Chapter 321 - Chapter 321: Preparing for the Milky Way Battlefield

Chapter 321: Preparing for the Milky Way Battlefield

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Lida said thoughtfully, “Perhaps… The true geniuses of the Starry Sky were not people with high talent, but people with noble hearts. Only when you can feel the sky in the vast universe can you become a true genius in the Starry Sky!” The strong would surpass limits, while the weak would fear the unknown. He could clearly feel Lin Bai’s growth, and he once again affirmed his talent.

“Little Friend Lin, what do you think?” Li Da asked.

Lin Bai woke up and decided to seize this opportunity to get resources for free.

He said, “Lord Divine General, I want to go.”


Lida nodded. “The Milky Way Battlefield is dominated by the Martial King Realm. For you, this place is both dangerous and an opportunity. This is what geniuses need the most.”

Tiger looked at Lin Bai enviously.

The Milky Way Battlefield would only open once every 500 years. This time is enough to nurture a large number of top- grade cultivation resources.

Taiga had also wanted to participate in the competition previously, but he was not qualified.

By the time he was qualified, the Milky Way Battlefield had already ended. “Lin Bai, this is a great opportunity for you.”

“Maybe after the Milky Way Battlefield is over, your combat power will be infinitely close to a Martial Emperor,” Tiger said with emotion.

Lin Bai nodded. This was indeed a great opportunity, especially with the help of the system.

If he could get a low-grade law divine technique, then his combat strength would soar.

Taiga suddenly looked at Lida.

He respectfully said, “Lord Divine General, I have another presumptuous

request. ‘”‘

“Oh?” Lida asked with a smile.

Taiga said with some embarrassment, “A few days ago, Lin Bai was targetted by Joseph of Planet Blood Moon.”

Lida immediately understood the cause and effect.

He said quietly, “Tatiya Emperor, do you want me to help Lin Bai quell this hidden danger?”

Taiga coughed and nodded in embarrassment.

Atter all, this was not within Li Da’s scope of responsibility, so it was a little abrupt for him to say so.

However, if he did not mention it, he would regret it.

Although Taiga’s strength was enough to fight against the Blood Moon Emperor, the Blood Moon Emperor was still very powerful.

However, Tiger was worried that Blood Moon and other hostile planets would secretly join forces.

If a few peak-level Martial Emperors attacked Lin Bai at the same time, it would be a disaster for Lin Bai.

In addition, he received a piece of news yesterday that the Blood Moon Emperor seemed to have a Great Emperor Realm powerhouse as his backer!

Great Emperor Realm!

This was enough to make people tremble in fear!

Although Taiga knew that Lin Bai would leave planet Tatiya sooner or later. However, he hoped to protect Lin Bai as much as possible before he left.

“I won’t fulfill this request.” Li Da smiled.

“The laws of the Empire clearly state that the Divine Generals are not allowed to interfere in the disputes between the major planets,” he explained. Taiga became anxious, “But Lord Divine General, Lin Bai…”

“There’s no need to say anymore.”

Lida interrupted Tiger, his tone was still calm.

“Even if I can break the rules once, what about the next time?” “I can’t always protect Lin Bai. That won’t do him any good.”

“Taiga, you have to know that everyone has their own destiny. If Lin Bai is destined to die young, then even a Great Emperor may not be able to protect him.”

“It’s fine if it’s just the Blood Moon Emperor, but what if it’s a Great Emperor from another planet or someone stronger?”

‘We all have to face the wind and rain.”

“This is not only something that the powerhouse must experience, but also the law of survival in the universe.”

Taiga sighed. Although he understood the truth, this was Lin Bai!

After thinking for a while, Tiger decided to try again.

“Lord Divine General, Lin Bai tested his talent again yesterday. He got a 7-star

Venerable Sovereign level score.”


The originally calm Lida was suddenly shocked.

“Are you sure?”

Taiga nodded.” It’s true, so I thought…’

“There’s no need to say anything. I’ll handle this matter,” Lida said decisively.

Tiger and Lin Bai were both stunned. Was this not against the laws of the empire and the laws of the universe?

“I will negotiate with the Blood Moon Emperor.”

Lida looked at Lin Bai with a smile on his face, his eyes shining like a treasure.

“Believe me, if I step forward, the Blood Moon Emperor and the others won’t attack you anymore.”

“Thank you very much, Lord Divine General!” Taiga said happily.

Lin Bai also hurriedly thanked him.

Although he was not very worried about this threat, if Lida could directly solve this problem, Lin Bai would be very grateful to him.

However, even if this problem was solved on the surface, Lin Bai would never let go of the enemy, the Blood Moon Emperor.

He would temporarily pretend that nothing had happened. When he was strong enough, Lin Bai would let the Blood Moon Emperor have a taste of being dismembered.

“Why don’t you stay for the next few days?” Lida suggested.

“Thank you for your kindness, Lord Divine General, but I still need to go back and deal with some matters,” Lin Bai replied.

When Lida heard this, he didn’t say anything else, “Alright then.”

Lin Bai wanted to return to Planet Tatiya mainly for the upcoming rebate of the contract.

Ever since he saw Lin Qingyu the last time, his progress in the sixth level of the Chaos Divine Power Technique had increased greatly. Lin Bai could not leave this wonderful experience.

Anyway, five days was enough for a round trip.

Since that was the case, why not improve it again before the battlefield began?

“A late-stage Martial Emperor? Perhaps I can defeat him after the battlefield ends.”

Lin Bai muttered in his heart.

The Milky Way Battlefield basically lasted for ten days.

In ten days, Lin Bai knew that he would definitely receive a huge improvement.

“Perhaps by my 19th birthday, I’ll be able to rival an Ancient Emperor.” On the Flying Bird, Lin Bai muttered to himself.

“Brother Lin, what are you thinking about?” Taiga asked with a smile.” “Nothing, I was just thinking about the Milky Way Battlefield.”

Lin Bai picked up a cup of drink and drank it in one gulp.

“There are about 10,000 people participating in the Milky Way Battlefield each time.”

“These people were carefully selected by the empire,” Taiga said with a smile.

“Basically, each of them is extremely talented.”

“Therefore, the Milky Way Battlefield is also a benefit that the empire gives to geniuses like you.”

“Brother, who else from Planet Tatiya will participate besides me?”

Lin Bai asked.

Tiger smiled bitterly. “There’s Pacarion, you two are the only ones who meet the requirements in the entire Planet Tatiya.”

Lin Bai pondered for a moment and nodded.

It seemed like the Martial Kings on the Star Rankings had all gathered. “Then how many of these 10,000 people are Martial Emperors?”

“Well, about one-fifth of them, which is about 2000 people.”

“Of these 2000 people, there are at least 200 mid to high-level Martial Emperor Realm experts,” Tiger said seriously.”

“Therefore, Lin Bai, don’t make enemies with the Martial Emperors on the battlefield.”

“At that time, I will arrange for some Martial Emperors who are on good terms with me to protect you on the battlefield.”

Even though Planet Tatiya only had one Martial Emperor, Taiga, he knew many Martial Emperors.

Among them were the two elders who had been his guest ministers. Both of them would be participating in the Starry Sky Battlefield..