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“Boss, do you think that Mei is really confident?”

Wang Tai’s lackey asked.

“That’s her business. What does it have to do with us? If it fails, she deserves it. I haven’t even settled the score with her.”

Outside C City, in the base of the Dark Scorpion Organization, Wang Tai was lying weakly on the bed. Last time, he was punished because of Mei. Now, his entire body was in pain. The punishment was facing a group of mutants. Although they were defective, it was still unbearable.

“Hey, you asshole, be gentle.”

Wang Tai knocked his underling’s head.

The underling behind him was applying some medicine to Wang Tai. When he heard Wang Tai’s words, he lost his grip and almost died on the spot again.

“I’m sorry, Boss.” The underling hugged his head and sounded a little aggrieved.

Wang Tai was furious. He was the one in pain, but he still came up aggrieved.

Wang Tai did not have the strength to argue with him.

“Alright, be careful next time.”


At this moment, Mei, who was being nagged by Wang Tai and the others, was about to reach City C alone. With her mental power to scout the way, she was unimpeded along the way. She planned to reach the location first and familiarize herself with the terrain so that it would be easier for her to move.

“It’s comfortable to be alone. There are no burdens. Don’t be too efficient.”

After stopping the car, they had to walk in. Other than the Zombie King’s territory in the center, the more zombies there were in the center, the larger the target of the car would be, the easier it would be to be exposed.

“Sigh! How troublesome. I still have to walk in myself.”

After finding a place to hide her car, Mei carefully and secretly headed to the city center.

In the distance, the Level 5 Zombie King under the mutant plant glanced over. After a while, it continued to walk around the mutant plant.

After a while, Mei climbed up a building and looked through the window at the mutant plant that stood five stories tall in the center. On it was a green, angular polyhedron.

This was the Prism Fruit!

At the same time, she saw the zombies below.

Troublesome. It seemed like she could only wait for both parties to fight it out first.

After watching for a while, the Mei felt bored and retreated from the edge of the window.

What she did not know was that if she had retreated a little later, she would have exchanged an affectionate look with the Zombie King.


At around 12:30 in the morning, C City was getting quieter and quieter. The ordinary people who were collecting supplies had already left this dangerous city. The remaining people in the city were either zombies or Level 4 or close to Level 4 special ability users.

The highest level known in the apocalypse was Level 5, so many forces had their own ideas about the Prism Fruit. Opportunity was related to risk, and the Zombie King of C City had undoubtedly dissuaded a portion of people.

However, it did not stop those Level 4 special ability users from trying.

However, there was now a special person in C City.

In C City, a clothing store that was quite far from the city center.

“Han Qichuan, come over quickly,” Yun You shouted at Han Qichuan.

Originally, the purpose of this trip was only Prism Fruit, but since they had encountered a clothing store, they might as well solve the problem of Han Qichuan’s clothes.

Han Qichuan had just cleared the last zombie nearby when he heard Yun You calling him.

“There’s a men’s clothing shop here. I can choose clothes for you.”


The store manager was quite bold. Other than when she vomited the firs ttime seeing the zombies being disemboweled, he had never seen her afraid when he was killing zombies. She even picked up a tree branch from the side of the road and helped him when he was fighting.

In his weak impression, he vaguely remembered that if it was the apocalypse, ordinary girls would have long found a safe place to hide, or they would have followed their teammates and cleaned up the surrounding zombies.

The cat was also strange. It followed Yun You steadily. When the zombies came, it yawned casually, looking like it was about to fall asleep. It didn’t care about the zombies at all.

Han Qichuan did not understand. Were zombies so harmless? Could it be that because he had lost his memory, his impression of the apocalypse was not clear?

For Yun You, zombies were still a little threatening. When there were many zombies, she’s never too far away from Han Qichuan.

However, the zombies had been cleaned up. Even if there were still a small number of them around, Yun You expressed that there was nothing to be afraid of. She would not be infected.

As for Big Orange, attacking these low-level monsters was simply a waste of its energy. Of course, it had to conserve its strength. There might still be zombies fighting the Zombie King. It would leave these zombies to the humans. At most, it would protect Yun You.

Han Qichuan walked to Yun You’s side and carefully sized up the men’s clothing shop. Perhaps because the door of this shop was closed during the apocalypse, the things inside were relatively intact.

“It’s fine if you don’t want it. I still have many dresses. I can lend them to you.” Yun You joked with Han Qichuan.

Han Qichuan’s expression froze. He was a little embarrassed and quickly walked into the shop.

“Let’s go!” He pretended to be calm. “Be careful and follow me closely.”

“Okay, haha.” Yun You stopped teasing him. She picked up Big Orange from the ground and followed him.

In the room, dust had accumulated after too long.

Fortunately, there were still many new clothes that had not been unwrapped under the clothes hanging on the hanger.

Han Qichuan was patrolling around to see if there was any danger. Yun You did not cause trouble. Professional matters were best left to professionals. She was at the place where Han Qichuan had already patrolled and was choosing clothes. Big Orange also helped her pick and choose.

“This one is not bad. This one is fine. Also, this one is a summer short-sleeved shirt, an autumn sweater, and a few sweaters. Sigh… I just don’t have winter clothes. Forget it, I’ll look for them when the time comes. Otherwise, I’ll take one for myself.”

“Or if there’s really no other way, make him wear a sweater and short sleeves.”

“Yes, let him choose his own underpants.”

“Wow, this is so cute. Panda pajamas, white tiger, gray wolf…”

Big Orange looked at the animal-like clothes she had picked and covered its face with its claws. Out of sight, out of mind. It felt a little sorry for the human.

Finding the right sizes for Han Qichuan depended on Yun You’s memory. With her memories of treating his wound, she could not guarantee that they were completely accurate.

When she felt that she was almost done choosing, Yun You called Han Qichuan.

“Han Qichuan, come here. Quickly try and see if it fits.” Yun You shook the gray short-sleeved shirt in her hand.

Han Qichuan came over and looked at the size of the short-sleeved shirt in Yun You’s hand. “It’s suitable.”

“What about this?” He held up a pair of black pants.


“Hurry up and try it. If you don’t try, how will you know if it’s suitable?” Yun You urged Han Qichuan to change.


“Or what?”

Han Qichuan hesitated for a moment before taking the clothes from Yun You’s hand. He took off his clothes on the spot and prepared to try them on.