Chapter 44: The Real Strongest




Ho! Youre a hot little guy, arent you? I guess you got your fathers competitive spirit!

Colonel Star stands up and cheers loudly.

He was excited by the boys spirit to challenge Jin, even though there was no way he could beat him.

He was reminded of his former student, Sieg.

You challenge me to a match? Not the seniors there? You should know your place. Youre still an apprentice.

Im an older brother, I cant give you my sister unless I know what youre capable of.

Competence haha, I havent shown my true colours yet, thats for sure. You think you can pull it off?

Kenya is strong, much stronger than me.

Reina then responds to Jin.

Hearing this, everyone around is surprised, and the three charlatans look at Kenya with a look of No way.

Stronger than Reina? And that youve been a nobody until now? Are you joking?

Colonel Star also stood up, surprised at the statement, as he thought Reina was stronger.

At his reaction, Jin also moved his eyebrows and looked at Kenya.

Hou I hope youre not favouring your people, but lets fight then. Reina. Im sorry, can you wait for a moment?

The two then face each other.

Jin looks down at Kenya, Kenya gazes back up at him.

If I win, I wont let you date Reina, okay? I wont leave Reina in the hands of a weak man.

Haha, Im weak? Thats the first time anyones said anything like that to me. Really.

Jins voice suddenly goes from laughing to low.

Inwardly, he felt angry.

I dont think youre kidding. Are you going to win? Against me here? Do you understand what it means to be the chief of the Holy Knights? The most powerful supreme force of the most powerful country in this world?

I dont know, Im inclined to know where I stand now and what Im capable of.

Jin frowns when he hears these words.

However, since he is Reinas elder brother, he thinks that it would be better to treat him roughly.

Well, thats fine. Youll find out soon enough with your own body. Then lets do it.

The two of them face each other, Jin looking down and Kenya looking up.

Then they get into the simulator.

The screen is activated and the countdown begins.

You have a lot of swagger against Jin, Reina-chans brother. Even though that guy is a genuine monster.

Hmph, Jin is the strongest of this generation. Hes not even an opponent, and Im sure hell have to apologise for his earlier attitude.

Aww, Ken-kun. Thats reckless. Why dont you apologize with me?

Now, I want you to show me how much of a son of Sieg you are, haha!

Numbers appear on the screen as everyone looks on.

The strongest student in this world and the strongest student in that world.

The battle between Jin Halbert and Kenya Mitsurugi begins.

Of course, the Domain is not as large as that of at the time of with Takemikazuchi, but even so, it can be sensed by those with talent.

If he entered that space, he would be cut in half.

Arent you coming? Jin-san.

U, shut up!

Kenya calls out to Jin, who is immobile in open chat.

Jin is getting upset, sweating unbelievably.

He is exhausted just by the pressure he feels just by confronting him.

But Kenya is quite the opposite.

My brain is so clear that even I wonder at myself. The feeling of omnipotence from that time returns. Now Id be like .

Damn, damn!!!!

Jin couldnt bear it and shot at Kenya with a gun instead of a sword.

A close-range line is disadvantageous, so Jins instincts ring a warning bell.

That single bullet is of Jin, the chief holy knight.

The bullet should have pierced straight through Kenyas eyebrows with a trajectory that was certain to go straight through.

However, that bullet.

But that bullet could cut it down

The bullet is repelled by the side of the huge sword that Kenya swung at it.

Of course, he didnt see it coming, but he just predicted its trajectory from the muzzle and timed it accordingly.

Even so, this seemingly simple feat is an extreme technique worthy of being called an art.

If it had been Takemikazuchi, he might have really cut it in half.


Jin was surprised by the extreme technique, but Kenya did not miss the opportunity.

And then, lunge into Jins bosom, that is, coming under Kenyas invincible realm.

? Dont f*ck with me!! Im the Chief Holy Knight ahhhh!

Jin switches to his sword, and his movements were swift.

He had practiced and mastered it to the extent that his body moved on its own.

His unconscious reaction showed a movement that could be described as the fastest.

However, Kenya is above that fastest.

Everything KOG does physically, in this case electronically, to produce the fastest possible speed is optimized movement.

And then one flash, one sword swing.

Jins KOGs neck and torso fall apart.

In other words, at that moment the winner is decided.

Ridiculous its impossible. I lost? What the hell is this strength


The message to decide the winner appeared on the screen.

Jin turns down in disbelief, grips the control stick, and mumbles.

The new strongest student in the country has been decided.