypse, she could only protect herself.

Yun You easily dodged the first wave of attacks and pinned down with both the beast might and spiritual power.

The Beast King became vigilant and began to look at the enemy in front of it. This was the first time it had encountered a human who could completely resist its pressure. It was not simple!

The Beast King stared at Yun You, looking for the right time.

After the Zombie King missed an attack, it kept attacking with its psychic ability, but its previous methods were useless.

It was shocked to discover that when its spiritual power approached Yun You, it automatically dissipated.


It let out a sharp scream. It could not accept that there was an existence that could restrain it. It instinctively chased it away and could not let it leave alive.

The rubble in the ruins rose into the air one by one, pointing its sharp tip at Yun You.

The Beast King’s body also ignited with flames. It looked ferocious as it roared at Yun You with its huge mouth.

Sharp rocks flew towards Yun You. The Beast King followed closely behind. With flames in its mouth, it charged straight at her.

Yun You didn’t want to tangle with these two King-tier opponents. She just wanted to get the Prism Fruit and return immediately. However, the two people in front of her clearly didn’t think so.

If Yun You had just arrived, she might have been frightened by the two of them. To be honest, in her heart, they were not as impactful as the group of zombies and mutants the night before.

She didn’t even think that the zombies that Han Qichuan killed on the way here today were scary.

In addition, she had just learned from Big Orange that her poker cards were a killing machine for zombies. She was worried that her hands were itchy and wanted to test how she would deal with higher-level zombies. She felt even more stable and even a little excited.

A card fan appeared in her hand. Yun You swung it forward, and each poker card knocked the stone away.

After getting used to being a poker master, Yun Youfei’s proficiency and accuracy had increased greatly. Even she was a little surprised by her accuracy. She had thought that she would miss one or two.

“Big Orange, I’ll leave that big guy to you.”