Chapter 37

Re, Reina!

Papa has asked me to take care of Kenya-kun. Ill wash your back.

Kenya is confused, and in front of him is the girl he fantasised about being naked earlier.

Unfortunately, she is wearing a military uniform, but I would have preferred a single bath towel or something anyway.

Are you kidding me? Reina! Why?

Daddy always asks me to give you a back rub when youre tired, okay? You were tired yesterday, so

What is that old man teaching his high-school daughter?

Suddenly, Sieg seemed to be just a sly old man.

I thought he was a strict soldier, but what a guy. Im totally envious.

Then, please turn your back to me.

Kenya is forced to sit down semi-forcibly.

I cant resist, is it, because Im expecting a bit more?

Its a mans dream to have his back washed by a girl he likes, even if hes just excited.

I cant stand up for this! You can guess why.

Then Reina gently touches Kenyas back.

-Ah .

Having your back washed by the person you love.

What a happiness that is. I unintentionally made a strange voice.

Gentle and beautiful hands, and.


- Thats right!!

Reina rubbing my back with such a stiff arm that I could even hear the sound of grigori grigori.

Im afraid that my skin is already rather ripped with the sound of grigori.

Papas back is big and hard, but Kenyas is soft.

Dont put me in that muscle man! The skin will peel off!!!!!!!!

Sieg, a warrior with a long history of warfare.

I felt it when I shook his hand before, but I thought what thick skin, the hand of a fighting man.Follow current novels on novelb((in).(com)

Im sure a lot of blood, sweat and tears soaked his back and its very sturdy.

If it were just his physique, he would be no different from a professional wrestler.

Kenya, on the other hand.

He is just a shut-in.

Baby skin, egg skin, white skin.

He has no muscle, in comparison to the gorilla-macho Terminator, but hes cute.

Im confident only in the cleanliness of my skin.

Why? Because Ive been playing games in my room my whole life without getting any sun.

NO damage, if you ask me, my skin is probably better than Reinas.

Look at this fine skin.

How do you like it? Kenya-kun.

Ki, ki mochiiiiiii!

Kenya cant say that it hurts because of his useless pride.

He endures the situation with teary eyes.

Then, Ill go outside. Oh, Ill leave a change of clothes here. Its a military uniform. Also, heres a hair colouring. There is gold and silver.

Thinking back, he doesnt really understand the relationship between Reina and Sieg.

Although Sieg-san has the image of a very good father with a good personality, Reina even seems to have been rather closed-minded rather than cool.

She seems a little more cheerful now, but when I met her, she was like, Im not interested, so dont talk to me.

Did you know that Reina is adopted? This is, well, quite well known.

Oh, I didnt know that

It seems to be a well-known fact that Reina was adopted.

Kenya didnt know, though. Shes famous in Empire and was the topic of conversation in Empire as a war gods had adopted a child.

But this is not well known. Reina was 10 years old when I took her in, just as the war in Japan was coming to an end. Thats almost six years ago now.

The war ended completely about five years ago.

So six years ago was almost the end of the war, or something like that.

Yeah, actually, Reina is

Then Sieg stopped as he was about to say something.

His expression was somewhat sad.

No, Im sorry. It was this country that picked up Reina. Shed been hurt badly in the war, shed closed her heart. I was visiting here with the Empire army and decided to adopt her.

It seems Reina was a war orphan.

Kenya, who saw hell yesterday, can understand.

If a 10-year-old girl is thrown into that kind of hell, its not on the level of closing her mind.

It would have broken her heart and she would never be able to live like a normal person again.

And it must have lasted for years.

How much of a hell must it have been for a girl who had no power to resist, only to be overrun?

Im sure she lost many people she cared about.

When I imagined Reina of that time, I felt as if my heart was going to burst.

I see she was a war orphan. But why Asgar people?

No, that was common. It wasnt like there was a breakdown of diplomatic relations. There were Asgar living in Japan, too, because they couldnt evacuate.

I see

Kenya reminded of Tanaka.

As I recall, I heard that Tanaka was also in good relations with the Asgar people and studied together with them.

Even if countries didnt get along well with each other, it was probably commonplace for people to get along well with each other.

Kenya also understood from the news that it was the same in the previous world.

Ah, six years since then. Finally, she was able to come to the state shes in now. Its partly Thanks to you, but also because you she smiled

Yes, I saw her smile for the first time.

Oh, thats me too, after living together for six years, I saw Raina smile for the first time too.

She was so cute.

How could you do that in front of her parents? Well, she indeed was really pretty, but

We both giggle at the thought of Reinas smile.

Sieg is probably a parental idiot, saying hes adopted, and Terminator is smiling.

Kenya is normally in love with her, her cold character.

And now he can see Reinas smile, which she never smiled at all.

So, before Rhode-sama comes, I want to confirm one thing with you.

What is it?

Sieg looks straight into Kenyas eyes.

With a face like a determined man.

Do you like Reina?