After hearing the recording an Chengyan sent to her, Xu anqing thought seriously about how to deal with this problem.

Tianxiao touched his nose: "I suspected that Gu Qichen just wanted shares, but later I couldn't understand why he didn't cover up your identity. Now it seems that it's not all a good thing that your identity has been exposed, and he hasn't done any harm to you for such a long time, except that he knew my identity at the beginning and deliberately arranged for you to get close to me..."

Tianxiao has to boast that Gu Qichen is really clever.

He knew that Tianxiao had something to do with Anjia, so when he learned that Xu anqing was still having a good talk with her after meeting Tianxiao, he chose to push her out. First, he wanted to suppress Murong, who was also a competitor. Second, he knew that Tianxiao was suspicious. Seeing that Xu Anqing was so like Bai Yueyue in his memory, he would certainly investigate her background. At that time, Xu Anqing's life experience was naturally different It was exposed.

Gu Qichen had a good plan.

In the past six months, it can be said that it's going step by step, but nothing really hurt Xu Anqing.

Except for the last thing

Xu anqing still chooses to bury herself in the quilt.

She has a long scar on her left face. Although she is tied up now and can't see clearly, it will definitely leave a scar for such a long time. She didn't want to hate Gu Qichen for not coming to save her. After all, Gu Qichen also cares about her family and company. It's impossible for her to cover everything. Gu Qichen is also powerless about her affairs.

She said she understood.

But very anxious.

Tianxiao sighs. After all, what he stresses is that he would rather tear down ten temples than destroy a marriage. He continues to persuade, "do you hate him because he didn't save you, or do you worry that you don't deserve him because of the scar on your face?"

Xu anqing said in a dull voice, "I'm afraid I don't deserve him."

"Do you really want to go?"


Tianxiao saw that she still refused to face up to this question, deliberately said: "then I just asked, I support and understand your decision, you have a rest first, and don't delay the flight at 4 pm."

Xu Anqing's hand unconsciously clenched into a fist, she wanted to open the quilt, for a long time, but she gritted her teeth.

She can't accept disfigurement.

No way.

After Mr. Tianxiao left, she couldn't help choking.

She has a low self-esteem.

From childhood to adulthood, the humble inferiority under her bright smile has long gone deep into her bone marrow, which is hard to choose. Previously, because of her inferiority complex, she refused to believe that Gu Qichen really liked her. Now, because of her inferiority complex, she began to worry that Gu Qichen would dislike her after her disfigurement, so she felt more inferiority complex.

In some ways, she admires an Zhiyin.

Because an Zhiyin is noble and arrogant in her heart, but she can only be called neither humble nor overbearing, bright and beautiful at most. In a way, two people stand together, it's really standing high.

She was worried and scared.

I feel inferior.

An Chengyan and Xu anqing finally set foot on the road to the airport. Xu anqing wore a big exaggerated mask. An Chengyan looked at her anxiously and asked again and again, "do you really want me to tell Gu Qichen? I've heard that he's losing a lot of weight recently because of you, and he doesn't want to take care of his work. His stock is falling madly. "

Xu anqing some nervous pinched pinched the corner of the dress, seriously said: "he did not I will be better."

"Are you sure?"

Xu Anqing is not sure, but she has to say, "maybe it is."

Gu Qichen is stubborn and paranoid. If he identifies someone, it should be who he is, and he doesn't want to change it all his life. That's why he said at the beginning that he didn't marry anyone in his life. He recognized her when he was ten years old, so he had never been attracted to others for so long. Although there were many things between them, fortunately they met again, and he recognized her at a glance.

Destiny is her or hers.

Detour, suffering, suffering, being spurned.

In the end, we can achieve the right result.

Xu anqing more firmly said: "don't tell him, if I and Gu Qichen really have fate, we will meet again, there is no need to be together now."

An Chengyan was silent for a long time. Fang calmly said, "time doesn't wait for me."


Xu anqing was still stubborn and refused to let go. She opened the car door and sat in the back, calmly staring at the road ahead, saying word by word, "if Gu Qichen and I have a fate, we will see each other."

Fate is such a thing

An Chengyan also got into the car, calmly looked at her and asked with a smile, "do you really believe that you and Gu Qichen have a fate? If you have a fate, you will not come to this step. Qingqing, do you have to dodge like this? You clearly love Gu Qichen, and you know that he doesn't care if you are disfigured or stupid. He will love you. Even so, do you want to give your life-long happiness to fate for judgment? ""You and Gu Qichen didn't have a predestined relationship. He was fighting, but now he's fighting, but you don't want it."

