Chapter 121.2

Name:Absolute Advantage Author:심약섬
“Since he’s a person who is lucky sometimes, he might have taken the child back to Korea but not this time.”’

“Do you know what omega is?”


“I heard the reporters say that the man is an omega.”

“Ah. Isn’t that a trait or something? Ordinary people like us are called beta, and other people are divided into alpha and omega.”

There can’t be another one.

An omega man who brought his daughter to the Philippines.

Adam went straight to the police station.

However, the local police would not listen to the orphan asking him to show the body. They treated Adam like a madman.

“It’s not going to happen. Do you think we’re stupid to you?”

“I told you! It’s someone I know!”

“What do you know when you don’t even know their name?!? You don’t feel sorry for the dead?”

The policeman who threw Adam to the floor spat on the floor and locked the back door.

When he went to the port where the body was found, the police line was fluttering in the wind.

The investigation ended in smoke.

Rumor has it that there was an intervention by an influential person. What’s the use of it?

He could no longer turn a blind eye to reality.

“I’ll be your partner and be your omega.”

Adam slumped in front of the port.

And he hugged his body with all his might.

The child’s warmth still seemed to remain at his fingertips. Adam flexed his arms as if hugging something he didn’t want to miss.

You said you’d be my family.

Then you can’t leave like this.

I want to live because of you.

* * *

“What about Adam?”

“He’s still asleep.”

Li Yu-yen handed Hae-won a cup of warm tea from the bedroom.


“Thank you.”

Hae-won sat at the table and blew the tea.

As the warm tea soaked her tongue, her surprise finally calmed down. Hae-won put down the cup and glanced at the corner.


There were clear bloodstains on the floor that turned dark red. Even though she ventilated it, the smell of blood was faint.

The owner of the bloodstain was Joo Nam. The second son of JS Group. one of Adam’s half brothers

When she first saw him, she couldn’t recognize how messed up his face was. It’s none other than what made the Nam look like that.….

“It’s self-defense.”

Li Yuyen, who read Haewon’s thoughts, alluded to it. Haewon agreed with that.

Nam’s bag contained dangerous items such as tools, ropes, and sleeping pills that were suspected of being used.

If Adam wasn’t Alpha, he’d be attacked.

It was nothing short of miraculous survival.

“Considering that the CCTV stopped working by buying up the apartment security, it seems that it has been planned for quite a long time.”

“Why did he want to hurt Adam?”

“He thought he was a competitor.”

“But…… JS people know him as Omega. They don’t see him as a competitor.”

Haewon didn’t understand. Didn’t they usually ignore Adam, calling him Omega?

Li Yuyen paused for a moment and opened his mouth as if he had decided.

“In fact, Vice Chairman Joo hid it from CEO Seo.”

“Vice Chairman Joo?”

Shortly after Adam fell unconscious, Li Yuyen called somewhere. And soon an unexpected person appeared.

“Vice President Joo?”

“Why is Director Seo here…….” [Vice President Joo]

It was the Vice President.

When the Vice President, who found Nam lying in the corner, jutted, the accompanying subordinate quickly carried Nam.

“Get out of here first.”

“Yes, Vice-President.”

While looking around the bloody living room, the president approached Haewon and bowed his head.

‘I didn’t want to be seen.’

When asked what happened to Haewon, the Vice President dismissed it as a family problem.

“What will happen to him? He tried to hurt Mr. Adam. Call the police.”

“That’s not what that kid would want.”


“I mean Adam.”


“I’ll take care of that ugly brother, so you should go home now.”

Thus, after confirming Adam’s life and death, the Vice President suddenly left. He was as nonchalant as if he had expected this to happen.

Sure enough.

“There was an order from Chairman Joo. He just came back to his senses.”

“I heard it, too. But Chairman Joo’s instructions……. Did Adam’s father try to kill his child?”

“Yes, it’s incredible, but it’s true. So Vice Chairman Joo tried to get Adam to flee the country. But he refused.”


Hae-won kept her mouth shut.

She couldn’t ask anymore.

Because she knew why Adam didn’t run away. The reason why he remained here despite the threat of murder of his parents, JS, as well as Seohwa.

It was because of her, a child who didn’t even know his name, whom he met as if he were very young.

“I’ll see if Adam is okay.”

It was time for Haewon to get back up.

“S-Seo Hae-won.”


Li Yu-yen urgently called Hae-won.