Chapter 687 Cursed To Never Fall In Love

687 Cursed To Never Fall In Love

Sierra wanted to reach out to her daughter, but stopped herself after seeing the betrayed look in those purple eyes. Evanthe put her hand on her friend's shoulder and rubbed gently, as if giving her courage to go on. Knowing Sierra, this conversation was difficult for her, and from Seren's trembling figure, the truth was also hard for her to accept. However, this was something the young woman needed to learn sooner or later. The truth might be harsh, but keeping her ignorant was indeed a little cruel.

Sierra's steady voice reached Seren's ears.

"Your mother was the first one to put a curse on you, but that goddess didn't trust her, and placed a second one on you..." Trace the roots of this material to novelb!n•

A bitter and helpless laugh escaped Seren's lips. "My mother cursed me? My mother did...?" For what? To make me a perfect vessel?

Sierra continued in a low voice, "When your mother put that power inside you, she simply intended to protect you from the heavens. Queen Seren, you are a demigod, a child born between human and deity who neither belongs to heavens nor to mortal realm. You are someone who is not supposed to exist.

"Despite your mother's efforts to hide you, your existence became known by those deities. To assure the Deity of Desire that the power of hellfire will never be yours to command, your mother had to put that curse on you, but that goddess was not satisfied. Before your mother could run away with you, she casted that curse on you. Not only was there the curse of corrupted beauty, she also gave you the curse of three emotions, where if you express any of your negative emotions, be it anger, sorrow or fear, the people around you will be harmed. That cruel deity—"

"Calm down, Sierra." It was as if the dam blocking the raging river exploded into debris, causing Sierra's words to flood out, allowing her to say out loud the secrets she had long kept stifled in her heart. Evanthe held her scaly hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Take a deep breath."

"Shall we go?" the elf suggested, unable to offer consolation to either woman.

The three disappeared from the forest as well, leaving that glade empty, as empty as Sierra's heart.

Drayce and Seren appeared within Seren's bedchamber inside her tower. When their feet touched the stone floor, Seren attempted to leave his embrace, but he had no intention of letting go of his drenched wife. "Seren?" he called for her, but she didn't dare look at him. She merely cried, as if trying to drown away the overwhelming helplessness inside her. She could not accept the fact that she cannot feel for him the way he felt for her. She could not accept that all she felt for him was gratitude and attachment. She could not accept...that she does not love Drayce.


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