Chapter 802 Cap 800: Problem Evolution Part 5

Name:Will Of Chaos Author:Pendragon_DNT
Pov Freya:

It's been 1 week and the master is still sleeping, we suspect this could happen, at least we are not being chased by the Church of Light while he is unconscious like last time.

After its evolution began, the waves of Aura and Nature energy were something we expected as it had happened before, but when that column of Holy Power enveloped the entire mansion and rose through the boundaries of the Dungeon to the outside, that was something we didn't expect, apart from Vanessa who was looking forward to it and couldn't stop talking about how wonderful it was for her.

As long as the column of Holy Power remained, no one was able to move, but after a few minutes, it disappeared.

I remember when I went up to the master's room I found him trapped inside what looked like a large egg lying on its black crystal scales with energy flowing inside, in addition, Layla and Nix were on both sides of the egg absorbing some of the power emanating from the egg.

The others were watching and not letting anyone get close, but just seeing that egg I could see the energy of Nature pulsing like a heart around it, it was as if nature was helping in its evolution.

Since then 1 week has passed, and some people come to see the master all of his like his sons, his mistresses, and his most faithful followers like Ivan, Jade, and Barok.

Also, I've been hearing some strange things inside the mansion, and in the city, people are dreaming of walking on a red crystal path in a starry space, I dreamed about it myself.

In my case the dream is a vague memory, it seems that the more I try to remember, the more I forget, but that feeling of comfort that I felt in the dream is still there.

As far as I know, this is something that others felt too, no one clearly remembers the dream, but they have a vague memory where I was chasing something in front of me, but I don't clearly remember what it was.

"Freya, I was looking for you." (Rakan)

"If it's another request about Dark Elf strengthening magic, I already told you to talk to Sophia, she's been training with them." (I)

"It's not about that, but since you brought it up..." (Rakan)

"..." (I)

"Don't look at me like that, fine, I won't talk about it anymore." (Rakan)

"What did you want to talk to me about?" (I)

"I haven't been able to enter the Temple of Blood for days, could you talk to Vanessa to reopen the Temple?" (Rakan)

"No, others have asked me before, but Vanessa seems to be busy with something." (I)

"I feel the energies being drawn there, but I don't know why, I'm a researcher, but how can they stop me from seeing something so strange?" (Rakan)


"Give it up, as far as I know, Vanessa asked her kids to make sure no one tries to break in." (I)

"But I'm sure something is going on there, her stopping us is only making me more curious." (Rakan)

"I heard she called Lilith to help too." (I)

"..." (Rakan)

"I didn't want to know anyway, I'm an old man and I've learned how important patience is, I'm sure she'll show us when it's all over." (Rakan)

"(Now the only person left to give up going in there is Kira, who is using this opportunity to train her stealth.)" (I)


Pov Vanessa:

"How's the progress?" (I)

"It's almost done, the energy has also been condensing faster since the construction ended." (Lilian)

"Then why are you still absorbing his blood?" (I)

"It looks like it started to build crests for each God with the crystallized Blood." (Lilian)

"I'll take a look." (I)

I was in my father's blood pool room, this blood was mixed with the sap of the World Tree, in addition, there is a True Dragon's Egg inside which used to be a World Tree, the energies and Auras that run through this blood are unique, not counting the recent addition of Holy Power.

On the day that the pillar of light full of Holy Power appeared, it was this blood that attracted the Holy power, Aura, and energy of my Father here, this was my plan since when I suggested that he set up this pool of blood to place the egg.

I knew what would happen when my Father went through evolution, I couldn't waste so much energy, moreover, I knew that sooner or later he would awaken his Holy Power, it was impossible for the son of a Goddess not to have Holy Power.

With this pool as the center, I was finally able to consecrate this land into a holy land, filled with the Holy Power of the son of the Goddess Selene, I completed the process by praying to the Goddess after the pillar disappeared.

So finally the Temple without any statue of the Goddess Selene or the other Gods until now began to use the Blood of this pool that flowed to the main hall of the Temple where it climbed the different altars and crystallized in the forms of the Gods.

I walk into the main hall and see the statues of the different Gods enshrined here.

Blood Goddess, Selene

Goddess of Fairies, Aine

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Dragon God, Akatosh

God of Wolves, Fenrir

God of Beasts, Cratos

Goddess of Life, Mavis

God of Spirits, Dravos

Goddess of Love, Ayrin

Goddess of Fertility, Asya

Demon Goddess of Pleasure, Ariel

Demon Goddess of Death, Kalistos

Demon God of Vengeance, Vidark

Looking at all these glorious Divine statues emitting different presences fills me with happiness, I know better than anyone that the only other Temple or Church that enshrined so many Gods in the same place belongs to the Church of Light.

I take a closer look at the blood molding itself onto the pillars forming the Different Coat of Arms that symbolize each God.

"It's hard to breathe." (I)

"It was more difficult before while the statues were still in the process of being built." (Athena)

"That's true." (Lilian)

"Didn't you leave here, Athena?" (I)

"I wanted to see it, I wanted to feel it, they are so different." (Athena)

She looks at the statues and I know she is talking about the presence emitted from the statues, I remember the first time I felt the presence of the statue of a God that was not the God Baldr, ironically it was the statue of the Blood Goddess.

The presence of the statues carry a bit of the presence of the God they represent, they are symbols of their Gods, the presence of the Baldr statues were glorious but heavy, and the Blood Goddess statues have a deep and mysterious presence in contrast.

"You'll get used to it, these presences should fade a bit when you're done." (I)

"I've waited a long time for this." (I)