Chapter 72: Part1




Rhode-Sama, Odin is running away, if you dont mind. If now?

Soon after the Imperial Sword Festival, a subordinate advises Rhode.

He thought that he could defeat Odin now.

He thought that this was the reason why he had such a large force waiting outside the arena.

The few military forces that Rhode could move before he became emperor were assembled near the arena.

Even so, its still not an insignificant number.

No, thats fine. If they dont come at us. The worst thing that could happen is a war at this very moment. I was nervous inside, but Im glad my brother didnt get desperate.

His men stand by to follow Rhodes advice, but they dont see why they should miss this great opportunity.

But they will soon find out.

That was

A large force appears from the sky to receive Odin.

Odins military force, so many of them that the capital would be leveled if they fought properly.

Brother, I am amazed at your circumspection, even in that situation, you didnt fail to prepare for the time when you lost. No, maybe for when you win, to kill me.

Rhode knew that Odin was gathering forces for the day.

Because he had grabbed an unusual flow of ammunition and a flow of stockpiles that would start a war.

If I had been defeated today, I would have been killed as it was.

I have prepared as many forces as I can move, but the amount I can move is limited as a pre-Emperor.

It was also thanks to my knight, even in that state, he didnt collapse until the end. If it hadnt been for that, maybe

When Odin comes to kill Rhode with all his might now, he is outgunned in strength.

But thanks to Kenya standing there until the end, Odin chose to retreat.

Because once time was bought by Kenya, the forces of the nobles who had become his allies as a result of Rhode becoming emperor would come to reinforce him.

Because it should be Odin who would then be defeated.

I see you were really on the edge.

Yeah, although if my brother had chosen war, the Asgard would have been in a real predicament. At a time when we have to fight the World Federation.

The World Federation is attacking during an internal war with Odin, which has half of the Asgard forces.

That is the one thing he would definitely like to avoid, but Rhode knew that Odin would not make the choice.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m


I would not allow you to be defeated by another country rather than me. Brother, you are that kind of person.

And Rhode just stares at Odin as he runs away.

Understanding the decisive separation from the brother he once would have adored.

If you want, Ill always be your partner?

Yes, I would like that, then.

Of course I will, Princess.

I told you not to call me that.

Its from a fairy tale from your country, Princess Kaguya. And I want to be a knight to protect you. Im not an Asgardian.

The girl recalls those words.

Her beloved thoughtful person who literally protected her at the risk of his life.

Even now, that feeling remains in Kaguya without fading away.

The strength of that feeling makes the flames of revenge burn more fiercely over the course of six months.

Ive told you many times, but I cant answer your feelings. I have someone I love.

Are you saying hes a better man than this me, 13 God, the strongest?

Yes, a better man than you. At least he was stronger than me. And better than you.

Hahaha! You think theres a man in the world I could beat? There is only one such man in the world?

The young man is thinking of the largest country in the world.

The most powerful knight of the Asgard Empire.

After meeting him once on the battlefield, he realized.

He realized that this was a being on a higher stage than himself.

He even believed the rumor that he had reaped all 50 KOGs with only his sword.

Osiris Halberd, he was even convinced that there would never be another being that could surpass him forever.

Well, then, lets add one more person to the list.

The past is always a beautiful thing, Kaguya, but youll choose me sooner or later.

The young man looks at Kaguya with a haughty look on his face.

Kaguya senses that there is something in that face.

What do you want to say?

Huh. I have a good present for you. A present youve been dying to have a present.

! What do you mean?

No need to rush, Father will decide at todays meeting, youll find out soon enough. So? Do you want to do it anyway?

Well, it will be decided at the world congress today. So, can you do it?

Yes, lets get on the simulator.

The girl and the man get into the simulator.

To date, she has never won, but she is competing against one of the strongest in the world, the result of an effort that could be described as insanity.

Thats why the girl says today.

Im going to win today!

The flames of revenge are set ablaze.