Chapter 122.1

Name:Absolute Advantage Author:심약섬
Li Yuyen, who made eye contact with Haewon, hesitated for a long time and continued talking with difficulty.

“He’s ostensibly pretentious, but he’s more afraid than anyone else. Being abandoned by you.”


“It’s not a matter for me to intervene, but I hope you don’t hate him too much.”

Hae-won slowly nodded as she pondered Li Yu-yen’s words. And answered with a gentle smile.

“I don’t hate him.”

Rather, she felt more affectionate than ever.

Li Yuyen was quite relieved by Haewon’s answer. And she prepared to go out as if she had something in mind.

“I’ll go in for a while. Please call me if there’s anything urgent.”


Hae-won saw Li Yu-yen off and headed to the bedroom.

* * *

It was dark in the blinded bedroom.

Hae-won crept to the bed and lay next to Adam.

Fortunately, Adam didn’t have a big wound on his body. Li Yuyen neatly pulled out a small piece of glass on the back of his hand and disinfected it.

Hae-won carefully glanced down at Adam’s face while listening to Adam’s breathing.

It’s not an illusion that she can only see the outline of the sharp nose and jawline because it’s dark inside, and it’s not an illusion that he feels exceptionally thin.

He was like a wounded, deep-sleeping beast.



Hae-won carefully placed one hand on Adam’s chest. His heart beat regularly, hitting her palm.

Why doesn’t everyone leave this poor man alone? And why did she believe that leaving this man was the only answer?

“If you’d told me about our past…….”

Hae-won, who thought so, suddenly realized why Adam didn’t say.

“He believes that your awakening to Omega is due to his special traits.”

He thought she might blame him.

Even if he didn’t think that far, he must have been unconsciously afraid.


She only called his name, but affectionate feelings toward Adam poured in.

For a moment, she felt like a terrible person who doubted his sincerity.

Then, Adam’s eyelids slowly opened and his gray eyes revealed.


After recognizing her, Adam suddenly opened his mouth.

His voice was still sound asleep. Hae-won quickly got up and checked Adam’s condition.

“Do you come to your senses?”

Hae-won tried to treat him as usual as much as possible. No, she wanted to greet him more warmly than usual.

But overshadowing her efforts, Adam hesitated to answer like a frightened child.

Even in the dark, she could feel that Adam was looking at her.

“You were surprised, right?”

“……Isn’t it you who was surprised?”


“……I didn’t want to show you that.”

Adam answered in a scrawling voice. The sight of a large body lying on its side shrinking small was pitiful enough to tighten its chest.

“What do you mean?”

“All of it.”

Adam added all the implications.

It’s a lie if she wasn’t surprised to see his hands soaked in other people’s blood. However, she resented the world that led Adam to such a situation rather than fear.

“Marie hated everything about me, too.”


Marie was Adam’s mother.

“The woman who fled to the Philippines to avoid Joo Pil-tae went crazy when I awoke as an Alpha. Then she ended up dead drunk. It’s like I killed her.”

“Why is it Adam’s fault?”

When Hae-won reacted violently, Adam just smiled weakly.

“Is that so? But Marie has never talked about the JS group…….”


“I came to this conclusion over time. Whatever the reason, Marie really hated me. She denied my existence.”


She could guess why Adam decided to take revenge on the JS group, but she didn’t know there was such a story. In particular, the fact that Marie abused him as a child was such a shock.

“So I’m also an accomplice who ruined Marie’s life. I have the same blood as that father. No, it’s even worse.”

“Because you’re a rare alpha? Your traits are innocent. The bad thing is Chairman Joo. In the end, he was the cause of everything.”

He was a heartless father who encouraged his brothers to kill his grown-up child, not enough to let a woman with his child flee to a foreign country.

And yet Adam was blaming himself.

Like Haewon before meeting Adam.