Chapter 328 Returns

Chapter 328 Returns

?328 Returns

Only three days are left. "What is he doing?" Amelia asked Damian.

"I don't know. I contacted the person who manages the entry to the Great Forest, and they said he extended the time," Damian replied.

"He's getting too confident," Amelia remarked.

"Well, we can't really stop him," Damian said, shrugging his shoulders.

Most people avoided assignments that involved dungeons or monsters near the end-of-year tournament because their chances of getting injured in those situations were higher.


Suddenly, a shockwave of mana swept across the entire island of World Academy, jolting everyone outside the dorms and buildings.

This put Amelia and Damian on high alert.

"What the hell happened?" Damian exclaimed.

< Warning! Mana Exposure detected >

< Security Protocol Initiated >

Shielding measures across the Rankers Dorm, VIP Dorms, and all facilities where people increased their rank and practiced mana meditation doubled, alerting the entire World Academy.

Although it was just a shockwave generated by mana, it jolted everyone outside the protected areas.

Before any commotion could erupt, a voice echoed across the World Academy.

"I am your vice principal, Xander Demarcus. This shockwave was caused by the principal, so remain calm," Xander's voice assured everyone.

The staff, initially startled, relaxed upon hearing Xander's voice.

Outside the Faculty Building, Xander floated in the air, with Zemil, the Head of Security, by his side.

Both were looking in the direction of where Farnus was.

"Thankfully, it was just a shockwave," Zemil observed, eyeing the activated shields across the World Academy.

Given the number of students practicing mana meditation, a released mana wave could potentially harm them.

Luckily, it was only a shockwave, likely a result of Farnus's immense power.

Some distance from the World Academy, surrounded by white walls, numerous mana gems, and hundreds of pure mana crystals, an elderly man sat, with a peculiar orb of bluish-golden sparks floating before him.

Farnus opened his eyes as he looked at the orb.

"It's done," Farnus muttered.

He was calm, but the mana around him was running rampant, and if not for him controlling it to the extreme, this mana would have leaked outside this place.

Farnus extended his arm as the orb got absorbed, but a mark of strange symbols made of dark blue appeared on the back of his hand.

There was a circular symbol on his back that started breaking in half as the other half disappeared.

And that energy traveled to the symbol on the back of his hand.

"How many years have I lost now? Farnus asked, but the answer remained unknown.

But he didn't regret his decision.

"I hope you make the most out of this opportunity, boy," Farnus said.

The mana was still running rampant, but Farnus waved his hand, and that mana rushed towards his body as the room became silent and the rampant mana disappeared.

Farnus stood up as the white robe appeared on his body, and it was the transformed appearance of the Stormscale Armor.

Before leaving this place, Farnus looked at his arm, which was still affected by the black energy of the Peak SSS Rank monster.

It was still numb and barely moved, but Farnus didn't care as he had mostly healed the mana meridians around his hands.

Farnus still considered his current condition good enough, as his hand hadn't become completely useless.

He stepped outside and looked at the direction of his office, and he could sense that two powerful SS Rank Hunters were standing outside the Faculty Building, and the Shielding System of the World Academy was activated.

"Let's see what has happened in the time I have been gone," Farnus muttered as he disappeared from his place.

Farnus Calmort has returned, and he was going to see the progress of things he had planned for the end-of-year tournament.

At the Great Forest,

Asher was sitting in the middle of the forest, and he also felt the shockwave.

Due to the shockwave, the monsters were alerted, and they went deeper into the forest. But unlike other monsters, Rifir was fine, as he was calmly absorbing the mana gem that Asher gave him.

"So he came back in time. Asher stood up as he sensed the overwhelming mana going in a certain direction.

Asher didn't know the extent of the injuries to Farnus and other SSS rank hunters, but knowing how much time it took Farnus to come back, it was not a normal injury.

"I don't need to clean up my tracks anymore," Asher muttered.

The number of monsters that Asher had killed in the deeper zones of the Great Forest was not small, and due to the disturbance he created, the chances of other monsters gathering near those zones were high.

If a lot of monsters gathered at one place, it would make the staff members check the area of the Great Forest.

The corpses of those monsters were not present there, as Rifir devoured them all, but the traces of battle were still present.

Due to the fact that students hunted in these areas, the management was quite strict about responding to any anomalies and investigating them.

But due to the shockwave, the monsters were going to go deeper into the Great Forest.

Humans couldn't sense it, but monsters could sense that the shockwave came from a powerful being.

Due to their instincts, all of them fled deeper into the Great Forest.

Asher originally planned to hunt in different places so that the monsters wouldn't gather in one place, but now he doesn't need to do it anymore.

And because the monsters have gone deeper, there is no point in him staying inside the Great Forest anymore.

"It should be enough. Asher looked at his hands with indifferent eyes.

He was not sure, but it seemed enough for now.

It was time to return to the ranker's dorm as the end-of-

year tournament began in a few days.

At first, Asher wanted to spend as much time as he could in the Great Forest, but it wasn't possible now.

At the Greville Estate,

Nathan was sitting in the meeting room of the Abyss Guild, and a few people, including Arthur, were present there.

"I will be gone for months, so handle everything accordingly," Nathan said, looking at Arthur.

The rumors about Nathan going to secluded training attracted a few people in Soran, but they met their ends as Nathan killed them all.

Quite a few of them were powerful SS rank hunters, and it made sense that only with that amount of manpower would they try to attack the Greville family.

"Not many people know, but the twins will be attending the World Academy two weeks from now," Nathan announced, and it was a surprise to a few people that were present there.

"This means that the three of them will be freed from their current 'responsibilities'," Nathan said, looking at the three SS Rank Hunters of the Greyhound, which included Hassan as well.

The current responsibility of Hassan and the other two was protecting Livia and Lucas, but after two weeks, they didn't need to do that anymore.

"Arthur will handle the guild, so I want the rest of you to focus on other things," Nathan said, and everyone listened quietly.

"You can leave now," Nathan said as all of them stood up and left the room.

All of the people present in that room were completely loyal to the Greville family.

Arthur was present in that room, and when everyone left the room, he finally opened his mouth.

"You created a lot of work for Sylvie," Arthur said, putting down the file he was reading.

The amount of cover-up that was done was enough to even make Sylvie call Alfred, which she rarely did.

It meant that even Abyss Corporation wasn't enough to fix the mess that Nathan created.

It doesn't matter even if they know; the hands of all these people are already dirty," Nathan replied.

"Those bastards can come towards me all they want," Nathan said with a smirk on his face.

"This old man," Arthur said, barely suppressing his anger as veins popped around his head.

"At least don't teach Livia these things," Arthur said.

"You are too young to tell me that I am wrong," Nathan replied, raising his eyebrows in a mocking manner.

"Attend that event, and look what the hell your brat is up to nowadays," Nathan said.

"I heard that 'old bastard' will also be going to meet him; don't let him teach him anything weird," Nathan said as he stood up.

"Sylvie would like to hear what you said right now," Arthur said as he stood up and tried to leave, but a hand appeared on his shoulder.

"Behave like a good son," Nathan said with a smile, but Arthur barely kept his straight face, enduring the pressure that Nathan was applying.

Haha, right," Arthur replied as Nathan removed his hand.