The moment her soft warmth fell on his lips, his arm, which wound around her waist, tensed up. A heavy woody scent resembling his body odor blended in the air that Seira breathed.


It was too late to back out. Only a few days ago, Omega’s instinct naturally reacted to Alpha’s pheromone, which was accompanied by going into heat and rutting together. He held her lightly staggering body and sat her on his lap.

Baron licked Seira’s lips like a greedy beast. However, when she refused to give in, he gave up and slid his lips downward.

Past her nape and collarbone, there lay mounds of soft flesh that he couldn’t even hold in one hand.

Baron pulled down her cumbersome underwear from inside her loose blouse, and buried his face in it. Holding a big lump of white flesh, he persistently stimulated the apex with his teeth and tongue.


Seira’s head tilted back.

In the meantime, the thing she was sitting on had wiggled and stimulated her between her legs. His penis, which didn’t reduce in size since stepping into her bedroom, was leaking and aiming for a hole separated over a thin piece of fabric.

Her panties weren’t only dampened by the fluid that leaked from him. She herself was getting heated up, and her vagina naturally responded by getting wet on its own.

At this rate, she felt like she was going to fall into carnal lust and wallow with Baron. Seira managed to come to her senses, pushing his shoulder away.

“Stop… ugh, stop it.”

Baron, who was sucking her pink nipples like a baby, rolled his eyes and looked up at her as he asked, “Why?”

“There’s a lot of work to do. The timing, uh… there won’t be enough time to finish everything.”

It was really hard to leave her when she was already in his arms with her sweet scent. But Baron let her go, drawing all the patience he could. He understood how important her ‘work’ was to her.

He removed his lips from her soft chest, arranged her bra, and straightened her blouse himself.

“Yes. I’ll go with you. That’s why I’m here.”

“Weren’t you busy with the problem of organizing the subjugation force?”

“I’m not the only skilled person in the empire. I’ve done what I have to get done, so don’t worry.”

Kissing Seira’s cheek, he lowered her to the bed.

Seira got up and walked to the middle of the room and stared at Baron as he took out his clothes from his bag and put them on. Far from subsiding, it was both cute and pitiful to see him struggle with pushing his erection dripping with fluid at the tip back into his pants.

“How come you were born with something like that…” she blurted.

“Seira…” he said as he paused and sighed, glancing back at her and saying, “If you’re staring at me like that, I can’t calm down.”

“Are you saying it’s my fault?”

“It’s because you’re very pretty.”

It was obvious that he noticed that she was surprisingly weak for such words.

“…get ready and come out. I’ll be on the first floor.”

Being embarrassed, Seira left the bedroom first taking her extra clothes. As she took out chocolate cake, beef jerky, and several loaves of bread from the kitchen, she realized it was difficult to estimate the amount of food Baron needed for his meals.

‘Can I serve him a meal like this in the first place?’

Aven, who knew her cooking skills very well, didn’t pack her many ingredients knowing she didn’t cook. Instead, he packed her with two boxes of all the finest, high-calorie desserts that would last for a week or so.

‘I have meat, but…’

There was smoked and salted meat, but she had no idea how to eat it.

‘Let’s bring some for now.’

Considering that Baron could easily eat a calf a day, it seemed that meat shouldn’t be left out. After packing everything, there were only two bags of groceries.

‘It was too much to take wine, too,’ she reflected, but she didn’t take it out.

Seira realized that she was a little excited unlike yesterday when she was walking around alone. It was like going on a picnic with a friend.

In fact, it wasn’t wrong because Baron was a really good friend. If anyone asked if she ever had a friend in her life, Baron Jeff wouldn’t be the only answer. Even if he would deny it.

“You have quite a lot of luggage,” Baron said as he took the bags from her.

“I have to go far today.”

“Are you going to move after deciding?”

“Yeah. Do you want to take a look at the map?”

Baron looked closely at the map Seira handed him.

“I think we can exclude this, this, and this place. I thought it was the most likely one, so I searched for it thoroughly with His Majesty in the past.”


She thought she’d run out of time, so Seira excluded the areas marked by Baron from the search area for now.

“Let’s take the route this way and go out for two days.”

“Stay out, are you okay?”

“Well, isn’t it common for us?”

Seira, who thought for a while, nodded, “Okay. Let’s do that.”