CH 12

Name:Young Alpha Author:
There was nothing wrong with Secretary Jang’s words. Even if he successfully makes Ji-an fall in love with his eight-year-old younger Alpha self, Seung-joon won’t have a happy ending. In that case, Seung-joon would have to spend the rest of his life with only the empty shell of Ji-an, who had someone else in his heart.

After winning Ji-an’s love, there was actually a way to convince him that Seon Woo-young and Seung-joon were the same person. It was not difficult to prove it scientifically.

However, this was not the case. Woo Seung-joon and Seon Woo-young had to be viewed as two different persons. Seon Woo-young would never be able to become Seung-joon. And, ‘Can I give you a piece of advice? It’s impossible to love you.’

On Ji-an hated Seung-joon so much that he abandoned the social class of being the wife of TK Group’s managing director. At this point, it was Seon Woo-young, who was naive and cheerful, who was more likely to win Ji-an’s love.

Seung-joon stared at the full-length mirror in Secretary Jang’s house, which he held when he first changed his appearance and screamed.

A purely handsome young man with no identity looked at Seung-joon in the mirror, just as he had seen in a department store show window. He was an unknown young man with nothing to lose even if he gave Ji-an everything.

“But I can’t keep living as this kid.”

The value of the name Seung-joon was too heavy to give up on his original appearance.


Seung-joon enjoyed the so-called ‘brunch’ on the cafe terrace in front of SJ Entertainment’s building.

For youngsters nowadays, it appears that one meal for workers who can’t get enough breakfast and lunch to fill them up was fashionable. Brunch has suddenly become a symbol of leisurely morning hours.

The two youngsters who ate risotto and pasta at the table next to Seung-joon taught Woo-young ‘how to enjoy brunch’ by talking friendly to each other. Seung-joon read the menu thoroughly, so he didn’t hear a single word boasting that the two were trainees under SJ Entertainment and had their debut date.

Seung-joon’s table soon filled up with ‘brunch,’ which consisted of Club Sandwiches, Cobb Salad, and Ozzy Cheese Fries. Being a loafer unexpectedly met Seung-joon’s aptitude. It was like taking a vacation he hadn’t taken in 36 years, and after a few days of playing in peace and quiet, he felt refreshed.

Seung-joon finished his meal with an iced mocha topped with whipped cream. He found Ji-an while scanning the streets with his eyes.

Ji-an went to work at the agency’s office when he had nothing else to do. It would have been intended to impress CEO Oh Seok-hyun and other sales managers.

After receiving Seung-joon’s investment, CEO Oh showed great enthusiasm for the entertainment business, so SJ Entertainment looked like a well-run entertainment agency at first glance.

Seung-joon’s lips twitched as he watched the passers-by looking at Ji-an.

He chose SJ Entertainment because this neighborhood was occupied by a number of big entertainment companies. Certainly, when compared to other neighborhoods, the young people running around this one were all as pretty as ornaments.

He couldn’t help but compare the people as he became an unknown identity that no one recognizes, taking public transportation out of curiosity, walking on a road without a destination, and, above all, entering various restaurants alone and broadening the horizon of new flavors.

‘No matter how you look at it, there’s no one nothing like On Ji-an.’

Among these beautiful peoples, there was nothing comparable to On Ji-an. Dominant Omega, whom Seung-jun married, was such a man. That’s what Seung-joon had in mind.

“Student. How old are you?”

Seung-joon frowned and turned his head to the man who suddenly asked him. The reason he frowned was because of the morning sunlight, not because he was offended by the title ‘student’. Seung-joon had already gotten used to the title for a long time.

Seung-joon also stopped being surprised at how easily people approached Seon Woo-young. Most people, not just Ji-an, were quite relaxed in front of Woo-young.

When Seon Woo-young was eating alone in a restaurant, one or two people would start talking to him.

When he first boarded the bus, he simply held his phone to the payment reader like the person in front of him did, and he was wondering why his phone wasn’t paying his bills, so he tilted his head left and right, but then the person in the line behind him paid his fee while smiling.

