The power of the first monarch is so terrible that it is hard to fight the power of all high-end monks in the wilderness with the power of one person. Since there has been a master for a long time, why do you want us to come here.

At this moment, Duobao and others looked heavy and stared at the proud first monarch.

"Not necessarily."

Just when the people were frightened, a voice, an incomparably dull voice, came from behind the people. Immediately, he saw the Suiren's face step out of the ancient well without waves, the aura of the riot in the place he passed was calm, and the sinking earth was clear.

"Old friend"

As soon as Duobao's eyes lit up, he actually felt the same power fluctuation as the first monarch in Suiren's body.

Flint smiled and jumped in front of the first monarch: "what is fixed number is just the theory of strong and weak strength."

The first monarch's face finally changed a little, and his eyes flashed a little: "good, finally there's a rival."

"You seem to have forgotten me."

But a voice came from behind the crowd here. He saw a smile on the corners of Youchao's mouth and slowly stepped into the air. In an instant, he had arrived in front of the first monarch and stood beside Suiren.

"Don't mind two dozen one."


As soon as this remark came out, everyone present trembled, and even the face of the first monarch changed slightly.

The two ancestors have touched the present body in their previous isolation. They need an opportunity to cut him out and achieve the unity of self with the body of the third generation, and the first monarch is that opportunity.

"I am fearless"

The first monarch finally spit out this sentence. The next moment, his body turned into a virtual shadow and disappeared in place. In less than a breath, he fought with Youchao and Suiren with one enemy and two.

Duobao and others became spectators directly. They stared at the three warring men, as if they wanted to see the way to a higher level.

As for the chaotic clock, I'm afraid no one dares to come forward now. It seems that none of the three belligerents has leaked out. In fact, terrible fields have already been laid around them. Once they set foot, there is death or no life.

"Stand back"

Looking at the fierce Vietnam War, even the three people who didn't converge in themselves, Duobao and others quickly led the people to fly away into the distance. The next second, they saw that the place where they stood just now turned into a void, and even a trace of dust didn't exist.

Now the Suiren, Youchao, and the first monarch, in addition to not having the power of the sage with the help of the infinite magic power of the heaven, half of their bodies have entered the threshold of Hunyuan Da Luo Jinxian. The two ancestors had the opportunity to cut off the third body, while the first monarch wanted to really cross the threshold with the help of the power of the chaotic clock.

"What is eternity?"

"Where I am is eternity"

The next moment, to everyone's consternation, the two ancestors not only fought with the first monarch, but also directly fought their strength against their friends. While fighting, they also exchanged their current understanding and experience.


The first monarch's eyes were cold. He really didn't pay attention to him in such behavior. Such contempt made him angry: "good courage, I will kill you two old men today."

"Oh, how about me alone? Do you want to kill me?"

A very strange word came, but I saw a man who didn't seem to exist in the moment stepping in the air. His every step seemed to step between nothingness and reality.

"Ji Chen, how can it be?"

Feng Tian's complexion changed slightly, and the visitor was absolutely beyond everyone's imagination. A moment ago, he was a friar at the peak of Da Luo Jinxian. When he met here, he had achieved the same level as Sui Renshi and others.

"If you want to die, I will help you."

The first monarch's face was angry, and there were changes again and again, which filled his heart with endless killing intention.

"Come if you can"

With a smile on her mouth, Ji Chen raised her hand and called to the void. A long sword suddenly appeared in front of everyone. With the emergence of the sword of the son of heaven, Ji Chen poured out a chilling sword idea all over her body.

"I have a sword. Please identify it."

As Ji Chen's words fell, an indescribable force filled the whole world: "immeasurable robbery, immeasurable light, immeasurable sword."

Robbery, the disaster of all living beings, light, the existence of all things, sword, the end.

This sword didn't know when it appeared in his mind, and this sword didn't know when it covered all his abilities. Everything was annihilated but reborn in this sword.

Everyone couldn't help but stare. They saw the eternal existence and brilliant fireworks in this sword. For a moment, the sword edge didn't know when it had been in the eyebrows of the first monarch.


The first monarch was hit by this sword without any reaction. He felt the breath of death from the center of his eyebrows, and his eyes were endless unwilling.


At the last moment, an illusory ring flew out of his eyebrows and blocked Ji Chen's sword. The price was that the virtual ring moaned and broke the space and disappeared without a trace.

Taking advantage of this time, the first monarch stepped behind the chaotic clock. His eyes looked at Ji Chen with disbelief, and his whole body began to tremble slightly. At this moment, he admitted that he was afraid. If he hadn't protected the LORD with a virtual ring, he would have died.

