Chapter 23 Recovery

Han Qichuan stayed where he was. In order to prevent the two of them from fighting, Big Orange did not follow Yun You this time. Instead, it stood guard here.

Han Qichuan and Cheng Jun looked at each other. The atmosphere between the two of them was tense, as if they were about to fight at any moment. However, Han Qichuan thought about what Yun You had said and restrained his aura.

“If she still turns into a zombie here, no one will be able to stop her.”

In the end, Han Qichuan still said something ruthless. He didn’t want to keep Yun You as a hidden danger. After all, she had saved him twice.

“You don’t seem to trust the manager. To think that she saved you yesterday.”

Han Qichuan was silent. He only had one life. It was better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, he was just expressing his disbelief.

Before he could answer, Cheng Jun’s voice trembled as if he was trying his best to restrain himself. “Don’t worry. If she turns into a zombie, I… I’ll do it myself.”

After all, this was her last request to him.

Before she fainted, she smiled at him and said, “Cheng… Jun, on account that we’ve been partners for so long, if I still mutate in the end, give me a quick death, okay? I’m begging you.”

Han Qichuan looked at Cheng Jun’s crazy and desperate expression as if he was clutching at straws. His eyes were dark and puzzled, but what he did not know was that later on, he himself was even better.

It didn’t take long to make fruit tea. In a few minutes, Yun You brought out two cups.

The last time Cheng Jun and the others came, the previous two cups had already been finished by Lu Linyan and the others, so this was the first time he had seen the signature tea series.

From the outside, Cheng Jun could already sense the specialness of these two cups of fruit tea.

“I’ve made two cups. One cup is for you to recover your ability. Otherwise, how can you bring her to find them later?”

“These two cups are on the house for you. Take it as thanks for your help yesterday!”

Cheng Jun took the fruit tea and drank it, then personally fed it to He Linbing.

The fruit tea was very effective. He Linbing’s complexion improved, and her greenish-gray skin faded a lot. Cheng Jun’s complexion also improved a lot. He had recovered one-sixth of his power.

Regarding this magical effect, Cheng Jun thought for a moment and decided to leave behind a Level 3 nuclei. This was the last nuclei on him.

Yun You insisted on not accepting it, but Cheng Jun left the nuclei behind, picked up He Linbing, and left the shop.

“Thank you, Manager.”

He rushed towards the cars parked outside.

Yun You watched as they disappeared from her sight.

Hopefully, they could successfully find the Level 3 healer from Dragon Might’s side.

Returning to the front desk, Yun You was a little puzzled.

The only change in this world was her arrival.

However, the news of the Level 3 healer clearly had nothing to do with her. The time was so early. The early appearance of the Level 3 healer was different from the previous timeline in the information.

Even if her arrival had a butterfly effect, it would not affect what happened before she came. So where did the change happen? Forget it. This news appeared in advance and gave humans more time to adjust. It was a good thing. This change should not be a bad influence.

The shop fell silent again. Han Qichuan continued to sit on the sofa and read. Yun You rubbed her orange and thought about the mission of the Prism Fruit. Speaking of which, the Prism Fruit should appear soon!

In the underground laboratory.

“Did you ask where they are? How’s the mission going?” Mu Zhao asked the person beside her.

“There’s news that He Linbing has been bitten by a zombie. Cheng Jun brought people to treat her and was intercepted by them. However, they later encountered a peak Level 4 zombie. It was too strong, so they didn’t continue chasing. Cheng Jun and the others probably couldn’t shake off the zombie.”

Mu Zhao didn’t say anything. He just smiled at the person who was reporting. Without a confirmed result, everything was empty talk.

Mu Zhao stood up. “Alright, you can leave.”

When the results were out, he would settle the score with those trash.

The weather had turned gloomy and there were layers of black clouds. It seemed like it was going to rain.

In the afternoon, in a tent in Dragon Might’s temporary camp.

“She’s fine now. Do you want to rest first?”

Ling Xuanwei said to Cheng Jun, who had been guarding He Linbing.

Cheng Jun shook his head. “It’s fine. I’ll guard here.”

Ling Xuanwei did not say anything else and walked out of the tent. Just as she was about to leave the tent, she suddenly turned around and asked, “Did you pass by White Clouds Shop on your way here?”


As expected, Ling Xuanwei left the tent after getting the answer she wanted.

When Shan Tao was treating He Linbing, she had told her, “Sister Wei, her condition is so strange! This is the first time I’ve seen it.”

“What happened?”

“Judging from the treatment, she should have died or turned into a zombie by now. However, she’s still fine, just hasn’t woken up.”

“It’s as if the virus in her body has been suppressed. Moreover, her life force is very strong.”

Ling Xuanwei walked into another tent. The meeting had just ended.

Cang Qing’s men had already arrived. The leader had just been in the tent for a meeting.

When he saw Ling Xuanwei enter, he asked, “How is it?”

Ling Xuanwei nodded. “It’s fine now.”

“Thank you, thank you so much.” The leader decided to go back and suggest to his superiors to nurture a Level 3 healer as soon as possible. He Linbing was also a very important person to Cang Qing, but as a Level 3 healer, Cang Qing, like the other bases, did not nurture healing ability users at the beginning. This was also why Shan Tao was the only Level 3 healing ability user in the world.

He Linbing had returned to normal. This undoubtedly proved to Cang Qing’s people the reliability of the information about Dragon Might. After that, healing ability users would improve rapidly.

This was actually the reason why Ling Xuanwei spread this news. In her previous life, the effects of the Healing Element were discovered too late, causing the number of Healing Elements to decrease too quickly in the early stages. This time, she had changed. The Healing Element would definitely be highly valued.

“You’re welcome. In the apocalypse, only by helping each other can the base survive.” Ling Xuanwei smiled.

He hoped that she could change the outcome of the apocalypse this time.

“Oh, right, about the Prism Fruit, have you discussed it?” Ling Xuanwei looked at Lu Linyan.

The Prism Fruit must not be obtained by the Zombie King of C City. In his previous life, after it obtained it, it became the first Level 6 Zombie King and brought a lot of trouble to humans.

“We have the same idea as Cang Qing. After all, he’s a Zombie King. If everyone goes, they’ll be a burden,” Lu Linyan said.

“Yes, when the time comes, we’ll select a few.

The rest of you, evacuate from City C,” A captain from Cang Qing added.

Ling Xuanwei nodded in agreement. Although only two of the four major bases had come because of geographical reasons, they were not the only people in C City now.

There were also many people who were eyeing the Prism Fruit. After all, it was the crystal of a Level 5 medicinal mutant plant. There was no danger in obtaining it. Finders keepers, how could they not be tempted? The reason why the base sent them out was very simple. It was to prevent the Zombie King from getting the fruit. Of course, it would be better if they could get it.

As for why everyone knew that the Prism Fruit would appear in City C, it was all because of the news sent out by the No. 1 intelligence organization in the apocalypse-Heaven’s Eye. Heaven’s Eye had appeared after the apocalypse began. The information they gave was almost flawless, and their ability to investigate was very outstanding.