He was unable to ask about the route. It was inconvenient to have to be escorted to the destination each time. People seemed to like Seon Woo-young just by looking at him. Woo-young was followed by genuine goodwill that demanded nothing in return.

He had never had such luxury while living as Seung-joon. Seung-joon was irritated by his sarcasm.

Seung-joon turned his gaze toward the street with an indifferent look on his face. Now, a pretty shameless answer came out without hesitation.


Haha. The man laughed politely but appeared perplexed by what he was saying. He just seemed to think Seung-joon had an odd sense of humor.

The man sat across the table without asking Seung-joon’s permission. As the man was about to take a business card out of his wallet, Seung-joon indifferently pointed his chin to a corner of the table.

“Put it there.”

Five or six business cards were stacked crookedly where Seung-joon pointed. While playing around SJ Entertainment for the past few days, Seung-joon collected all of the business cards of the head of a nearby entertainment agency.

“I think you’ve heard this a lot, don’t you want to try modeling?”

“Yes. No.”

Even after Seung-joon’s sassy response, which cut his words short and demonstrated his indomitable will, the man smiled softly. If Seung-joon still had his old body, the man would have disappeared with his tail curled in the evening. No, he would never have dared to speak to him in the first place.

“It may look like a new company because our company changed its name after receiving investment, but it is a model agency with a lot of experience. You can begin by thinking of it as a part-time job at first. You can go into other fields based on your talent if you want.”

It was a story he’d heard before. Seung-joon only then became interested and made eye contact with the man. He still frowned, but it wasn’t because of the light. The man cast a sidelong glance at the business card he had placed on the table.

“If you change your mind, call me.”

SJ Entertainment, Manager Kim Myung-tae.

This man was nowhere to be seen when Seung-joon reviewed the internal circumstances before writing the investment contract. There was no manpower available at the time to run such promotions. There were no promotions whatsoever.

Before the corporate conversion to SJ Entertainment, the TOP agency was run by CEO Oh Seok-hyun and was a huge studio.

It was a loss-making business that only operated through the MD of the open market owned by CEO Oh or a connection with a large online shopping mall. The commission earned by arranging an amateur model for a low ransom was insignificant and taking filming orders with that as an excuse was the main source of income.

So Seung-joon invested with the determination of losing money. Seung-joon worriedly raised Kim Myeong-tae’s business card and tapped it on his lips.

A warm breath touched the pinna of Seung-joon’s ear as he was engrossed in his thought. Ji-an screamed at Seung-joon’s ears as he crept up behind him.


Seung-joon was so startled that he didn’t even have time to scream. He was able to get out of the chair thanks to his killer reflexes. His eyes opened wide on their own accord as he frowned furiously. Ji-an burst out laughing when he saw Woo-young’s puzzled expression.

Ji-an took off his sunglasses and sat in the chair where Kim Myeong-tae had previously sat. Today’s outfit will consist of a silk shirt with a palm-sized tiger pattern on a white background. He had no idea Ji-an was so interested in silk material. Seung-joon immediately frowned.

“This gentleman is walking around in flashy clothes again.”

It was the ideal outfit for collecting money for small business owners in the neighborhood if he had a handbag. Ji-an pulled it off as if it were the season’s main collection.

Ji-an had a sophisticated appearance when dressed elegantly. The sensuality hidden in the features stood out when wearing a primary color design that stole the attention. As a result, the thick veins near Seung-joon’s forehead throbbed.

“Is being a celebrity everything?”

Ji-an did not respond to Seung-joon’s words, but looked at the wreckage of the brunch he had finished and said in a pleasantly surprised tone of voice, “Hikk!”

“Did you eat all this by yourself? But why aren’t you gaining weight, so annoying.”

“If you see your husband dressed like this, won’t you grab his neck?”

“Our Woo-young, do you have any memories of your past life? What kind of kid talks like his ancestor who walked out of the grave like this?”

Seung-joon was stunned by Ji-an’s response. It was the first time he was at a loss for words in front of Ji-an. So, he looked at Ji-an up and down and thought.

‘Is this really the On Ji-an who I dated for 1 year and lived as a couple for 2 years?’

On Ji-an, who treats Seon Woo-young like now, was not the person Seung-joon knew.