"You and I have lost cause and effect"

But a dreamy voice came into the ears of the first monarch, which made him have no reaction. The next second, his face changed greatly: "Nuwa"

At the cost of the virtual ring, the reason for the colorful immortal fetus was eliminated, which was so high that the first monarch was about to vomit blood.

Just as the first monarch beat his chest and feet, he saw the two ancestors standing in the air at the same time. The brilliance of the two people floated in the sky, and thousands of ways evolved by themselves in the next second.


With a deep drink, the past and future bodies of the two ancestors stepped out. The next second, in the stunned eyes of the people, the three figures exploded in an instant. For a moment, the world was turbulent and the star river was reversed.

"Dead, dead?"

"Self explosion?"

Duobao and others changed greatly. Even the first monarch looked at this scene with great amazement. What's the situation.

Only Ji Chen showed a smile: "ha ha."

"You, what are you laughing at?"

Duobao and others stared at Ji Chen coldly. After the Suiren and Youchao self explosion, all the breath in the world was completely lost. This situation is like falling: "my old friend self explosion, why are you laughing? If you don't say a reason, don't blame me for being ruthless."

Ji Chen didn't answer them, but turned and looked at the emptiness of the two people's ancestors. Immediately, in the strange eyes of the people, he stretched out his hand and said, "the time is up."


With the sound of falling, the endless void Tao is manifest out of thin air. In a moment, the hype is disorderly, the earth is overflowing with golden lotus, and the heavenly sounds that ring through the soul come from nothingness.

This scene is a vision of a saint coming into the world.

"Where I am is eternity"

A word fell, and there was no breath in the void, just like a mortal figure appeared in front of everyone.

"Congratulations to your ancestors"

Youchao and Suiren looked at each other, and a bright smile appeared at the corners of their mouths. How many years just for this moment to come, Hunyuan Da Luo Jinxian didn't need to rely on the Tao of heaven to break through to this realm, and he could turn the world around with one thought.

"Gollum --! Saint!"

Everyone can't believe looking at the two ancestors who just blew themselves up. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the sage vision.


At the moment when they were shocked, they heard a bell ring. The next second, the first monarch's blood fell directly on the chaotic clock.

"Yes, stop him"

As soon as people's faces change, the chaotic clock is the key to the manifestation and sanctification of heaven's secrets. At this time, if they are refined by the first monarch, the consequences can be imagined.

"Ha ha, it's too late. Give me a breakthrough."


Before the crowd came forward, the voice of heaven sounded again in the world. The purple air came from the East for 30000 miles, and the Golden Lotus flowed with Hype: "now my first monarch has become a saint. Who can compete with me, ha ha."

With the first monarch controlling the chaotic clock, the whole body directly entered the gate of the sage, holding the chaotic clock in hand, and wild laughter resounded through the world.

Unlike the two ancestors who achieved the supreme sage with great perseverance and wisdom, or called it the realm of Hunyuan Da Luo Jinxian, this kind of sage has no power of heaven and unlimited mana, but it has a stronger growth space.

In addition to having wireless mana, if the sage like the first monarch wants to go further, he must break the imprisonment imposed by the heaven, otherwise he will always be trapped in the heaven. Once the heaven is broken, his state of forced promotion will be beaten back to its original form.

Success is the way of heaven, failure is the way of heaven.

"So, I should do it."

At the moment when the first monarch became a saint and laughed wildly, a voice with banter came from the endless void. The next moment, Duobao and others found that they had returned to the wasteland.

"It's a teacher"

No, when the virgin directly said, the voice just now, all in the interception will never be wrong.


The next second, I heard a startled voice. An eye glittering with black and white thunder appeared in the sky. Then the endless chaos broke through the confines of heaven and earth for some reason, and it was pounding towards the boundless earth. Everything passed by was swallowed up.

"Immeasurable robbery, how is it possible, and why do saints let this kind of disaster come to this world."


If you don't become a saint, in front of this violent chaotic gas, even if you are a false saint, the quasi saint will die.

Ji Chen's face was very calm, as if all this had nothing to do with him. One step out, he rushed to the frightening chaos.

"It's time."

They looked at Ji Chen who stepped out of the sky for some reason. They didn't understand what the other party meant. The next second, they saw that on the west land of nanzhanbuzhou, they were going to rise to the sky. Liuguang was going in the same direction as Ji Chen.

"Who is that?"

"What a strange but familiar breath. It seems very similar to the two ancestors?"

Feng Tian's complexion changed slightly. He didn't know how many years he was with Ji Chen. The other party had never had this breath: "that's the present body. You reminded me that Ji Chen's body is actually the breath of the past."

Duobao's eyes were cold: "is Ji Chen the embodiment of a great power?"