Chapter 24 - Old Story Book-The Past In a certain room in C City.

Chapter 24 Old Story Book-The Past

In a certain room in C City.

A person condensed a water ball with his water-type ability, and in front of the water ball was a huge water mirror.

On the water mirror, a zombie picked up an angular fruit. Suddenly, a mutated beast rushed out to snatch it.

The fruit fell to the ground and a fair hand picked it up. Just as the image was about to show the person’s face, the water mirror shattered.

It was different. The ending had changed? The person controlling the water ball was the person in charge of Heaven’s Eye—Han Bin, a water-type ability user. This was not a very special ability, but his water-type ability’s Water Mirror could project images of the near future.

The scene was not always 100% accurate, and the scene could change again.

This time, he saw the zombie obtain the Prism Fruit and become a Level 6 Zombie King. Previously, he had tested it many times and it had always been this scene until this time.

Who could it be? An unknown high-level ability user in the apocalypse?

“Brother Han, why do we have to care about these things?” Chen Fei complained to him.

Han Bin had a good temper and did not care about his subordinate’s complaints. He only smiled and explained to him, “If the Zombie King in C City reaches Level 6, it will be a disaster.”

Although Heaven’s Eye was neutral and never participated in any organization’s battles, they were indeed on the side of humans.

Thinking of this, Han Bin smiled. He was not like those lunatics.

He used his water-type ability to summon Water Mirror again. He wanted to see the final outcome.

“Brother Han, do you want to die?!”

The Water Mirror could look into the future, but each time it was used will harm the body. Under normal circumstances, Han Bin would not use it often, but this time, he actually used it twice in a row.

Han Bin waved his hand, indicating that he was fine. He focused his attention on the water mirror again.

Poker cards flying around?

Han Bin frowned. Where did poker cards come from in the apocalypse?

He continued reading.

An orange ball appeared and the Water Mirror exploded in less than a second.

Han Bin spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Han!” Chen Fei hurriedly supported him.

“Ahem, a backlash from my ability. Don’t be anxious. I won’t die yet.” Han Bin wiped the blood from his mouth and sat weakly on the chair.

“I’ll get someone to call the healer.” Chen Fei quickly called his brothers outside.

Han Bin closed his eyes and pondered. Then, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. It seemed that the outcome had changed.

At the same time.

Big Orange, who was lying at the front desk, looked out of the window without any warning. His eyes were as vigilant as if he was catching a mouse.

Yun You was still studying the brewing of non-branded beverages when she suddenly saw Big Orange’s vigilant expression and asked curiously.

[What’s wrong, Big Orange?]

Big Orange relaxed.

[Meow, I feel that someone is looking at me.

Perhaps I’m wrong.]

It was just a small interlude. Big Orange didn’t care and continued to sleep.

Time passed quickly, and it was night again.

Yun You was still the one who made dinner and Han Qichuan was her assistant. Compared to before, Han Qichuan had already improved a lot, although he was still a burden.

It was still Han Qichuan who took the initiative to wash the dishes. In his words, he was doing odd jobs to pay for the accommodation fee, so Yun You let him be.

Currently, Yun You was sitting on the sofa with Big Orange in her arms. A human and a cat reading an ancient book. That’s right, it was a story book.

The first page of the book showed a countdown of five seconds.

…3, 2, 1.

The storybook was unlocked. On it was a page of text: Hello, repairman from Earth.

This is a storybook, a book that recorded old events. It was believed that you had already seen a lot about this plane when you were on Earth, but some things were not very detailed. There were some more detailed records in this book. Perhaps you could learn what you wanted to know. However, things happened in the same timeline as the information you read on Earth.

A check requires the energy of a Level 3 Crystal Core or 100 System Coins. I hope this book can help you.

Note: The last page is the general summary.

There might be something you want to know. The things investigated in this book would be presented from the perspective of a person in the apocalypse.

“…It costs money to check things.”

“However, Big Orange, why is there an ink ball in front of every sentence? If you look carefully, it seems to be the same. The word ‘meow’?”

It took Yun You a lot of effort to see what it was.

“Meow, how would I know?”

Big Orange was also very puzzled. “Forget it, let’s not care so much for now. Let’s see what it is.”

Turning the page, it started with some small general knowledge of the apocalypse, such as that all the food in the apocalypse had been contaminated.

No wonder they had bought so many things previously. It turned out that the food she brought from Earth was all untainted, unpolluted.

In that case, wouldn’t the system’s pricing be a loss? Although she thought so, Yun You didn’t plan to touch those prices.

After that was a story that was neither long nor short. The protagonists of the story were actually people she knew, Lu Linyan and Ling Xuanwei.

“There’s also this story in the previous information, but it’s shorter. No wonder I said that the names Lu Lin and Ling Xuanwei are so familiar.”

The story was like a novel outline. It only described many major events in a very general manner. There should be no mistake in this book. The ending was the same as what she had been reading previously. At the last moment of the city’s destruction, a natural disaster happened. The sky was filled with flames, mountains, earthquakes, and tsunamis. However, these descriptions were all from God’s perspective, and the ending came to an abrupt end.

From the perspective of humans, they only saw the moment the city was destroyed. They did not see the destructive natural disaster. This was what happened in the previous timeline. Fortunately, time was reversed in time, and the people in the end did not experience the nightmare-like pain.

When Yun You was looking at the information, she had seen the pictures of those natural disasters. There was really hell everywhere. If the world had not restarted, no one would have escaped.

When Yun You saw the description in the book, she could not help but recall those terrifying images again. She felt endless emotions in her heart. Time restarted. Everything should still be in time.

Something had happened to this plane, and she had asked for help from Earth. That was why she had come, with responsibility. When she came to this world, Yun You could feel the weight of the burden on her shoulders.

“Big Orange, why am I here?” Yun You’s tone was a little heavy.

“Meow, I’m not sure either,” Big Orange replied.

“What if I fail?” Yun You lowered her head. Big Orange sighed and wagged its tail. It raised its furry paw and patted Yun You’s head gently. “Meow, if you hadn’t come, this world would still have been destroyed. Just do your best.”

“Meow, moreover, this concerns your own life, right? You will definitely succeed.”

Yun You smiled. That’s right! Her life was tied to this world. She would definitely succeed. “Come, let’s try its query function first.” Yun You took out a Level 3 nuclei and placed it on the page of the book. The system interface suddenly popped up. [Please enter what you want to query:] Yun You thought for a moment and typed a few words-Han Qichuan’s past.