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Since Ye Shuishui was asking for help, her voice was exceptionally polite.

“You may come in.”

Bai Zun’s faint and oppressive voice rang out from the door frame.

Ye Shuishui pushed open the door and walked in.

Ye Shuishui saw that Bai Zun was leaning against the back of the bed with a blanket draped over his chest. Above his chest was his muscular, naked skin.

The scene was exciting enough for Ye Shuishui’s imagination to run wild. She blushed and quickly lowered her head.

Bai Zun asked indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

“Yes. I need your help…”

Ye Shuishui tried her best to control the trembling in her voice due to shyness. She said, “Boss, can you accompany me back to Autumn-Forest County and bring my mother here?”

Bai Zun was very strong. He was so strong that Ye Shuishui couldn’t help but blindly worship him.

Therefore, in her eyes, as long as Bai Zun agreed, bringing her mother here safely was a simple matter.


Bai Zun frowned and shook his head. He said, “We can’t do it now.”

“Ah…” As the saying goes, you will be upset if you have high expectations. The disappointment in Ye Shuishui’s eyes was almost overflowing.

Ye Shuishui had never thought that her boss would reject her request.

“Due to the game’s invasion, the distance between Autumn-Water City and Autumn-Forest County has increased by at least four to five times. It means that on this widened road, we will face countless dangers.”

Bai Zun said in a deep voice, “We’re still too weak. If we encounter a diamond or purple gold-grade mutated beast, we won’t be able to escape.”

The mutated beasts in the suburbs were only silver-grade mutated beasts, and the highest level was only level 50. Compared to Bai Zun, who was at level 90, they were far inferior to him.

However, it was something Bai Zun knew before his reincarnation.

As for how many secret realms there were around Autumn-Water City, what level the secret realms were at, and whether there were any powerful mutated beast “bosses” that had escaped… Everything was unknown.

They couldn’t risk their lives and act rashly.

However, the disappointment in Ye Shuishui’s eyes didn’t last long. After hearing Bai Zun’s next sentence, she immediately became happy again.

Bai Zun promised, “Let’s wait a little longer. When the game starts the second feedback phase in a few days, the weapons and items will also be given feedback. I’ll go with you and bring your mother over.”

A player’s combat strength depended on their level, but the amplification of various equipment could raise their combat strength to another level.

For example, if two players at level 90 were in their third transition, one would have a legendary sword while the other didn’t. If one used the sword to cast a skill, it wouldn’t be too much to kill the other party in one strike, right?

“Alright then…”

Bai Zun’s words were very thoughtful, and Ye Shuishui seriously thought about them before nodding her head.

Moreover, there weren’t many players in Autumn-Forest County, so it wasn’t very dangerous. Before the second feedback began, as long as Ye Shuishui told her mother not to go out, her mother should be safe.

After saying goodnight to Bai Zun, Ye Shuishui hurriedly left and returned to the guest room to talk to her mother on the phone.

The next day.

Bai Zun woke up early.

After washing up, Bai Zun prepared some breakfast but didn’t eat it first. Instead, he went to Ye Shuishui’s room and knocked.

“I’ve already wake up…”

Ye Shuishui hurriedly got dressed and got up.

They were going to attack the secret realm today, as Bai Zun had told Ye Shuishui last night.

After the two of them had breakfast, Bai Zun drove his low-key Mercedes-Benz into the city.

Although Bai Zun could rely on his physical speed to quickly get to the outside of the Autumn-Water City, at this stage, Bai Zun’s body was still made of flesh and blood and couldn’t withstand the attacks of the heavy artillery.

It was better to keep a low profile before his strength was fully reflected.

The first place they had to go was the first gold-grade secret realm that Bai Zun had an impression of and had first cleared in his previous life.

The average level of the small monsters in the gold-grade secret realm was 70 to 80, and the level of the mutated beast “boss” was as high as 90.

The level of the mutated beast “boss” was similar to Bai Zun’s, but it was unknown how much of a difference there was in combat power.

