Chapter 216 - Chapter 216: Returning to School

Chapter 216: Returning to School

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“You can’t say for sure? Why? Are you planning to abandon Su Lin and cozy up to someone else?” Lin Yin stared at Su Fei in surprise and pretended to be surprised.

Su Fei looked around guiltily. She suddenly remembered that Su Lin had not been around for the past few days, so she was slightly relieved.

“You misinterpreted what I meant,” Su Fei said angrily.

Lin Yin shrugged nonchalantly and ignored Su Fei.

When they returned to school after a month, the others did not change. Instead, Su Fei had changed completely.

The high and mighty eldest daughter of the Su Family had fallen from the clouds and become a child bride. This news was simply too explosive.

As for the suitors who regarded Su Fei as a goddess, they began to distance themselves from her, intentionally or unintentionally.

Only Shi Dai, who had been coaxed by Su Fei for a long time, sighed and sat beside Su Fei. “Feifei, it’s okay. Whether you’re an adopted daughter or a child bride, I’ll be by your side.”

Su Fei looked at Shi Dai with a touched expression and thought to herself that it was not in vain that she had spent so much time to win Shi Dai’s heart back.

However, it had to be said that Shi Dai was brainless. She had only cried a few times and said that she did not know that she was a child bride. It was only because she had regained her status as an adopted daughter that Su Lin expressed his love for her. Then, her parents mentioned this matter.

She really did not know that Su Lin would do that when they kissed that day, so she was stunned on the spot before someone took a photo and uploaded it.

Shi Dai believed her.

Unlike that Ji Yun. She had explained for so long, but Ji Yun still suspected her.

But to be honest, Su Fei felt that she was really wronged about the child bride. Su Fei said weakly, “Thank you, Shi Dai. It’s good to have a friend like you.”

Lu Yan glanced at Shi Dai with an indescribable gaze. She really did not expect that there was such an innocent person in the world. They were deceived by Su Fei and were still deeply touched by their friendship.

Lin Yin only glanced at Su Fei and went back to her work.

Feng Shui Master Bai Tong was sending a message to Lin Yin excitedly: Brother, which stock are you buying next?

Bai Tong was just a swindling Feng Shui master. Suddenly, one day, a mysterious person found him and asked him to act. They offered him 300,000 yuan. This made Bai Tong, who was starving, extremely excited and he agreed on the spot.

Then, as he pretended to be an enlightened person to send Chu Ning the information of the stock price’s rise and fall, he earned a lot of money.

Now, the most exciting thing for Bai Tong every day was to ask the mysterious person which stock could bring about profits.

Lin Yin looked at the message in her hand and the corners of her lips curled up.

In the past few days, Chu Ning had shone in the stock market. Everyone was spreading the legend of the goddess of the stock market. As long as Chu Ning said that it would rise, the stock would quickly rise and if she said it would fall, the stock would quickly fall.

Chu Ning became even more smug.

Lin Yin recalled that in her previous life, Chu Ning had pretended to be kind and brought her along to earn money, but in the end, Chu Ning blamed all the failures of her own prediction on her. In the end, in order to force her to admit it, she smashed Xiao Dongdong’s finger. Lin Yin’s heart ached so much that she couldn’t breathe.

After replying to Bai Tong, Lin Yin picked up another cell phone and bought a few high-quality stocks according to her memories from her previous life.

There was a need for more money in the future. She still had to prepare more.

Just as the bell rang for class, Jia Qing received a call from home.

Jia Qing did not pick up, but the call came again. The vibrating buzz attracted the attention of the teacher and some students beside her.

Jia Qing had no choice but to get up and say that she was going to the toilet before going out to answer the call.

“Qingqing, you finally picked up the phone. Hurry up and come to the hospital. Your father’s leg was smashed at the construction site and he’s being resuscitated.” Jia Qing’s mother’s usually good voice traveled anxiously from the microphone to Jia Qing’s ears.

“What?” Jia Qing immediately panicked. She applied for leave from the form teacher and went to the hospital.

Chang Hao, who was sitting at the side, immediately wailed when he heard anxious footsteps. Jia Rong, who was lying on the bed, immediately closed his eyes.

At the side, Jia Song hurriedly hid in a small corner and covered himself with something to ensure that he would not be discovered.

Hearing her mother’s cries, Jia Qing was so shocked that she pushed the door open and entered.. She came to Jia Rong’s side and asked, “What happened to Dad? What did the doctor say?”