The three bears rushed towards the stranger at the same time.

This is the order that Levi has been instilling in them: any stranger that does not come through the main door should be mauled immediately.

The assassin felt his body tense up.

“Damn beast, attacking an official knight like me?”

The assassin’s Siren Breathing Method courses through his system like a wave and focuses on speed and flexibility. It also granted him the flexibility of an octopus, allowing him to change his body shape by shrinking his bones, improving his flexibility and agility on a whim.

He willed his bones to shrink, making his body smaller and leaner, which gave him a huge increase in speed and flexibility.

Like a nimble dolphin, he shuttled between the three bears gracefully and disappeared into the darkness.

The three bears roared in the direction where the assassin disappeared, but they could no longer sense him.

This alarmed the patrolling soldiers, but the bears couldn’t convey what they saw to them.

Thinking that they were hungry, the soldiers quickly prepared food for them and returned to their posts.

Meanwhile, the assassin patted his clothes and then put on a black crow mask.

This is the standard mask used for assassinations in the organisation. It obscures their identity and prevents harmful, poisonous gases from injuring them.

The Illusory Demon Knight has been in this industry for over ten years and has earned more than a thousand gold coins through assassination missions like these. He is richer than most nobles of a small land, so this money is enough for him to retire early.

However, he loved dancing on the tip of his knife, so he squandered all of the money he earned.

Killing was his passion, and every single murder was a work of art.

Using his proficient lock-picking skills, the assassin gently opened the door to Levi’s room and came to his bedside silently.

Levi lay on his side on the bed, sleeping under a quilt. His breathing was heavy but steady, and his face was relaxed.

The assassin drew out his dagger and dipped the blade in a vial of poison.

‘Dying in your sleep is a grace bestowed by the Lord of Shadows. Goodbye, Baron Levi,’ the assassin murmured to himself.

And he brought the dagger down on Levi’s heart.

However, in the next moment, a pitch-black palm grabbed his right arm, snatching away his dagger.

All the assassin could feel was that he was being grabbed by a huge force.

Levi grabbed at the assassin’s collar with his palm and stood up. Under the pale moonlight, the assassin could see Levi wearing two layers of chainmail and a piece of armour that hugged his heart. Levi has always slept like this; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Levi was indeed sleeping before, but after being awakened by the bears’ roars, he pretended to be asleep.

He knew that someone had snuck into his castle, and if they were capable of sneaking into his castle, they must be someone strong.

Sure enough, someone wanted to assassinate him!

Levi clamped his right hand, but the assassin transformed his left hand into a claw, slashing at Levi’s face. However, with the Frost Wolf Breathing Method, Levi was able to dodge to the side immediately.

He grabbed the assassin’s arm and twisted it forcefully, breaking it with a single pull.

Levi jumped off his bed and threw the assassin violently onto the hard, stone floor. The floor cracked, and he could hear all of the assassin’s ribs breaking.

‘F-fifteen? H-he’s just fifteen?’ the assassin thought as blood spurted out of his mouth.

“Hey, listen to me,” Levi ordered as he ducked down, grasping the assassin’s neck. He planned to interrogate him after subduing him so he could know who sent him to assassinate him.



While grasping the assassin’s neck, he accidentally let out too much force, crushing his neck and killing him instantly.