Xu anqing closed her eyes in pain and chose not to listen.

After entering the waiting hall, the staff are already urging the passengers to board, but an Chengyan is not willing to go in. She keeps looking at the time, and even looks around. Xu anqing frowns and finds something unusual: "uncle, what are you looking at?"

"Ah It's OK. " An Chengyan dodges her gaze and takes out her mobile phone. Just as she wants to make a phone call, she sees Mr. Tianxiao running over in a hurry and says in a sharp voice: "Gu Qichen has an accident on his way here..."

A car accident.

Xu Anqing's face turned pale in an instant.

She threw the luggage and boarding pass in her hand and started to run to the exit. She felt the things in her heart were quickly disappearing and desolate. She could feel the pain of suffocation in her heart, like someone wanted to take something from her heart. She pressed her heart to stop the pain of loss, but she couldn't stop it.

It's hard.

She thought.

It's sunny outside. It's raining for several days. Today, it's sunny. The blue sky is cloudless. She is dazzled by the dazzling sunlight. Subconsciously, she reaches out to block her eyes, but the back of her hand is warm.

It's tears.

She cried.

Xu anqing regrets, just about to collapse and yell, but she sees a rainbow not far away. She lowers her eyes and sees someone standing under the rainbow.

There was no wind around, but she saw Gu Qichen's warm sky and breeze, and her deep love. He's fine.

Xu anqing didn't hold back her tears. Her mind is full of me. The people standing there are the belongings of her life. The people she has loved since she was five years old. She can't live without him. Even if she's a dead beat, she can't leave him.

The world is boring without him.

When Xu anqing ran to him, she clearly felt the joy of sweet and sour in her heart. She just wanted to understand that no matter she changed her identity, appearance, or even habits, he could recognize her at a glance among thousands of people.

They are entangled in fate.

It's hard to let go.

Xu anqing finally ran to Gu Qichen. Regardless of Gu Qichen's surprise, she put her hand around his neck and jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. She close to his heart, regardless of people around the coax, seriously said: "take me home, I lost, I want to go home."

Gu Qichen reached out to protect her waist and buttocks, so that she would not fall.

The tone is still calm.


He was meant to open the way for this little crying bag. Now that his merits are complete, he should go home.

Fortunately, he won.

Five years later.

Gu Qichen wakes up at a fixed time every day. He gets up, stretches lazily, gets close to the person on the bed, and lovingly prints a kiss on her forehead and whispers, "I love you."

Sleepy Xu anqing hugged him, "me too."

Gu Qichen dressed up and went downstairs to make breakfast. When he was finished, he saw the steamed stuffed bun was rubbing his eyes and bouncing downstairs. He said softly, "nian'an, have you washed yet?"

He rubbed his eyes. His long eyelashes couldn't cover his big, watery eyes. He was so tender: "Daddy, I don't want to go to kindergarten today."

Gu Qichen went over and said in a low voice, "this can't be done."

"The children in kindergartens are so ugly that they are not as good-looking as mommy. They always like to make fun of me. They say I am so good-looking and they say they will marry me in the future."


Gu Qichen sighed quietly and said, "you will marry someone later."

"I don't want to marry them. They are so ugly."

It's a very proud disposition.

Gu Qichen had no choice but to look up at him. Before Xu anqing got up, he came to chat with xiaobaozi. He put him on the stool and said, "OK, I'll tell you the story of love at first sight between me and your mother. Can you go to school?"

Baozi blinked.

When he first met ANN, she was less than five years old. She was wearing a pink princess skirt, which was more and more soft and delicious. At first glance, he thought she was very cute, but she was too ugly to match him.


Later, she was scared to cry by his attitude. When she cried, she was very cute, so he took a fancy to this ugly little girl.

Steamed stuffed bun

Gu Qichen quietly recalled the ten-year-old thing, but it's not true. It's Anzhi's 100% trust in him, and the subtle feeling is the reason why he vowed to take care of her all his life.

He looked at Ann and laughed.

Although the appearance of indifference and estrangement, but pressed on the knee hand but suddenly a tight, and then said: "you just cry really ugly."

Trance is the first time after years of unrepentant encounter, amazing to a lifetime of tender.

Ten years of three mountains, Nirvana in the sky.After years, it's still that man.

Gu Qichen raised his eyes and saw Xu anqing kneading her eyes and yawning downstairs. His whole body is muddy, but she is flying month by month, so when she comes to him, he does not hesitate to stretch out his arm to embrace her.

Xu anqing asked, "what do you say to Nian an?"

Gu Qichen smiles brightly and says in a low voice close to her ear, "I say it's ugly for him to cry."


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