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“Looks like the search today has to be canceled.” Lu Linyan let go of Ling Xuanwei again. His tone was serious, and his eyes were vigilant as he stared ahead.

The first thing that attacked everyone’s vision was a huge body in front of them. It was wearing tattered clothes. Under the clothes, there was a green and black skin that was bleeding a mixture of blood and unknown mucus. It had sharp teeth and a long tongue. There were holes in its face and its eye sockets had burst.

The surface of its body seemed to be covered in a layer of soil. Its white eyes undoubtedly revealed its identity.

His mood could not help but sink. The Srength-type zombie was too reckless, and its defense was very high. Unless the guns hit its vital points, it was very difficult to threaten it and it was not easy to deal with.

However, this was not the worst.

The disgusting long thing on the ground suddenly shrank back and disappeared behind the Strength-type zombie.

“What… what is this?” Shan Tao felt a little uneasy. She hid behind Ling Xuanwei and her voice was trembling.

“Could it be a new mutated weapon?” Big Fatty Zhang guessed.

Ling Xuanwei shook her head. Her intuition told her that it was not.

The space seemed to be silent for a long time, but it also seemed to happen in an instant.

Lu Linyan’s eyes widened, and a rare anxiety and urgency appeared on his face. He turned his head and said to everyone, “Quick, quick! Everyone, get into the car and leave immediately.”

He saw clearly that it was not one zombie, but two. One was small and happened to be blocked. The long thing was none other than its tongue.

The most serious thing was that he had just sensed it carefully. He felt a strong pressure from the two zombies, this was not a good sign. Zombies that could give him this feeling was definitely not low level.

“That’s right. There are two zombies. They’re at least Level 4.”

One might be fine, but there were two. Under such circumstances, he could not protect everyone at all. Moreover, he had just reached Level 4.

The team members reacted very quickly. With guns in their hands and covering fire, they cooperated and quickly climbed into the truck. Old Liu was already prepared. He stepped on the accelerator and the truck sped forward like an arrow.

Just as they got further and further away from the Strength-type zombie in the car were about to heave a sigh of relief, a long roar came from afar. Everyone suddenly felt that they were enveloped in a huge shadow. They looked up and saw a huge landmark stone statue.

If it landed, the car would definitely be destroyed and everyone would die. At this moment, everyone’s hair stood on end, and their hearts were in their throats.

The stone statue was on the verge of smashing into the vehicle, and didn’t even have time to jump off. Big Fatty Zhang wanted to create an earthen wall, but it was too late. His Earth-type abilities were greatly weakened, and even if he succeeded, he wouldn’t be able to block it.

Was he, Big Fatty Zhang, going to die here today?

It was at this point that the stone statue stopped in midair. Big Fatty Zhang was still in a daze, and before he could figure out what was going on, he heard a shout.

“Uncle Liu! Faster!” Ling Xuanwei supported him with one hand. Her eyes shone with golden light as she gritted her teeth angrily.

F*ck!! So it was the Vice-captain’s psychic power.

Big Fatty Zhang looked at Ling Xuanwei with a bit of admiration. To control a stone statue that weighed at least a ton and a half with Level 3 telekinesis was truly impressive.

Ling Xuanwei’s abilities weren’t as exaggerated as Big Fatty Zhang had imagined. She couldn’t completely control the stone statue, and even though she tried her best, she could only slow it down and deviate it slightly.

However, this was enough. With this momentary pause and deceleration, Old Liu increased his speed in time after hearing the sound. The tail of the car was just enough to brush past the stone statue when it fell.

Just as Ling Xuanwei heaved a sigh of relief,

*Chi—* A long howl sounded.

The tongue with the holes in its fangs flew straight at her from behind the stone statue. The strange small mutated zombie was actually hiding on the stone statue and was thrown over by the Strength-type zombie.

At this moment, Ling Xuanwei, who was using her ability with all her might, could not dodge at all.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. It was a true moment of life and death.

At the critical moment, a wall of fire rose between Ling Xuanwei and the big tongue. The scorching heat forced the tongue to turn around and retract.

With a bang, the stone statue fell to the ground and shattered. The sound was huge.

However, C City was now an empty city. Now, the people in C City were all looking for supplies or fruits. Even if they heard voices, they would only hide far away, let alone come out to watch.

However, now that there was an “outsider” in C City, Yun You was in the kitchen dealing with the materials she had just received. When she heard the loud bang, Yun You, who did not understand what was going on, was still complaining to Big Orange, who had entered the kitchen to play, that there were actually thundering in the middle of the day.

The stone statue brushed the back of the truck a second before it hit the ground. The truck swayed, but it held firm.

“Are you hurt?”

Lu Linyan walked to Ling Xuanwei’s side and asked anxiously.

Ling Xuanwei wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and shook her head. She did not know whether to laugh or cry. “No, it’s just that I was indeed a little frightened just now.”

Everyone looked like they had survived a calamity, but the matter was not over. Uncle Liu slowed down and finally stopped.

“Why, why did it stop?” Shan Tao, who had just relaxed, was worried again.

Zhao Xuan also rose to his feet, lifting up Big Fatty Zhang. After all, standing was the best way to deal with unexpected situations.

“Uncle Liu?” Ling Xuanwei turned her head in confusion.

At the same time, Uncle Liu’s voice sounded in front. His voice was heavy. “Miss, there’s an earth wall in front. The car can’t drive over.”


Everyone looked up. The three-meter-tall earth wall in the middle of the road was connected to the buildings on both sides of the road, sealing the road.

Earth-type Arcana?!

Lu Linyan seemed to have thought of something and turned back to look at the Strength-type zombie that was moving over at a slightly faster speed with the soil in the distance. What else did he not understand?

It was a Level 4 Earth-type zombie.

The scene was silent. Clearly, the others had thought of the same thing.

“Everyone, be careful. Look, that one.” Shan Tao’s eyes were sharp. Just as everyone’s gaze landed on the Strength-type zombie, she saw a small green figure rushing forward at an extremely fast speed. A big tongue was swinging in her mouth.

Wasn’t this the zombie that attacked Ling Xuanwei previously? Its speed was terrifyingly fast, and it arrived in front of her in the blink of an eye.

Lu Linyan’s reaction was not slow either. The flames quickly followed and forced him back. However, it was too fast. His fire power could only defend and could not hit him at all.

Lu Linyan’s eyebrows twitched. F*ck, could it be another Level 4, and a Speed-type? It seemed that a fierce battle today was inevitable.