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Looking at his perfect abs, well-proportioned muscles, and sexy V-line, Yun You was stunned on the spot.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I going to do?

By the time she reacted, Han Qichuan had already changed and stood in front of her.

“You…” Yun You said hesitantly.


Han Qichuan turned to look at her.

Initially, she had planned to let Han Qichuan go to the open fitting room to change. In the end, she didn’t expect… Forget it. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen it before. Moreover, she wasn’t the one at a disadvantage.

“Yes, looks good.” Yun You’s words made many turns in her mouth.

Han Qichuan nodded and did not say anything else.

Yun You put the remaining clothes into the system’s space. She felt that there was no need to hide the fact that there was space since he might discover it in the future anyway.

Seeing the pile of clothes in front of him disappear, Han Qichuan raised his eyebrows. “Space power?”

“Ah? Yes, it’s spatial ability,” Yun You replied.

If it was the System Space, it would be difficult to explain her identity. It was good to misunderstand it as a spatial ability.

Han Qichuan’s eyes were dark. No, it was not a spatial ability. At such a close distance, it was not impossible for him to not sense the fluctuations of her ability.

However, Han Qichuan did not ask further.

He said to Yun You, “In the future, don’t use it in front of others.”

Yun You thought that he was worried that her “healing ability” and “spatial ability” would attract the envy of others and put her in danger.

“Don’t worry. Until now, I’ve only used it in front of you,” Yun You said to Han Qichuan.


“Oh, that’s right. You can pick your own underwear over there,” Yun You said as she pointed in a direction.

The tips of Han Qichuan’s ears turned slightly red. Then, he went over to take a few boxes. The boxes were stacked, and the underpants under them were brand new.

“Meow! Don’t you think you look like a couple who came to shop? You picked out clothes and tried them on. He even changed in front of you!” Big Orange moved in front of Yun You.

“Hey, don’t talk nonsense. Can’t normal friends help pick out clothes?” Yun You picked up Big Orange and rubbed its fur fiercely.

“Meow! He’s still changing in front of you.” Big Orange glanced at Yun You. “Meow, don’t mess up my fur.”

“Maybe he didn’t react at that time.” Yun You straightened Big Orange’s fur again.

It was only after Yun You thought about it that she realized that Han Qichuan might really not have reacted. The short period of hesitation he had was evident.

However, Yun You did not expect that even so, Han Qichuan had agreed to her request.

After a while, Han Qichuan picked up a few boxes and put them all into the space.

“Let’s go take a look at the shoe shop next door.” Yun You walked in front with Big Orange in her arms.

Even if he had all his clothes, she could not leave his shoes behind!

“Okay.” Han Qichuan quickly followed.

After a while…

Looking at the new Han Qichuan, Yun You clapped her hands and let Han Qichuan spin around. She sized him up and said, “Not bad, not bad.”

The casual sports style highlighted youth and vitality. It would be even better if Han Qichuan didn’t have a straight face. However, when she thought of the effect of calling Han Qichuan to smile a few times, Yun You chose to give up.

So be it!

It could be said that he was a cool guy who loved sports. If it was his previous stiff smile, he could only be a big fool.

[Meow! You still look decent.] Big Orange complained to Yun You.

Yun You smiled and didn’t comment.

“Alright, let’s continue walking!” Yun You also put away her shoes. How could a pair of shoes be enough? She had to have enough options.

Han Qichuan nodded and followed.

Suddenly, Han Qichuan threw Yun You to the side.


A huge rock landed where Yun You was standing just now, causing a large amount of dust to fly.

“Cough cough—” Yun You could only cover her mouth and nose with one hand because she was hugging Big Orange.

“What happened?”

Just as she asked, Han Qichuan had already pounced forward in his half-transformation state to intercept a black shadow that was advancing quickly.

The black shadow wanted to change directions and circle around, but Han Qichuan did not give him a chance. He directly attacked violently. The area covered was large, blocking all the path of the black shadow.

When he stopped, Yun You could see through the thin smoke and dust that it was a human in a black trench coat, not a zombie. However, now that he was stopped, his expression was obviously dissatisfied, and his eyes were filled with hostility.

Han Qichuan also looked at him warily.

The man in black looked back worriedly. Then, he used an extremely short period of time to look at his surroundings. When his gaze moved from Han Qichuan to Yun You, a strange smile appeared on his lips.

He suddenly accelerated, and a gust of air swept up around him. He attacked Yun You with both hands, as if he wanted to capture her as a hostage.

Sensing his intentions, Han Qichuan hurriedly rushed between the two of them in an attempt to stop his attack. At this moment, Yun You had already prepared her shield.

Just as Han Qichuan was about to catch him, the man in black quickly changed directions and dodged his obstruction from the side. He rushed straight towards Yun You.

Just as Yun You was about to use the shield, the man in black turned around and ran back.

When they passed by, Yun You saw him smile mockingly again and heard a very small voice—Bye-bye!

This guy must be crazy!

Yun You was speechless.

“Are you injured?” Han Qichuan ran over anxiously.

Han Qichuan felt a little guilty. If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t block it…

“Don’t worry, he’s fine. But why is he so fast?”

“It’s the Wind-element ability. His level is relatively high,” Han Qichuan replied.

After blocking his first attack, Han Qichuan clearly felt a strong impact of the guy’s ability.

“Why is he in such a hurry?”

“I’m not sure.” Han Qichuan shook his head.

It seemed that he might really be a lunatic.


In the next second, Yun You knew the answer. Han Qichuan carried her and dodged to the side again. An iron rod as thick as an arm struck down.


At this moment, a zombie nearly two meters tall walked out from the side of the alley. It held an iron rod in its hand and looked fierce with shining eyes.

This food should taste even better than the one that ran away. Its greedy eyes and saliva dripped all over the ground.

Yun You thought to herself, Hey, have we seen this zombie somewhere before?

Yun You had indeed seen this zombie a few times. The first time, he had watched it chase after Lu Linyan and Ling Xuanwei in the shop. The second time, it was chasing after Cheng Jun. The third time was this time, it was chasing after the man in black.

Now, it might be chasing after her and Han Qichuan.

A peak Level 4 Strength-type zombie was considered a powerhouse at the peak of the apocalypse. At least until now, no human dared to fight it head-on.

It was obvious that the two of them had suffered an undeserved calamity. The man in black had long run away, leaving only the two of them as live targets.