Chapter 718 - 718 Testing the Blade With a Demon

718 Testing the Blade With a Demon

At this thought, Lin Qiye couldn’t help but turn to look in the direction of General Wei and the others.

He had noticed General Wei and her men when they arrived near Ocean City.

However, seeing that they were human, he was not too nervous.

Now that he saw General Wei standing with Captain Zhou and the others, he immediately understood that those new guys should be reinforcements coming to Ocean City.

“They are all above the Earth Immortal Realm… It seems that I’m no longer needed here. Let’s get out of here first.”

Following Sun Tzu’s war principles, Lin Qiye immediately made up his mind.

It wasn’t suitable for him to clash head-on with a Half-Supreme like King Tuo Ni.

After finding a suitable place, he would first raise his cultivation to the later stage of the Celestial Realm. That would be the safest way.

“Sh*t, that guy is trying to escape. Stop him!”

When the demons saw Lin Qiye suddenly disperse the Thunder God Aspect and turn to escape in the opposite direction, their expressions changed, and they hurriedly tried to stop him.

“Are you all in such a hurry to die?”

Lin Qiye turned around and looked at the Immortal Realm demons chasing after him with disdain.

He had already killed half of the enemy’s powerhouses with one round of attack.

Of the 800-ish Immortal Realm demons, only less than 400 were left.

Although he had dispersed his Dharma statue, the power of liberation was still present.

Lin Qiye didn’t hold back as he faced the pursuing demons. He turned around and slashed at them head-on.

The two demons at the Earth Immortal Realm in the front didn’t have time to react and were cut in half on the spot.

The divine purple lightning attached itself to the demons’ wounds, continuously devouring their vitality and energy, making it impossible for them to recover.

“What the hell is this?”

The two demons patted the purple lightning on their bodies in fear.

The two halves of their body could not close up, but their life force was still present, and it was rapidly flowing away.

“Be careful of the purple lightning!”

The two Celestial demons wore grave expressions.

When they turned around to look at the injured subordinates, they found that the two demons had gradually lost their life while screaming in pain.

This sudden change made all the demons tremble in fear, and for a moment, no one dared to approach.

“Damn it! Who is fighting with King Tuo Ni? How can a human expert be in a place like Ocean City?”

The painted-skin demon leading the chase was somewhat flustered and exasperated.

They only knew Lin Qiye was here because of a divination demon in the Celestial Realm who had paid the price with its life.

To kill Lin Qiye while he was still growing, they had begun to make arrangements before Lin Qiye returned from his simulation.

For this, they had even paid a huge price to have King Tuo Ni sneak into the southern warzone.

However, to their surprise, human powerhouses were also nearby.

King Tuo Ni had just received the news and was ready to deal with Lin Qiye, but the human expert immediately appeared and started a fight.

This made the demons angry and terrified.

Could it be that the humans had also noticed Lin Qiye’s importance?

“Cunning humans. Those guys must have hidden important information from us!”

The three-horned demon gritted its teeth in hatred.

There was a prominent family in the southern warzone that had made some deals with them.

The content of the deal involved Lin Qiye.

According to the information obtained from the family, Lin Qiye was rather famous in the southern warzone, but he did not attract the attention of the higher-ups.

But now, it seemed that it was a fraud!

If Lin Qiye had not attracted the human upper echelons, why would a Half-Supreme expert be protecting him?

All the demons were certain that the fellow fighting King Tuo Ni was sent by the human race’s higher-ups to protect Lin Qiye.

“It’s useless to say anything now. We must wait. When we return, the Supreme will definitely not let those guys off!”

The eyes of the painted-skin demon turned fierce.

The family they were working with had been listed as a key target.

Lin Qiye fled at top speed while the demons chased after him.

General Wei and the others, watching the battle from a distance, could not help but feel dazed.

It turned out that the one fighting against the demons all this time was really not a foreign race.

When they discovered that the person they suspected was indeed a human, they wanted to go over and help.

However, when they considered the tide-like demon army outside the city and the battle between the two super experts in the distance…

No one dared to act rashly.

“The situation has changed. Let’s stay here and clean up this mess.”

“That’s right. However, we have to report this to the emissary immediately. King Tuo Ni likely is the one fighting him.”

“Yeah. Since there’s no foreign being here, there’s no need for Lord Emissary to fight King Tuo Ni.”


Everyone quickly reached a consensus.

They didn’t dare to help Meng Tu. Lin Qiye and the demons had their space sealed, so they couldn’t go over.

At the moment, they only needed to deal with the demon army in Ocean City.

“Let’s move out, everyone. Although there’s no foreign being, this group of demons will make up for the credits!”

Someone said, and the others all laughed.

The high-level demon commanders all chased after Lin Qiye.

The demons outside the city were all below the Immortal Realm.