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Half an hour later.

Outside the Autumn-Water City, one could vaguely see the thick fog rolling and gradually approaching.

The scene was recorded by people in the suburbs and uploaded to TikTok.

[Drawing papers: What is this? Can’t the blogger get closer and take a clearer video?]

[Sanitary napkin: That’s right, blogger, go closer. What can we see if you take the video like this? It’s foggy.]

[Moistening my lips: I’m impressed. If you don’t know how to shoot, can you give up? You’re wasting my time watching videos.]

[Alarm: This… It looks a little familiar. I used to live in Sentai City. Due to the mutated beast tide, I was forced to leave Sentai City a few minutes ago. I’m on my way to move now. If I remember correctly, before the group of level 100 mutated beasts that forced us to move to another city arrived, the same thick fog as in the video appeared outside Sentai City.]

[Orochimaru: Fuck! Is the previous commenter telling the truth or are you joking?]

[Mouse: Don’t scare me! What was the concept of a level 100 mutated beast tide? Is the strongest player in the country only at level 80?]

[Dishwashing liquid: There are higher-level players. The chief of the Golden Leaf City’s Player’s Management Office was higher than level 80.]

[The rubber band is mine: I’m also from Sentai City and am currently on the way to transfer. The comment above is true.]

[Mind map: What the heck?! The blogger lives in Autumn-Water City! I saw on the map that Autumn-Water City is very close to Sentai City, right? Could that be the level 100 mutated beast tide that invaded Sentai City?]

[Don’t want to do homework: Blogger, run!]

[Earplug: It’s too late. It’s over. Another human city is about to be destroyed by mutated beasts. Sigh…]

The video caused Autumn-Water City to receive a lot of attention.

Some netizens sighed and said that Autumn-Water City was going to be in trouble. Some netizens even asked the person who posted the video to run out of the city.

The internet has always been good at spreading information.

For a time, the news of the Autumn-Water City being attacked by a level 100 mutated beast tide spread to the streets and alleys of the city.

Immediately, the Autumn-Water City that had finally settled down was filled with panic and agitation. Everyone was quite pessimistic.

Many people dragged their families along and wanted to run out of Autumn-Water City.

In the conference room of the Player’s Management Office.

The meeting had just ended, and Zuo Yan was sitting in a chair, looking worried.

The speed of those level 100 mutated beasts was simply too fast.

Zuo Yan estimated that the mutated beast tide would arrive at the outskirts of Autumn-Water City in six minutes at most.

However, six minutes were far from enough for them to evacuate the citizens of Autumn-Water City.

Once those Level 100 mutated beasts attacked the city, even if Zuo Yan tried his best to block them, he probably wouldn’t be able to take one hit from the Level 120 monsters.

After all, Zuo Yan was only level 65.

There was also a deputy chief who was around level 60.

However, the deputy chief didn’t attend the meeting just now.

According to the others, the deputy chief had already run away with his family.

Zuo Yan’s heart was a mess.

“Everyone still can not be united in the face of a great catastrophe.”

Zuo Yan looked at the empty meeting room and sighed.

Perhaps it was because the deputy chief’s escape had set an example. Some players in the Player’s Management Office also had the intention to escape.

However, it was good that they ran away. If they stayed, they would only be cannon fodder.

The ones who suffered the most this time were probably ordinary people.

They haven’t awakened their classes, and they couldn’t even fight a level 10 mutated beast, let alone a level 120 mutated beast.

However, no matter what, Zuo Yan had already made up his mind to stay in the city…

He would live and die with the city!

Zuo Yan’s gaze gradually became firm. He stood up and left the meeting room.

After the meeting, the players of the Player’s Management Office received the same order—head to the south gate of Autumn-Water City!

However, no one knew how many players would go.

When Zuo Yan arrived at the south gate, he saw dozens of players scattered around.

One had to know that there were hundreds of players in the Player’s Management Office…

Since Zuo Yan had expected it, he didn’t have any other feelings. He just took a few deep breaths and walked toward the dozens of players.


“Chief Zuo!”

Seeing Zuo Yan, the players all approached him.

“How’s the situation?” Zuo Yan glanced at them first, then turned his gaze to look outside the city gate.

The dust was getting thicker and thicker. The level 100 mutated beasts were probably about to arrive.

“The equipment department has already bombarded them with artillery shells, but…”

A player answered with a pale expression, “It’s useless. It’s useless at all.”

Normal cannonballs wouldn’t pose much of a threat to level 100 mutated beasts.

Zuo Yan had already expected this. He only looked at it with deep eyes and didn’t say anything. He stretched out his hand and summoned a silver-grade greatsword, gradually approaching the city gate.

Behind him, the players looked at each other. They could see the hesitation, struggle, and fear in each other’s eyes.

“If you want to leave, leave now.”

Zuo Yan suddenly stopped and turned around. His voice was deep but loud, “I just gave the order to let everyone in the city escape if they can. Anlong City, which is not far from Autumn-Water City, is ready to receive them.”

“If you want to leave, leave now!”

In an instant, Zuo Yan seemed to have aged more than ten years, and his voice was filled with the fatigue of age.

Dozens of players lowered their heads.

Immediately after, a player began to leave the team.

Slowly, it was the second and the third…

Until there were only five people left.

Zuo Yan looked back at them and didn’t say anything. He turned around with his greatsword in hand and looked at the approaching level 100 mutated beast tide.

The remaining five people who chose to die also summoned their weapons with determined expressions.

One second, two seconds…

The level 100 mutated beast tide was about to reach the city gate.

Zuo Yan’s murky eyes were filled with a faint hope of survival.

Behind him, the five players who chose to stay were also fearless.


Just as the level 100 mutated beast tide was about to reach the city gate and Zuo Yan was ready to die…

A huge, blood-red, and mighty sword phantom descended with a bang!


The level 100 mutated beast tide was stopped!

Seeing the scene, Zuo Yan was stunned. The five players behind him were also stunned.


What was going on?

Zuo Yan and the others couldn’t help but look up into the sky.

A domineering figure holding a longsword that was flashing with golden light, accompanied by a few gray sword phantoms, was descending toward the center of the mutated beast tide!

It was Bai Zun.

Bai Zun had just completed his fourth transition when he felt a strong threat from the mutated beasts.

Following that, Bai Zun was informed by Ye Shuishui that a group of level 100 mutated beasts were attacking Autumn-Water City.

Everything happened suddenly, and Ye Shuishui was in complete panic.

Bai Zun didn’t delay. He used all his strength and flew toward the south gate at the fastest speed.

Afterward, the previous situation happened.

Bai Zun had only dealt with the level 100 mutated beasts at the front using the “Great Earth Sword Technique.” Large groups of level 100 mutated beasts were still coming in from behind.

Bai Zun descended with the sword in his hand and smashed heavily into the ground. He stood up in the huge pit filled with dust and fog.

Bai Zun’s appearance also forced the mutated beasts to stop.

Many level 100 mutated beasts stared at Bai Zun, roaring continuously.

However, Bai Zun was smiling.

Bai Zun glanced at the attribute panel and narrowed his eyes.