At this moment, yuqingjue's eyes are in full bloom in the yaochi pool in the heaven. His thoughts have appeared on the nine days. Looking at the chaotic Qi pouring like a flood, he holds the original bead with a little luck. Under the impact of surging mana, the original bead continues to vibrate. The next moment, a barrier appears at the boundary between flood and chaos.

With the emergence of this barrier, the speed of chaotic Qi falling is one ton, and the eye of heaven punishment on the nine days is constantly changing, sometimes angry and sometimes happy, as if it had self feelings.

"Here you are"

Just listening to Yuqing Jue's whisper, he saw two streamers falling in front of him the next moment.

"The Lord of the future should call you your self."

Ji Chen looked at Yu qingjue with a dull look, and a smile hung around his mouth.

Dugu Yu shook his head: "the world is really difficult and unfair."

Yuqingjue chuckled. The three are one, but they have their own personality, soul and true spirit. They can be regarded as one person, but they can be regarded as three different strangers

"When things are done, we should go back if you like."

Ji Chen and Dugu Yu looked at each other, shrugged and walked into yuqingjue's body.


As they entered yuqingjue's body, the eye of heaven's punishment on the sky seemed to find something terrible. The color of joy instantly turned into an endless color of anger, which was conceived by the terrible God thunder.

"You can't stop me."

Yu qingjue glanced contemptuously at the eye of heaven's punishment, and immediately his eyes were on the virtual world, where a hanging beating was going on. The leader of Tongtian sect, Cheng Sheng, did not know how many years, and his self-cultivation was made by cutting off the three corpses and opening the sky, and then refined the three generations of human classics to the extreme.

He has already begun to break away from the control of heaven. His ability is not comparable to the first monarch who forcibly broke into the realm of saints.

"I once said that the fight is the saint's war. Unfortunately, you disappoint me."

The leader of Tongtian cult shook his head and sighed, slapped him, and directly photographed the first monarch hiding in the chaotic clock into the ground.

"Deceive people too much"

The first monarch is definitely the most tragic saint in history. When he was not sanctified, he was blocked and beaten by two ancestors and Ji Chen. Now when he is sanctified, he is hanged and beaten by the leader of Tongtian cult.

"Ha, in the past World War I, you and I were on the same level. At the time of the fight, you became a weak man. It's really good luck. Let's take it as a prize for the winner."

The leader of Tongtian cult shook his head and said for a while. He stretched out his hand and directly grabbed it on the chaotic clock. The next second, under the shock of internal mana, he directly shattered the yuan God who was reluctantly refined by the first monarch in the chaotic clock.

"Then I'll go"

Like a toy, the leader of Tongtian cult threw away the chaotic clock in his hand and stepped out step by step. The cry of the first monarch's blood disappeared here.

The next second, the leader of Tongtian cult came directly to yuqingjue. Now around him, Taishang, primitive, western two saints, Nuwa and Houtu all appeared here.

"Ready to start."

Yuqingjue looked up at the divine thunder that had been brewing in the sky. It was a divine thunder used to open up the wasteland world. Unexpectedly, it was refined by the way of heaven for his sake.


A word fell, and nine thunders fell from the eye of heaven's punishment in the sky. In addition to eight falling here, another one split towards the empty space.


Yuqingjue's eyes flashed over a fine awn, and the original pearl in his hand was thrown into the air. In an instant, a desperate swallowing power came out. In a moment, Du Tianshen thunder, which can split the chaos, was swallowed directly under this swallowing power: "it's my shot."

Jiudaodu Heavenly God thunder, in addition to running to find the first monarch, all the rest were swallowed up. Yuqingjue stepped out and jumped up. In an instant, he directly disappeared into the eye of heaven's punishment. The Supreme Master and others looked at each other. The next second, they also followed yuqingjue into the eye of heaven's punishment.

"Here you are."

Just when the eight saints entered the eye of heaven's punishment, a voice came into their minds. This voice seemed to contain endless love and seemed so cold that people's souls were frozen.

"The way of heaven is Hongjun."

Looking at the sound not far away, yuqingjue's eyes flashed a light. At present, taking a step, the surging power filled the whole heaven space, and the terrible power made the space cry.

"Hmm? It's really an odd number. I shouldn't have left you."

Tiandao Hongjun looked at yuqingjue indifferently. As soon as he pointed out, it was as plain as stretching out his arm.


In the next second, yuqingjue was lit up with a brilliant fire. With one finger of the heavenly way Hongjun, he carried the whole flood power to kill with one blow, but he was blocked.

"Ha, but so."

Yuqing Jue looked down at the fleeting fire in front of his chest. His eyes flashed a cold color: "break him."

As soon as the voice fell, almost at the same time, all the saints present hit out their strongest blows, and the goal was Hongjun of the way of heaven not far away.

"Hmm? You dare to do it."

Tiandao Hongjun glanced at the saints with his plain eyes. The next moment, he said, "deprivation"


The truth of heaven, with one sound, the bodies of Sanqing and others were shocked, and the powerful breath was falling. In a moment, the extraordinary breath of heaven saints fell to the statue of pseudo saints, and seven purple lights flew out of their bodies.


Tiandao Hongjun's hand can be said to have directly destroyed all Tiandao saints. However, it has no effect on yuqingjue. In a moment, his palm has been patted on Tiandao Hongjun.

"I am invincible in this space"

Indifferent eyes stared at yuqingjue close at hand, and Tiandao Hongjun raised his palm to shoot yuqingjue.


However, at that moment, the body of Tiandao Hongjun was slightly shocked, and a strange force was spreading in his body. It was a force he had never experienced before. For a moment, his eyes burst into a dazzling light. If he could understand the emotion belonging to the world with the help of this force, Tiandao would transcend chaos and become another avenue.


