Chapter 320 - Chapter 320: Recruitment from a Divine General

Chapter 320: Recruitment from a Divine General

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“Amazing! “Gao Fei looked at Lin Bai with some shock and reverence.

The value of being ranked first on the Star Rankings was really high.

After all, he was competing with of millions or even close to ten million Martial Kings.

As for Lin Bai, he had taken the first place among so many people.

More importantly, he had just reached the Martial King Realm.

This had already surpassed Gao Fei’s understanding. He could not understand what kind of existence could reach such a level of strength. At this moment, a bald old man in a white robe walked over.

He smiled and congratulated the Tatiya Emperor.

“Tatiya Emperor, congratulations!”

Taiga and Caput stood up and bowed in surprise.

“Greetings, Lord Divine General!”

The Milky Way Empire had 16 Divine Generals, and each of them was a high-level figure of the Milky Way Empire. They had the strength of a Martial Emperor, and they were also the targets of the major Star Fields.

Lida turned to Lin Bai and Gao Fei and praised them, “Not bad!”

He only glanced at Gao Fei casually, but the more he looked at Lin Bai, the more satisfied he became.

Seeing this scene, Caput felt sour in his heart.

Lin Bai said politely, “Greetings, Divine General Lida!”

Lida had a kind expression on his face. There were light silver devices embedded in his temples. He praised, “You’ve just entered the Martial King Realm and you’ve already taken first place on the Star Rankings. Little friend, this record of yours is amazing!”

Lin Bai smiled and said, “Hehe, Lord Divine General, you flatter me.”

Lida’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the hall. As the empire’s Divine General, he was the center of attention wherever he went.

He looked at Taiga and Lin Bai and said, “Guys, this is not the place to talk. Why don’t you come to my place?

Caput opened his mouth and was about to say yes when he suddenly realized that the Divine General was not talking to him or Gao Fei.

As expected, Lida said to Caput and Gao Fei, “If there’s a chance, let’s meet again.”

“Farewell, Lord Divine General.” Caput nodded hurriedly.

As for Divine General Lida saying that there would be a chance to meet again, Caput guessed that there would be no chance in this lifetime.

After all, this was the first time he had seen Divine General Lida, and the reason why he could see him was because of Lin Bai.

Gao Fei looked at Lida with respect and admiration. Even though he had great confidence in reaching high-level Martial Emperor Realm, he didn’t have any confidence in becoming a Domain Lord. He did not know if he had any hope in this life.

Caput looked at Lin Bai, who was talking to Divine General Lida, with a myriad of emotions. He let out a long sigh. “Sigh, there’s no such thing as a pearl covered in dust!”

As long as one had the strength and talent, one would have the opportunity to shine wherever one went.

Even though he had just arrived at Planet Milky Way, Lin Bai had attracted the attention of the higher-ups of the empire. It seemed that he would benefit from it.

When Caput thought of this, he was so jealous that his head hurt.

In a pure white living room on the highest level of the Starry Sky Hall, Lida welcomed Lin Bai to his seat and a maid served him tea.

It was worth mentioning that the Star Rankings were managed by Lida.

“Little Friend Lin, let me be direct. Have you considered joining the Milky Way Ultimate Academy?” Lida said gently.

Hearing this, Taiga was amazed.

The college was founded by the Milky Way Empire, and the Star Ocean Emperor of the empire was the dean.

There were many Martial Emperor Realm teachers and Ancient Emperor Realm teachers there. It was an advanced institution that nurtured the top talents of the empire.

Lin Bai did not expect Lida to look for him because of this matter.

He thought for a moment and shook his head. “Thank you for your kindness, Lord Divine General. I have no plans to consider it for the time being.”

The Milky Way Ultimate Academy was indeed not bad, but it lacked freedom. After graduation, he would have to serve the empire for another 500 years before he could leave freely.

Lin Bai could not accept such a request.

Moreover, he would not have to worry about green crystals for a while in the future. He could also rely on the system contract for other resources.

Hearing this, Lida said regretfully, “That’s a pity, but I believe you will be interested in the second matter.”

“The Milky Way Battlefield is about to open. Are you interested in participating?” Lida smiled.

Taiga’s pupils constricted.

He immediately exclaimed, “The Milky Way Battlefield is open?”

“What is the Milky Way Battlefield? “Lin Bai asked with a blank expression.

“It’s located in a desolate constellation 2000 light-years away from the Empire,” Lida explained with a smile.

“160,000 years ago, there was a huge battle there. Two Great Emperors died, close to 100 Domain Lords died, and countless Martial Kings.”

“Although it’s just a battlefield, there are all kinds of precious resources inside.

There are even elementary and middle-grade law divine techniques.”

After hearing Lida’s explanation, Lin Bai was shocked. Two great emperors had died in battle, and thousands of others also died. This war was extremely tragic.

As for the devil-grade crystals and Gene-forging Stones, Lin Bai was already extremely envious.

Magic crystals were rare treasures to Martial Emperors and Domain Lords.

Law divine techniques were existences that were above top-grade divine techniques and possessed the power of laws.

Even if it was a low-grade law divine technique, as long as was cultivated to the peak-level, it would increase one’s combat strength by 25 times, which was 10 times higher than a top-grade divine technique.

low-grade law divine technique was very rare. Even Taiga had never possessed one.

Hearing Lin Bails shock, Lida said, “The endless universe is so vast. The Milky

Way Galaxy is just a drop in the ocean in front of the universe.”

“In the past, the Great Emperor once told me about something. When he was young, he encountered a mighty figure in the outer star region. The Great Emperor personally saw a galaxy being refined into a necklace by a mighty figure.”

“At that time, that universe’s great being gave the necklace to the Great Emperor, and the galaxy with a diameter of 100,000 light years turned into a small necklace.”

“The waters of this universe are very, very deep. We’re just living in a corner.”

Taiga was also shocked.

“What? Refining the entire Milky Way into a necklace?”

Taiga’s eyes were filled with shock.

In his view, the Milky Way Galaxy was the sky of the universe, and the Milky Way Great Emperor was a god.

The diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy was 100,000 light years.

If it was refined into a necklace, then what about all life in the galaxy?

Was he dead or alive?

Thinking of this, Taiga felt that he was so small, and his reverence for the deep space became even stronger.

Lin Bai was also shocked.

Although he already had the ability to destroy a life Dlapet, how far was he from refining an entire galaxy?

His heart was filled with ambition. “The universe is indeed the biggest stage!”

Once, his goal was to reach 600 kilograms of fist power. Then, he aimed to become a Grandmaster.

He kept breaking through his targets and aimed at the power that could shatter planets.

Now, his goal had far surpassed his previous goal.

Next, he would set his goal to become a true universe powerhouse who could refine an entire galaxy!

Hearing Lin Bai’s words, Lida was a little surprised.

He noticed that Lin Bai and Taiga’s reactions were completely different..