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Although the suburbs were remote, there were still people living there.

It wasn’t just the police station. At the same time, there were also videos of the mutated beast tide being stopped from different perspectives and times on the Internet.

Especially on TikTok and Weibo, it instantly caused a huge uproar!

[So old-fashioned: What? What the fuck? What the hell is this? Are these monsters?]

[Teacup dog: I think so. It seems that the game not only brought players but also monsters while invading reality.]

[Citrus Lemon: Wait, is it right to focus on the giant beast? Shouldn’t we focus on the person who was killing the giant beast?]

[Tomato salad is so delicious: Oh my goodness! I just realized it! Did someone stop the giant beast tide?]

[Barley: The game has only invaded reality for a few hours. Who is so powerful? Could it be the CG of a game or the trailer of a movie? I think someone used it to scare people!]

[Time Bomb: Is this not the suburbs of Autumn-Water City? My house is only 20 minutes away from the suburbs. Everyone, please calm down. I’ll go take a look.]

[Give me back my food: Observing.]

[Endless: Observing +1]

[The future city: Observing +2]


Twenty minutes later.

On TikTok, the user “Time Bomb” posted a video that instantly attracted more than 10,000 viewers.

The content of the video was a quiet suburb of Autumn-Water City. However, looking further back, there were large numbers of giant beast corpses!

None of the corpses had names!


They weren’t creatures from Earth!

The comments section was in an uproar.

[Endless: What the fuck?! The situation in the previous video is fucking happening in reality?]

[The future city: What the fuck?! Is there someone who can stop so many giant beasts alone?!]

[Give me back my food: We must find him out! We must find him out now! Who is this big shot? Isn’t he too strong?!]

[Teddy Biscuit: The game has just invaded reality. The person who can receive such strong feedback must be on the rankings of the “Dimensional Space”!]

[Master, please instruct me as much as you want: Could it be the Lord of the Sword, who is ranked first on the rankings?]

[World’s First: It’s possible!]

[The end point: Don’t be so certain. Even if he is the Lord of the Sword, it’s unrealistic for him to block so many mutated beasts in the current period. I guessed it was aliens!]


Inside the villa.

Bai Zun had just arrived home after killing the mutated beasts and was about to take a shower when he saw Ye Shuishui approach him excitedly with her phone.

“Boss, look! There are a lot of people discussing you online!”

Ye Shuishui was even more ecstatic than Bai Zun when many people suddenly noticed him.

However, Bai Zun’s reaction was calm.

Bai Zun didn’t feel that being noticed was something to be proud of. It was just a pity that his spatial ring hadn’t sent any feedback yet, wasting the mutated beasts’ meat on the ground.

If Bai Zun had his spatial ring, the mutated beasts’ meat would be enough for him and Ye Shuishui to eat for several years.

Bai Zun suddenly asked, “By the way, what level are you now?”

Ye Shuishui was startled by the question and said guiltily, “Level 9… Level 90.”

“Why are you still at Level 90?” Bai Zun frowned.

After killing so many mutated beasts, Bai Zun had already reached Level 95. Why was Ye Shuishui still at Level 90? Why didn’t she level up?

“I… I…”

Ye Shuishui stuttered and lowered her head in embarrassment.

When Bai Zun was killing the mutated beasts in the suburbs of the city, Ye Shuishui had been watching from the side the entire time, like a little fangirl. She had forgotten that Bai Zun had told her to kill the beasts to level up before he started his battle with the mutated beasts.

Bai Zun only glanced at Ye Shuishui and didn’t say anything else. He walked to the bedroom and spoke to her while showing his back to her.

“Sleep early. I’ll take you to the secret realm tomorrow.”

Since the game had invaded reality, the secret realm had descended.

Bai Zun expected that many secret realms should have descended around Autumn-Water City.

The group of monsters that tried to crush Autumn-Water City were the monsters that had escaped from the secret realm.

Ye Shuishui was stunned when she heard the word “secret realm” and nodded obediently.

Not only could they gain experience points from clearing secret realms, but they could also obtain various weapons and items.

In the early stages of the game invasion, the first feedback would only reflect 30% of the player’s level and class. The rest, such as the weapons, pets, and guild base, would have to wait for the second and third feedbacks before they could descend.

Therefore, Bai Zun urgently needed to clear the instance dungeon and obtain some temporarily usable weapons to increase his combat strength, as well as practical auxiliary tools such as the spatial ring.

Moreover, bringing Ye Shuishui along to improve her combat ability was of the utmost importance.

After all, when the guild base started to give feedback, Bai Zun would form a guild and counterattack the mutated beasts.

At that time, Bai Zun would need someone to help him manage the guild.

Ye Shuishui was a perfect candidate.

After all, Ye Shuishui had been working as Bai Zun’s secretary before the game invaded. Not only was she trustworthy, but he also recognized her management skills.

She was the perfect candidate for an assistant!

Bai Zun went to the bedroom while Ye Shuishui sat on the sofa and answered a phone call.

“Shuishui, are you alright?” A slightly anxious and concerned female voice came from the other end of the phone.

Ye Shuishui hurriedly asked, “Mother, I’m fine. What about you?”

A few hours after the game invasion, Bai Zun took Ye Shuishui to block the mutated beast tide after awakening her class. She didn’t have time to call her mother to ask if she was safe.

When Ye Shuishui got home, she was just about to call.

However, Ye Shuishui’s mother called her first.

“It’s good that you’re fine.”

Mrs. Ye heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that her daughter was fine.

After Mr. Ye passed away, her daughter was the only thing that Mrs. Ye cared about in this world.

Mrs. Ye told her daughter about the situation around her, “I’m fine too. I had just fallen asleep soundly when I heard a noise. Afterward, I heard someone say that some madmen were shooting people on the street.”

Mrs. Ye lived in the county town below Autumn-Water City. There weren’t many people in the county town, and there weren’t many young people. Therefore, not many people had played “Dimensional Space” before. There were also very few players and even fewer players committed crimes.

Ye Shuishui quickly said, “Mother, be careful.”

The game had invaded, and the Earth’s territory had expanded. Not only had the territory of Autumn-Water City expanded several times, but the roads from the city to other regions were also filled with countless dangers because of the secret realms and mutated beasts. Ye Shuishui didn’t dare go on the road recklessly and went to the county to bring her mother to Autumn-Water City.

It would be much better if Bai Zun were willing to come along.

Thus, after ending the call with her mother, Ye Shuishui went to Bai Zun’s bedroom and gently knocked on the door.

“Boss, are you asleep?”