Yuqing Jue lifted the corner of his mouth and brought out a smile. He jumped and fell directly to Sanqing and others. The original bead appeared directly in the palm of his hand.


With a light drink, the seven rays of light burst out from the source beads and turned into endless power and disappeared into Sanqing and other human bodies. At the next moment, the seven forces that destroy the sky and the earth swept the whole Tiandao space from Sanqing and other human bodies like a huge wave.

"There is never a shortcut to the sage."

Hongmeng purple Qi is the key to open the road of saints, but it also lays a hidden danger for himself. Once the heavenly way is damaged, his cultivation will decline, just as Hongjun of the heavenly way can deprive everyone of his power at will.

Unfortunately, Hongjun of the heavenly way missed one point, that is, after the arrival of yuqingjue, everything changed. Their way has long been separated from the road of Hongjun. With the help of the way of endless fantasy time and space, and the peak works of the three lifeclassics of the Terran, they directly transcended the realm of saints of the heavenly way.

Even if they are deprived of the infinite magic power given by Hongmeng purple Qi at the moment, with their other strength and the immeasurable aura just transformed by Tianshen thunder, they make themselves enter the peak of Hunyuan Da Luo Jinxian at one time, and they will be strong at the same level as Tiandao.


Yuqing Jue nodded slightly. Immediately, he gave a soft drink and the external power buried in the body of Tiandao Hongjun burst directly. It was the seven most primitive forces produced by the world.


Tiandao Hongjun was feeling the power of this external way. He was directly detonated by yuqingjue. In an instant, countless cracks appeared in his body.

"Since the time of breaking the Tao, the Tao of heaven will not stop us."

The sage of Taiqing didn't know when he had appeared in front of Hongjun, and his palm edge had been printed on each other's body.

"On the holy Road, why, look forward to it!"

With a chuckle, the primitive Tianzun turned the Pangu flag into a long gun and directly stabbed into the body of Tiandao Hongjun.

For a moment, all Nuwa and others who re ascended the holy road showed their power. In a moment, all the attacks fell on Tiandao Hongjun.

"Click, click --!"

The space is broken, and Hongjun doesn't have the slightest feeling. Even when he is broken, he seems not to care: "when I die, the flood will die."

Hearing the speech, yuqingjue narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at the boiling appearance in the original pearl in his hand, and gave a hint on it. In his mind, a crystal like mirror flew out and disappeared into it in an instant.

"The wheel of inverse law is refined from time and space, the second of the four laws in chaos. It can turn into immeasurable power. Even if the way of heaven collapses, the flood will be fine."


With a flash of his eyes, Tiandao Hongjun raised his hand and grabbed the original pearl in yuqingjue's hand.


But when a deep drink sounded, yuqingjue gave directions to the original pearl. Without a breath, the hand of Tiandao Hongjun who came into contact with the original pearl turned into a powder all over the sky, and the space of Tiandao was broken in the roar.

Until the last moment, Tiandao Hongjun didn't show a trace of emotion, as if everything was mechanized operation.

In a moment, the whole flood world seemed to have entered the end of the world. Endless huge waves were set off from the sea to devour the whole flood, and the terrible gas of chaos broke through the barrier under yuqingjue.

Yuqingjue and the Seven Saints stood in the chaos and looked at the waning wasteland. The original pearl in his hand flew out directly. For a moment, it was like susumi in mustard. The boundless wasteland turned into a streamer under the impact of chaos and flew into the original pearl.


The next moment, I saw a complete jade dish of creation from another Universe flying out of yuqingjue's body. It was included in it before giving the saints time to react.


Endless time and space turbulence, an ancient Taoist disc drifted with the waves to an unknown distance. In the ups and downs, I saw a figure who couldn't see his face and grabbed the Taoist disc in his hand.

"Back, back."

It's like calling a wanderer back, falling with the words of this voice.

Eight sounds flew out of the Tao disc.


Sanqing and others exclaimed that the heavenly Hongjun was directly turned into fragments in their hands, but the whole body seemed to show their eyes completely.

"I'm back."

Different from Sanqing and others, yuqingjue felt a familiar breath as soon as he came out. There was a breath of blood connection in the distant side, which was the only blood he left in the original universe.

"Time is running out."

Hongjun just smiled at Sanqing and others, and immediately his eyes turned to yuqingjue.

Hearing the speech, yuqingjue flashed a light and looked up at the distant cosmic border. There was a terrible force eroding the barrier. Under this force, the barrier was dissatisfied with countless cracks, as if it would burst in an instant with a touch.

"Just in time."

As soon as the voice fell, yuqingjue and Hongjun appeared outside the barrier. When the endless violent power swept through, they were directly blocked out of the body.

"With the power of a newborn universe, it is enough to restore the universe on the verge of collapse to its strongest moment."

As soon as the voice fell, the source bead flew out of yuqingjue. In a moment, an endless source force poured down on the soon to be broken universe like a flood.


Yuqing never knows how strong the power of a universe is, but he knows that this source bead containing immeasurable power in his hand can definitely make the universe that gave birth to him glow with a new upgrade.

With the pouring of power, a radiance belonging to the universe is constantly blooming. With the emergence of this radiance, yuqingjue himself doesn't know why the same light appears. They seem to come from the same source without any difference.

I don't know how long it took, maybe for a moment, maybe for a long time, and the cracks on the cosmic barrier disappeared.

"In this way, we can leave the road we are looking for."

Hongjun's figure had disappeared here, but his words still echoed in yuqingjue's mind.

Yu qingjue, who was silent outside the cosmic barrier, looked at Hongjun, who couldn't even detect his breath. A clear smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"My protector!"