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“The other car from the base is broken. This one has been modified. It’s a little quieter, but if it’s someone else driving it, won’t we be worried that they won’t be able to shake off the zombies on the way back?”

Old Liu took a few bottles of water from the car and handed them to them. He took a sip, wiped his mouth, and said, “So he sent me.”

Everyone nodded. Everyone knew why Old Liu was the only one who came. Originally, the base did not send many people to the city this time. The other people had their own things to do. Being able to send Old Liu out was already enough to show that they valued him.

“I heard that you found food from before the apocalypse. It’s better to be safe at the base. Sigh! After all, the more you eat, the less you have left!”

Hearing Old Liu’s words, everyone fell silent. After the apocalypse, radiation had polluted the land. All kinds of mutant plants had appeared, and the crops planted would be polluted no matter what.

Not to mention that the food made by these plants would affect the taste, the pollution would accumulate bit by bit. Ordinary people would not be affected much as the ability users.

Old Liu looked at everyone’s despondent faces and thought that he had said something wrong.

“Hey, hey, hey. Alright, don’t look so gloomy. This old man is spouting nonsense. Every era has its own way of living. Perhaps this girl’s ability can solve these problems in the future?”

He patted Shan Tao’s shoulder and encouraged her.

“That’s right. I can already treat people who have just been bitten by zombies at Level 3. It will definitely be useful for pollution in the future.” Shan Tao raised her head and turned to look at Ling Xuanwei. “Sister Wei, don’t you think so?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Ling Xuanwei nodded and said with a smile.

She had never doubted this. Although Shan Tao could not fully eliminate the pollution, there was no problem suppressing and delaying the infection.

“Alright, everyone, let’s move quickly. Zhao Xuan definitely won’t be able to finish moving alone.” Lu Linyan interrupted and ended the conversation.

Big Fatty Zhang rushed over to Zhao Xuan and nudged him with his butt. “Alright, Little Zhao. Hurry up. Let’s see who can move more.”

Zhao Xuan pushed his eyes up. “Boring.” However, his movements clearly became faster.

“Haha, count me in.”

“Why would a young lady like you join the competition between me and Zhao Xuan?”

“Hmph! Hehehe…”

Lu Linyan and Ling Xuanwei looked at each other and smiled before joining the rest.

Old Liu stroked his nonexistent beard and looked at the group of young people. His expression paused for a moment before he helped move them.

Sigh, it was good to be young!

Everyone was focused on moving the items. What they did not notice was that at the end of the road, two pairs of white eyes were staring at them and quietly approaching.

In White Clouds store.

Yun You chose a few dishes that she had stored in the system space for breakfast. At the same time, she sent them to Han Qichuan, who had lost his memory upstairs. Big Orange slowly ate the dried fish that Yun You had made.

There was a back kitchen on the first floor of the shop. It was at the end of the corridor beside the front desk of the cafe. When Yun You came down, she had also gone in to take a look and take inventory of the food items in the kitchen.

However, she still chose to eat a simply breakfast of milk and bread. It was because she had been busy for so long last night and this morning, so she wanted to rest.

Currently, she was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed and resting. She had earphones in her ears, listening to music. After a while, Yun You seemed to have thought of something and stood up. She asked the system, “System, can the things I put in the space previously be sold as goods in the shop?”

[Beep. Sure, but I suggest that the store manager not sell too much and try to keep it for himself.]

Alright, that’s great. Of course, she wouldn’t sell everything! However, the supermarket function of the shop hadn’t been activated yet. Now, only drinks could be sold, and food that could fill one’s stomach would definitely be different in the apocalypse!

The food in her space was almost oversaturated. Selling food can attract the first batch of customers and complete the novice mission. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Why not!

Yun You happily took some convenience food, bread, milk, instant noodles, and so on and placed them on the shelves at the front desk.

The system notification came again.

[Beep. The first special drink, the “Resuscitation” formula and ingredients have been issued. Please take note.]

“Resuscitation” was one of the signature drinks that she had seen on the information previously.

Yun You opened it and looked at the formula. The more she looked at it, the more familiar it looked. Wasn’t this Passionfruit Pineapple Orange Tea?!

However, from the name on the system, the names of all the materials had been added to the [Earth Special].

What was this special item?

As if noticing Yun You’s confused expression, Big Orange curiously came over. When it saw the interface, it immediately lost interest and turned around to continue eating its dried fish.

Meow, I was still wondering what was it. Just this?

“Big Orange, what does this mean, do you know?”

Yun You saw Big Orange’s expression from the side. What else was there to guess? It must know.

“Meow, you can guess this, right? Isn’t it the abbreviation of the special high-quality Earth brand?!”


After being speechless for a while, Yun You resigned herself to fate and took out the ingredients. The appearance of the ingredients were top-notch. Moreover, other than the original smell of the fruit, there was another special fragrance in the ingredients.

As expected, the system’s products were definitely the best of best.

Yun You brought the ingredients to the kitchen and prepared to make the first signature drink. However, she did not know if the effect was the same as what was described in the previous information.

At the same time, she wasn’t sure if there would be customers today. However, Yun You wasn’t worried about this. After all, it was the apocalypse. She could take it slow. If no one would buy it today, at most, she would drink it herself.

C City, Jinhua Road.

Fatty Zhang grinned at Zhao Xuan and said, “Finally, we’re done. Little Zhao, hahahaha! I moved more than you did, didn’t I?”

“…” Zhao Xuan looked at Fatty Zhang, his eyes filled with disdain. “Why are you so childish?”

“Alright, the things here have been packed. Let’s see if we should search the vicinity again or go back today,” Lu Linyan interrupted.

“Captain,” Big Fatty Zhang said, “we only searched one small portion of this site today! If we don’t search it again, it won’t make sense.”

“I agree. Besides, it’s still early today.” It was rare that Zhao Xuan didn’t go against Fatty Zhang.

“That’s right. We’ve only been out for a while,” Shan Tao agreed.

“Okay.” Ling Xuanwei nodded at Lu Linyan, indicating that she felt the same.

Lu Linyan held his forehead. He had never seen a team member so enthusiastic and energetic. But it makes sense, otherwise, why would their team be ranked first in the base?

Lu Linyan smiled. “Alright then! We…” Let’s continue searching nearby!

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Linyan was stunned and shouted at Ling Xuanwei, “Be careful!!”

Ling Xuanwei was stunned. When she reacted, the world was spinning and she was already in Lu Linyan’s arms. She turned around and saw a strange long object stuck to the ground where she was originally standing.