On the street in the early morning, Maybach stopped steadily at the entrance of a supermarket.

The salesperson was listlessly watching the drama, and he didn't raise his head when he heard 'Welcome'. Anyway, there is surveillance in the store, so there is no difference between watching and not watching.

Lou Tianqin wore a mask and moved slowly from shelf to shelf.

Night use, daily use...

To be honest, he felt that the tampons were mostly the same, and he didn't know why there was a difference between day and night.

Lou Tianqin chose one for night use from the shelf.

After returning, he threw the sanitary napkin to Jiang Xiaozai who was sitting on the toilet. From the moment he went out, Jiang Xiaomi sat here and waited.

After finally waiting for him to come back, he suddenly found that his legs were numb.

She was embarrassed to ask Lou Tianqin to reach out to help her, so she insisted on telling him to go out.

Lou Tianqin had already seen her embarrassment, and gave her a determined look: "Call me if you need to."

Jiang Xiaomi was a little confused by his sudden politeness.

She seemed to have never heard him speak like that in her eight lifetimes, and she was so arrogant that she didn't want to be compared by him, so she replied more politely, "Thank you."

Lou Tianqin turned around and closed the door.

Jiang Xiaomi fiddled in the bathroom for more than ten minutes, but failed to put his pants on.

She was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, but she had no choice but to scold her unlucky in her heart, why she always made a fool of herself at such a critical moment.

Lou Tianqin appeared at the door just in time.

"Do you need help?"

This light and gentle tone gave Jiang Xiaomi an illusion, as if the person standing at the door at the moment was Lou Tianqin who was possessed by Park Shixun.

"No need, I'll go to bed soon anyway." Since I can't put it on, I just take it off.

So, under the watchful eyes of Lou Tianqin, she awkwardly stepped on the jeans that looked very leg-shaped.

Without the restraint of her trousers, Jiang Xiaomi stood up. Unexpectedly, the prolonged sitting caused her knees to bend uncontrollably. With a thud, she knelt firmly in front of Lou Tianqin.

There was a mysterious silence in the bathroom.

This kneeling completely wiped out Jiang Xiaomi's face.

After Lou Tianqin was stunned, he was about to stretch out his hand to help, but he heard Jiang Xiaomi's difficult prayer: "Don't move - don't move me. Leave me alone... Calm down."

It's not that she never knelt down before, but it was the first time that she knelt down while wearing panties.

Kneeling down in panties! How exactly did she do it?

Lou Tianqin ignored her refusal and picked her up from the ground. Jiang Xiaomi kicked her numb calf angrily: "Put me down, let me down, Lou Tianqin..."

Lou Tianqin walked to the bed, leaned over and asked her to touch the bed with her back first, and then let go of her hand in relief.

Touching the soft mattress, she quickly picked up the quilt and wrapped herself like a silkworm chrysalis, leaving no gaps.

Lou Tianqin originally wanted to go to another room to deal with it. Seeing her appearance, he couldn't bear it. He raised his hand to unbutton the clothes, how to put on and take off the clothes.

Then he pulled the quilt through a gap like prying open the shell of a clam, and found that Jiang Xiaomi was still trying to wrap himself around him. Lou Tianqin said in a deep tone, "Do you still want to go to the hospital again?"

This sentence played a role, Jiang Xiaomi no longer resisted stubbornly, let go of the strength of the quilt, and let him in.

This night seems to be extraordinarily long, the sky is always dark, and the tired body has clearly reached its limit, but I can't sleep.

Jiang Xiaomi is very active, and likes to roll over when he can't fall asleep, making Lou Tianqin unable to sleep.

But now she didn't dare to move, for fear of waking him up.

In other words, she was not afraid of waking Lou Tianqin up, but because she was afraid that when the other party woke up, they would fight each other again, so she could only use this method to decorate the short-term peace.


Yuewen Group

At the conclusion meeting at the end of the year, Jiang Xiaomi was often in a daze, and the general manager was eloquent. When it came to the good news that this year's performance was gradually getting closer to Jiangnan Entertainment, Jiang Xiaomi was also indifferent.

In the past, she never put her personal emotions into her work, but now she doesn't know how to do it, and she is distracted when she has a little thing.

She knew it was bad, but she couldn't solve it.

Seeing that she had something on her mind, the general manager persuaded her to go back to rest by taking advantage of the fact that the company was okay.

Jiang Xiaomi didn't even refuse, and left with the bag.

But she did not go home, but went to the Big Fish Newspaper Office, which was the starting point and turning point of her fate.

When Editor-in-Chief Liu received the call, he was discussing the typesetting. When he heard that it was Jiang Xiaomi, he immediately put down what he was doing and ran downstairs to see her.

"What's the matter, you're in such a hurry, eh? What's wrong with your hand?"

Jiang Xiaomi said: "My hands are very good, and now there is a problem with my brain."

Editor-in-chief Liu is still the same as before, speaking to her without mercy: "When will your mind feel better?"

Li Xiaojia and Acheng were standing outside smoking. Editor-in-chief Liu was so loud that he could hear it all without any need for it.

Li Xiaojia asked Acheng what was the origin of this fat man.

Acheng pointed ahead with his finger holding a cigarette: "That's our young lady's former boss."

Li Xiaojia snorted.

This boss is too ignorant of flattery, and finds an opportunity to kill him after get off work at night.

Like a roundworm in Li Xiaojia's stomach, Acheng quickly turned his head and warned, "Don't mess around, if anything happens to him, the young lady will swallow you alive."

Li Xiaojia rubbed his itchy palms.

In the Silver Triangle, anyone who didn't like the eye would be shot directly in the head, and no one would be afraid of revenge afterwards.

When he arrived in East Asia, not to mention all kinds of constraints, he was still feeling useless all day long, and he was assigned to construction floor tiles if he was not careful. His good skills were about to be worn out on the construction site.

Thinking of the look Lou Tianqin looked at him this morning, Li Xiaojia became even more angry.

Why look at him like that? What are his qualifications?

The fire in his stomach was so suffocating that he wanted to kill an editor-in-chief to relax, but was told that he couldn't move.

At this time, he saw a stray cat leisurely passing by in front of him. Li Xiaojia narrowed his eyes and stepped up with a kick.

Acheng stared at a cat in a stunned manner, rolled over and flew past his eyes, then smashed into the roof of the car across the street, and the alarm went off instantly.

After recovering, Acheng gave Li Xiaojia the back of his head fiercely: "Are you crazy?"

Li Xiaojia looked stupid and cute, but he didn't have any pity or sympathy in his bones. He didn't think he did anything wrong, but thought that Acheng was making a fuss.

His move alarmed Jiang Xiaomi in the car, she hurriedly pushed the door and got out of the car: "What's going on?"

Acheng glared at Li Xiaojia, and rushed across the street to see if the hapless cat could be saved.