The group of mutated beasts from last night was too weak, and Bai Zun wanted to take the opportunity to feel his strength.


Bai Zun could also obtain some tools and weapons to increase his combat power after killing small monsters and mutated beast “bosses.”

Bai Zun wanted to obtain spatial-type items the most.

The main reason was that it was convenient.

Bai Zun’s thoughts gradually stopped, and he drove on the peaceful road.

After last night’s chaos, the Autumn-Water City Police Station urgently reorganized the city. After a night, Autumn-Water City had temporarily stabilized.

However, nobody knew how long it could last.

Bai Zun knew that once the second feedback descended, the strength of the players would be upgraded again, and the restlessness and desire in their hearts would be stimulated again.

Bai Zun quickly left Autumn-Water City.

Slowly, they arrived in the desolate wilderness.

Before leaving the suburbs, Bai Zun parked his car in front of a convenience store and asked Ye Shuishui to go down and buy him a cup of coffee.

In Bai Zun’s previous life, the game had not yet invaded reality. He was busy with work, and it was common for him to have a few cups of coffee a day to refresh himself.

After the game invaded, the prices of everything skyrocketed, and his wealth was reduced to zero. He couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee.

Occasionally, Bai Zun would also want to reminisce.

Ye Shuishui got out of the car obediently.

Ye Shuishui walked into the convenience store. Through the glass door of the convenience store, one could see her graceful figure standing in front of the cashier and talking to the female cashier.

Afterward, the female cashier began to operate the coffee machine.

Ye Shuishui stood aside and waited.

A few minutes later, the coffee was ready. The female cashier put it in a paper bag and handed it over with both hands.

Ye Shuishui was about to leave with the coffee in the paper bag.


Bai Zun could see three young men with different hair colors and sloppy expressions blocking Ye Shuishui’s path through the glass.

“Beauty, give me your contact information.” The leader of the group, the yellow-haired guy, had a cigarette in his mouth. He spoke in a frivolous tone, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly as if he thought he was very handsome.

Seeing that Ye Shuishui was frowning and didn’t respond immediately, the red-haired guy, who was beside the yellow-haired guy, whistled and said in a frivolous tone, “It’s just contact information. It’s not a big deal.”

“That’s right. We can be friends.” The green-haired guy also smirked.

The yellow-haired guy and his two underlings stood in front of Ye Shuishui as if they wouldn’t let her leave if she didn’t give them her contact information.

When the female cashier saw the scene, she was afraid and didn’t dare to say anything.

Ye Shuishui, on the other hand, showed a gloomy expression and said coldly, “Move aside.”

The yellow-haired guy teased, “Hey! Are you angry?”

The yellow-haired guy and the green-haired guy also laughed.

Ye Shuishui’s face darkened.


In the next second.

“Shuishui, why aren’t you coming over?”

Bai Zun rolled down the window and looked at the convenience store with a cold gaze as he called out to Ye Shuishui.

Bai Zun’s voice not only attracted Ye Shuishui’s attention but also the attention of the three people.

The three turned around and smiled at each other when they saw Bai Zun.

Afterward, they opened the glass door and left the convenience store.

“I was wondering why she was unwilling to leave her contact information. So it’s you, fellow… Uh.”

The red-haired guy was smiling as he spoke. However, before he could finish his words, a sword ray flashed past and pierced through his glabella, causing blood to splatter.

His eyes were dull as he fell backward.


The red-haired guy suddenly fell to the ground, and the blood suddenly splattered out. The scene shocked the yellow-haired guy and the green-haired guy.

Ye Shuishui was also stunned.

Ye Shuishui thought, “Boss…”

“Did… Did my boss just kill someone?”

The yellow-haired guy quickly calmed down.

As he cursed, he waved his hand and summoned a short blade.”Is it powerful to have a gun? I’ll let you see what it is.”


Similarly, before the yellow-haired guy could finish speaking, his head was cut off by a sword ray, and he fell backward.