Certainly, she had to go quite far this time because she went searching in places that were easy for the past three days. In order to save time, it was better to set a long period of time and move according to the trail that Baron suggested.

The fourth day. Finally, Seira and Baron headed north of Ascan. It was the opposite direction from the plains of Esdrellon, which she’d already searched for a few days.

As far as the Taul Mountains, which covered northwest of Ascan, was effectively the empire’s territory. Beyond that, it was so cold and harsh that it was difficult for people to pass by, much more live in.

Baron silently helped Seira, stopping once in every certain area, using his power, and digging the ground from time to time. Thanks to his enormous power, the time it took to check what was buried beneath was greatly reduced.

“Are you not asking me anything?” Seira asked, shaking rusty relics roughly and putting them in her bag.


“It’s just… about my dad, about my powers.”


Baron shrugged his shoulders as if looking far away.

“If you tell me, I’ll listen, but you don’t have to prove anything to me. If you say otherwise, then so be it. I will accept any reason you give me.”

Seira was dumbfounded by his answer, which was far from what she predicted. At that point, he’s like a fanatic. He trusted her too much that it was literally blindness.

“It’s… That’s…”

Unconsciously, he turned around and looked straight at her.

“This is what it is to be blinded by love, Seira.”

Smiling with his teeth exposed, he looked as innocent as a boy.


As he was born and raised as the only successor of his family, the level of education Baron received and its intensity must be cruel. Nevertheless, didn’t he say that he was willing to give up judging by himself and trust her unconditionally? Only because of love. For that one thing that felt of little value to Seira.

He looked pathetic, but Seira strangely felt that he was great. She was the same with Calrad and Aven, and she chose a different one each time.

‘It’s a dead land. Throw it away and give it to me!’

Her heart was bitter when she recalled 21-year-old Calrad, who was desperately shouting in despair. She didn’t regret the choice she made that day, but at least she was certain that she was a person who couldn’t make those who were by her side happy.

“It’s late at night, so let’s take a rest here today,” Baron suggested as he looked around.


It was an open area on all sides, so it was a good location to prepare for an attack. Of course, there was no fire. In the end, if they had to face their pursuers, shouldn’t they give them the trouble of wandering and stumbling in this vast land without a clue?

In order to fight the chilly night air, Seira and Baron sat together and shared a bottle of wine. She didn’t like it when she was alone, but the alcohol that she left unattended tasted delicious when shared with him. The beef jerky made by the imperial palace’s chef was also a perfect snack to pair.

“Oh, I think you’ve had two sips just now…!”

“It’s just your imagination.”

“How could you say so?”

“Hmm… reflecting on it, I think I must have had two sips. So as a punishment, I’ll let you use my body as a bed.”


Baron smiled at Seira, who was looking at him with a surprised expression. He immediately hugged her and entered the sleeping bag. It was cramped because it wasn’t tailored for two people to fit in, but it was fine if she lay down roughly halfway on his body.

“What do you think? It’s soft, right?”

“What do you mean soft?”

How could he say it was soft when his entire body was a lump of muscles? Still, it passed because of the body heat.

If Baron hadn’t come, what would she have been doing by now? Seira felt grateful and sorry for him at the same time. She was grateful that he liked her so much, but she was sorry too that there was so little she could give him.

On the other hand, she worried about him more and more. How painful would it be for Baron if she one day imprinted with someone other than him? He wanted her so much that his expression ‘blinded by love’ fit perfectly.

“Baron, what do you want me to do for you?” she asked with a whisper.

Baron stared at her. Perhaps it was dark everywhere, his bright yellow eyes looked especially clear.

“If I tell you, will you do it all?”

“If it’s possible.”

Her words made him laugh softly. Because her cheeks were against his chest, the echo of his laughter was conveyed to her through the thin cloth.

“Kiss me, Seira,” he said, gently combing through her hair. “That’s enough for now.”