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[ID: Bai Zun]

[Class: Earthy Holy Swordsman (fourth transition)]

[Level: Level 120]

[Skills: Great Earth Sword Technique (Obsidian Level), Earth Domain (Crimson Level), Earth Calamity (Crimson Level), Myriad Worlds (Crimson Level), Earthquake Manifestation (Gilded Level)]

The fourth transition, the Earthy Holy Swordsman!

Bai Zun was quite satisfied with the results of using the Great Earth Sword Technique.


It was time to test Bai Zun’s strength as a fourth transition player!

Bai Zun’s eyes immediately regained their coldness.

The Earth Domain…


The Great Earth Sword Technique…



Dust and mist rippled as the Earth Domain spread out with Bai Zun as the center of gravity, enveloping the group of level 100 mutated beasts!

The power of the earth surged and turned into the shadows of gray hands, grabbing the ankles of level 100 mutated beasts one after another, restricting their movements.

Right after that, the broad earthen sword ray rolled through the level 100 mutated beast tide, cutting off their heads, and blood fell like rain!

Zuo Yan and the others were dumbfounded when looking at the scene beside the city wall.


What the heck was going on?!


Zuo Yan was completely dumbfounded.

Zuo Yan looked at Bai Zun’s domineering back, who blocked tens of thousands of mutated beasts, and a hint of yearning rippled in his eyes.

At the same time.

In the city.

A few minutes before the arrival of the mutated beast tide, the citizens who received the news of the evacuation began to pack their important items in a panic. Afterward, they fled to the north gate in a panic.

Perhaps the mutated beasts were getting closer and closer. They could even feel the ground shaking.

The magnitude of the tremors was getting more and more exaggerated.

The ignorant citizens became even more frightened when they heard the screams of the mutated beasts coming from the south.

“Run! Run for your lives! The mutated beast tide is coming!”

“They’re all level 100 and above-mutated beasts! They’re all level 100 and above!”

“Run! Run for your lives! Sentai City was destroyed by these bastards!”

“Wait, was the son of the fifth brother’s family running in front?”

“Yes, I remember that his son is a player, though. Why didn’t he go to the south gate to stop the mutated beast tide? Why did he run with us? Why does he seem to be running faster than me?”

“Stop babbling! Run! Autumn-Water City is hopeless! Even the players had almost run away!”

“We’re doomed! We’re doomed!”

The citizens were running, and so were the players.

The panic spread and became stronger until it broke everyone’s psychological defense.


Apart from the south gate, a group of level 100 mutated beasts also swarmed over from the north gate.

Seeing the group of level 100 mutated beasts rushing towards the north gate, not to mention the ordinary people, even the players who were running away with them were freaked out.

As players, they were all clear about the terror of the level 100 mutated beasts.

At this stage, they couldn’t even deal with level 20 to level 30 mutated beasts. They didn’t even dare imagine how powerful the level 100 mutated beasts were!

“Dad, you guys go first. Don’t worry about me…”

A child in a wheelchair cried out in despair.

“You guys go first! I’ll stop these bastards!”

A player pushed his wife and children away, gritting his teeth as he tried to stop the mutated beasts with his life.

The same scene was happening in many places.

The citizens who had just run out of the north gate were forced to return to the city gate. The citizens who had yet to leave the city gate were filled with despair.

Watching the group of level 100 mutated beasts get closer and closer, almost everyone was in despair.

They couldn’t see any hope of survival.


Just as the level 100 mutated beasts were about to surge into the city gate…


“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The sound of cannonballs rang out. Immediately after, a delicate figure appeared at the north gate, holding a golden pistol in her hand.

Looking at the city gate, the level 100 mutated beasts closest to it were all dead or injured.

However, it was only the beginning.

Ye Shuishui kept casting her skills when many people were watching her. She released cannonballs one after another, bombarding the mutated beasts without stopping!




The mutated beasts screamed incessantly, provoking everyone’s nerves.

The citizens in front of the city gate were dumbfounded.

After being stunned for a long time, someone finally reacted.

“This… Why is this girl so powerful?”

“There’s hope. We’ll be saved!”

“Don’t be happy too early. Can a girl like her save us?”

“Yeah, so what if she kills all the mutated beasts here? The mutated beasts at the south gate are much more numerous than here.”

“Shut up if you don’t know how to talk!”

“That’s great! That was great! We’ll be saved!”

“Sister, you can do it!”

Seeing hope in Ye Shuishui again, many cheers immediately sounded behind her.

Ye Shuishui also worked harder to kill the mutated beasts.

At this moment, a citizen ran over to deliver a piece of news that surprised everyone.

“The south city gate… The mutated beast tide at the south gate was stopped!”

“What’s going on? What’s going on?!”

“Hurry up and tell us!”

“There was a player who stopped the mutated beast tide with a sword… Forget it! I can’t explain it clearly. Everyone, just go to the south gate and take a look yourself!”

“Anyway, we’re safe!”


“Let’s go! Everyone, let’s go! Let’s go to the south gate and take a look!”

Immediately, the citizens were overjoyed and clamored to head to the south city gate to check on the situation.

At this moment, Bai Zun was in the air. Looking at the large number of bloody corpses on the ground as well as the heads that were still moving in front of him, there were at least tens of thousands of mutated beasts. He couldn’t help but feel tired.

Afterward, Bai Zun slowly raised his sword.

Following that, rays of red light, blue light, and yellow light… The light mixed and gathered on the sword.

Sensing the power of the sword, the group of level 100 mutated beasts struggled frantically in panic. They wanted to turn around and run away, but they were unable to do so because the Earth Domain’s palm phantom had a firm hold on their ankles.

They could only watch helplessly as the huge sword phantom in Bai Zun’s hand slowly grew larger and condensed into an increasingly dense light.


It fell with a bang!



Buzzing sounds and explosions rang out simultaneously. In the next second, the group of level 100 mutated beasts’ expressions turned dull. Afterward, their bodies exploded!

The Crimson Level skill, Myriad Worlds!

At the same time, Bai Zun’s cold gaze fell on the back of the large pile of corpses. It was the giant bull, which was several times larger than the other mutated beasts and was roaring angrily at him.

It was a level 150 “boss,” the Azure-Dragon Bull!

Without any hesitation, Bai Zun’s figure flashed and followed the sword shadow, stabbing straight at the giant bull!

In addition to Zuo Yan and the others, many citizens had already heard the commotion and seen the previous scene at this point.

“This! This! This!”

“Forgive me for being uncultured, but I can only say that he is awesome!”

“One move! One strike! He just simply destroyed all the mutated beasts?!”

“No! There’s still one mutated beast that hasn’t been killed!”

“That’s the mutated beast’s ‘boss!’ It’s at least Level 140!”

“Look! The expert is heading towards the mutated beast ‘boss’!”

The citizens stared at Bai Zun’s back. Meanwhile, shock and reverence almost overflowed from their eyes.

The level 150 Azure-Dragon Bull’s massive horn and Bai Zun’s seven-colored greatsword’s shadow had already collided at this point.