Chapter 69




The starting bell and the proclamation echoes through the hall.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

But there are no cheers.

Everyone stares in silence with bated breath at the two KOGs.

Kenya and Osiris, to decide who will stand at the top.

Osiris was the first to take up his sword.


And so the battle began.

A battle to decide the fate of the world.

Lets fight! Ken!

The thrust is Osiris most specialized technique.

His sharp thrusts are so sharp that they can slaughter an ordinary, or even a chief holy knight class, with a single blow.

Even the spectators watching from afar cannot imagine catching the bullet-like force of the thrust.

Many closed their eyes and acknowledged Kenyas defeat.

The sharpness of the thrust was so great that even screams of fear escaped from the spectators, who felt as if they had been touched by life just by looking at it.


As expected, this much is too little to stop you

It is repelled by Kenyas two-handed sword.

Kenya stops, his physical strength is just barely enough. He is already wounded all over.

Even so, his body moves on its own. Each cell protecting Kenya with its own ego.

It is now the realm of reflex.

Just like when you touch something hot, your body reacts, and you withdraw your hand faster than you can think.

Hundreds and thousands of battles have been fought, practiced, and trained.

The body already transcends the barriers of human thought.

(Quickly, I have to guffaw! I feel like Im going to lose consciousness.)

Even now, Kenya still coughs up a lot of blood in the cockpit.

The impact load from the maneuver is more than he could have imagined, and Kenya cant hold it for long now.

The vibrations of the sharp thrusts definitely reduced Kenyas life.


Ill decide! Give it my all!


By his own will, it is an extreme state of being, which is easily welcomed by Kenya.

The extreme state of concentration, which can also be called the state of nothingness, easily invited Kenya in.

The door was opened and even the pain was forgotten.

(Concentrate! Move faster than you think!!!)

In the audience, holy knights and chief holy knights rubbing their eyes.

The first-class knights could see it.

Because they could see something from the white aircraft that could be described as its intimidating or oppressive feeling.

Seeing this, Jin and Zoids trembled.

What pressure its incomparable to when you fought me it hurts. Im scared

I dont know, I dont know, still I feel like Im being hit with an image of defeat that I can feel just by looking at it

One of the three heroes, Obelisk, sees this and speaks quietly, not in that loud voice.

Is that a Domain I didnt think you were at that level. Are you saying that Rhode-samas knight is beyond measure?

Ugh, I cant believe that at that age Ken-kun is already better than me.

Lamia Silvana sees it too and understands.

That is sword Domain. I cant make it out that clearly myself.

The pressure is so overwhelming that just looking at it makes you aware that you will be cut in that place.

I didnt think that it was at a level where you could produce the sword domain.

But Lamia has seen that.

She had seen that realm, which she called the realm of the sword.

A long time ago, on the battlefield, I saw it for sure.

At that time, it slew all 50 KOGs.

In a desperate situation, that man saved us by crushing through all the enemies.

It was as if a circle was drawn around that person, and as soon as anyone got in between them, they were all killed regardless of who.

Which of us is stronger?

And Lamia sees.

Osiris-San domain and.

The KOG in all its red and black disastrousness.

Well Fufu, this is the first time Ive seen it. Is this what everyone else has been seeing? Then how about you? Is this your first time?

Osiris holds up his sword.

Quietly, slowly and straight at Kenya.

He closes his eyes and regulates his breathing.

At that moment Kenya saw.

is this a space Domain?

Your father and Ken are at a stage I dont understand. Your father must be very happy to have met such a good opponent.

In the audience, spectators are clutching their hands tightly, forgetting to breathe.

Even the public can see that the fight is being on the pinnacle of this world.

It is not of the same caliber as the annual Imperial Sword and Warrior Festival.

It is a real exchange for life, where the thoughts of what each wants to achieve collide with each other.

The loser loses everything. The winner gains everything.

Thats why I couldnt lose.

I I am!

So Kenya fights, to defeat this opponent and achieve his thoughts.

The recluse of that world becomes the strongest knight in this world.

Im the world?

It should have been.

Gohoho! Gohoho!

Vomiting blood.

The bodys vital reaction, which had nothing to do with his will.

Concentrating too hard, Kenya forgot to even breathe, holding the blood in his stomach.

The oxygen in his body dropped and the accumulated blood flowed back, enough for his body to scream.

Osiris was not so naive as to miss the opportunity.

It was only a second or so in time, but one second was too much in an extreme exchange.


It was too long.

Kenya managed to catch Osiris flash in a crumpled position.

It was only because he was in an extreme state of concentration that his body moved on its own and he managed to guard himself.

However, he is blown away by the impact, loses his stance, and crashes into the wall right next to the spectators seats.

In response.

Whats the matter, youve lost your Domain? Why, suddenly?


When Osiris tries to follow up, he notices that any pressure from Kenya has disappeared.

Although there was an impact, it was guarded, so there should have been no problem.

Besides, he showed a clear gap earlier, to the point where it was obvious that something had happened.

In fact, Kenya was unconscious at this time.

The impact had reaped the consciousness he had been enduring with a thin thread, as if he was about to lose it originally.

(Was that vomiting blood? A trap? That cant be it. It shouldnt be that type then in that case, malfunction trouble? No no way.)

Osiris is puzzled for a moment and looks at Odin.

There is no response from Kenya, and all possibilities are going through Osiris mind.

Heartbreakingly, he also hears over the KOG that Kenyas voice was muffled.

(I see thats how it is.)

Osiris tied everything together.

And the reason why the training was proposed, which was clearly intended to isolate him for a week.

Osiris is disappointed to realize the facts.

He is awakened by the sword, loves the sword, lives by the sword, and dies by the sword.

The sword saint who has made up his mind to do so awakens one day on the battlefield, and no longer has any enemies in the world.

The Sword Saint has ascended to the top.

He wanted to see the view before anyone else.

The place he had been aiming for, the place he had been longing for, when he stood there.

I couldnt help it. I was just lonely.

When I looked around, there was no one around me, and the friends I had climbed up with were no longer there.

I was no longer able to ride the KOG that I had loved and trained so passionately as before.


I continued to smolder my fading fighting spirit, waiting for an opponent who would one day rekindle it.

And today, I finally met my greatest rival.

An enemy who stood so high that I thought I couldnt reach even if I put my life on the line to fight him.

I truly enjoyed it. I felt alive, finally, and I was happy.

And yet.

It was interrupted by an outsider.

It was enough to disappoint and mortify Him.

However, Osiris still holds up his sword.

(Sorry. Still, I will not and cannot cut any corners. Im sorry, but forgive me, this is war.)

Osiris then holds up his sword.

The stance is the same decisive move of Osiris as in the beginning.

However, its sharpness is nothing compared to the first, which is a lethal technique that conjures up images of death just from the stance alone.

Farewell, Ken. I wish I could have fought more. With you, Im sure I can see what lies ahead.

A thrust with that spear-like sword that Osiris is best known for.

you definitely are.

Its red and black bullets head straight for Kenya.

You were the strongest knight Ive ever seen.

To kill Kenya.