Chapter 362: Acquiring the Fire Dragon God Stone

Chapter 362: Acquiring the Fire Dragon God Stone

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Sister-in-law, the entrance to the Yuan Realm has shattered! Ye Yus face was filled with worry.

The shattered entrance to the Yuan Realm raised concerns about whether Brother Ye Tian could still make it out. Although Empress Yue was also very worried, she reassured, Little Yu, your brother will definitely make it out.

No sooner had her words faded than a hand reached out from the broken entrance of the Yuan Realm.N♡vεlB¡n: Where Every Word Sparks Wonder.

Following that, Ye Tians entire body emerged, looking somewhat disheveled but otherwise unharmed.

Seeing Ye Tian safely emerge, Empress Yue hurried over and threw herself into Ye Tians arms, holding him tightly.

Its okay, Im fine! Ye Tian said, patting Empress Yues back.

Thereupon, Ye Tian, Empress Yue, Ye Yu, and Xiao Blood left the Kunlun Mountain Range and returned to Zhonghai Super Base.

In the following days, Earth became a hub of activity, mainly due to the escalating tensions between Huaxia and other nations.

The emperors from other nations was envious of the significant improvement in cultivation and strength of Huaxias emperors who had entered the Yuan Realm. They questioned why Huaxia had not allocated slots for them to enter the Yuan Realm.

Such minor issues naturally did not require Ye Tians intervention. Huaxias emperors visited various nations, defeating all opposing emperors one by one, and soon, the voices of opposition and questioning towards Huaxia gradually subsided.

Its noteworthy that after emerging from the Yuan Realm, Huaxias emperors not only gave rise to several Nine-Star Emperors but also quite a few Eight-Star Emperors, with a large number of Six and Seven-Star Emperors as well.

As for the emperors from other nations, most were considerably weaker. Rising Star Emperors were the strongest, but were unable to withstand Huaxias great emperors.

Furthermore, Huaxias great emperors initiated numerous wars in the Earth Immortal Realm, virtually sweeping through the entire realm.

Originally, some foreign forces emperors remained in the Earth Immortal Realm, but once these emperors learned of the fall of the foreign forces Eight and Nine-Star Emperors, as well as demigods, they immediately withdrew from Earth and vanished.

Thus, Huaxias emperors swiftly took control of the entire Earth Immortal Realm.

The forces from other nations were completely submissive to Huaxias power, daring not to contend with it.

For a time, Huaxia emerged as Earths strongest nation, and its forces became the planets most formidable powers.

Simultaneously, with the shattering of the Yuan Realm, Earths Yuan Qi began to recover.

A new era was on the horizon.

Ye Tian did not concern himself with these trivial matters. Upon returning to Zhonghai Super Base, he began a retreat to stabilize his realm.

Days passed by.

One day.

True God Qingtian must have been extremely concerned about his grandsons safety to have gathered the two Fire Dragon God Stones so quickly.

Whoosh! Ye Tian flew out of Zhonghai Super Base and met with the dragon clans demigod.

Greetings to the Heavenly Pride of Ten Thousand Laws! the dragon clans demigod said respectfully.

Enough, bring out the two Fire Dragon God Stones. As long as you hand them over, your Prince Long Tianlin will surely be returned to you! Ye Tian said promptly.

Instantly, the demigod from the dragon clan nervously took out the two Fire Dragon God Stones.

He was somewhat afraid that Ye Tian would take the stones and not release Prince Long Tianlin. If that happened, not only would he face death, but his clan members would also face True God Qingtians wrath.


Ye Tian instantly took the two Fire Dragon God Stones and then opened his palm, activating the Xumi Palm, releasing Long Tianlin from the Xumi Realm.

Long Tianlin, severely injured, slightly opened his eyes upon emerging from the Xumi Realm and immediately understood the situation upon seeing the demigod from the dragon clan and Ye Tian.

The dragon clan had come to his rescue. Take your Prince Long Tianlin and leave quickly! Ye Tian waved his hand.

Thank you, Heavenly Pride of Ten Thousand Laws! After expressing his gratitude, the dragon clans demigod quickly left with Long Tianlin.

In a short while, they passed through the spatial rift and arrived in the ferocious beast world.

This was when Long Tianlin saw his grandfather, True God Qingtian.

Grandfather! Long Tianlin called out.

Lets go back, True God Qingtian said indifferently, without saying much else.

Long Tianlin knew he had disappointed his grandfather.

The dragon clan group left the ferocious beast world through a teleportation array.

Soon, peace was restored to the ferocious beast world.

Meanwhile, Ye Tian returned to the Heavenly Pride Pavilion and took out the two Fire Dragon God Stones.

He was laughing wildly, his face filled with excitement.

Hahaha, Ive gathered all four auxiliary materials required to cultivate the fire-element divine technique, Great Flame Extinguishing Hand. With my god-level fire domain talent and the Five Elements Transformation talent, Ive met all the requirements to cultivate the Great Flame Extinguishing Hand! Ye Tian declared.

This meant he could now begin cultivating the fire-element divine technique, Great Flame Extinguishing Hand.

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