Chapter 60



Ill do anything. If it makes Kenya-kun happy.. is there anything I can do?

(Eh? Even if its naughty or something like that?) -Kenya

For a moment, vexation takes over Kenya.

However, rationality appears and suppresses the vexation.

Reason begins to fight vexation, but today reason seems to have the upper hand.

This is thanks to having passed through so many death lines.

Okay? Anything. If Onii-chan wants.


Reason died.

Ah, yes. Kenya-kun, what do you like?

I like Reina!

Ah, er.. thats.. oh, thank you. Then, not that! The food.

Kenya, who got excited, became an idiot.

Reason is dead, so it cant be helped.

Ah, sorry. Your favourite food or.. curry?

Curry.. then lets have curry today!

It seems that Reina will be making curry that day.

There are so many different kinds of curry. Keema curry? Green curry? Theres even anhydrous curry. What would you like, Kenya-kun?


Kenya thinks about it.

Why do you like curry in the first place?

Kenya recalls a memory from when he was little.

Yes, Kenya. Curry is ready. Can you carry it?


Mums curry is excellent, Dads favourite. Do you like it too, Kenya?

Yes! I love mamas curry!

I see..

I guess I cant.. hate them after all.

Because of the memory of having loved me even a little.. even with parents like that.

But I have to forget them now, because Im living in this world.


Ah, ah! No, lets not have curry today. I want Reinas speciality dish!

Mmm.. Thats difficult. Is it my speciality dish.. dashimaki tamago?

I know its not a celebratory menu.. but its delicious and I like it..

Reina cooks breakfast every morning.

The menu is basically a Japanese morning menu of Japanese food.

The dashimaki tamago in particular is insanely beautifully rolled.

Its one of Kenyas favorite foods.

Oh, lets make a cake then, and rice as usual.

Great! A cake! I sure havent had anything sweet in a long time! I want a chocolate cake!

Fufu, understood.

When Kenya is exaggeratedly happy, Reina laughs too.

Recently, she has started to laugh out loud and her smile soothes me.

The menu for the day is decided, and we finish our shopping and head home.

It is evening, and the day is still long.


Thats good..I wonder if youre good with your hands because youre good at KOG.

As if she is checking with her fingers that the sensation of the kiss is still there.

Kenya sees this and apologizes impatiently.

I-Im sorry! It was so sudden! This is all I could think of..

I.. what. I cant remember.

No, you dont have to remember!

Well, yes, thank you for helping me. Besides..

Seeing the impatient Kenya, Reinas voice leaks out while looking down.

I dont mind. If its Kenya-kun.

The two of them look at each other and recall the kiss from earlier.


Waaaa! Reina. Fire! The pot is overflowing!

Oh noo! Im so sorry!

Raina hurriedly turns off the fire.

They look at each other again and laugh a little.

Shall we eat anyway?


Kenya decides not to ask what happened and pretends it never happened.

I thought that was something that should be resolved slowly, and I didnt want to stimulate her badly and make her hyperventilate again.

So now I remember.

(Damn, that was impure! That wasnt a kiss. That wasnt a kiss!) -Kenya

Just the feel of soft lips.


Yes, Kenya-kun. Its a chocolate cake. Its full of chocolate mousse, as you requested.

After finishing dinner, they try to enjoy the cake they made together.

It looks so delicious.. you can really do anything.

Kenya then looks for a fork.

Seeing this, Reina thought.

(Ive heard In times like this, men will be happy if you give them an Ahhh. Because today is a celebration! Besides, I thanked you for earlier..) -Reina

I turn red just remembering it.

Realizing that I kissed Kenya-kun.

Ke, ke, Kenya-kun, ahhh.

Still shy, I spoon it and try to feed it to Kenya.

With the sweet cake, a sweet space is created.


(What is this happy space? Is this heaven?) -Kenya

I get to eat a full, delicious meal, and on top of that, I get to ahhh over a homemade cake from my favorite girl.

If this is not heaven, then what is it?

So Kenya also understands Reinas intention and opens his mouth.

(Ah, Im happy. Im glad I worked so hard..) -Reina

Ding dong.

But as if to prevent it, the sound of a visitor ringing in the house.

Dammit! Youre interrupting me! Im going out for a minute.

Kenya rushes towards the front door while swearing.

Now I have to get Reinas ahhh as soon as possible!

If its a newspaper, I wont take it from our house, if its NK, Ill smash it! (Notes: No idea what that is.)

However, standing at that entranceway is.

Damn it, who is-..

Good work today, My knight Kenya. I have something important to talk to you about. Can you let me in?

It was Kenyas lord with extremely bad timing.

You.. youre the worst.

Eh! What did I do?