Chapter 32

Kenya-kun? Kenya-kun?

I hear a voice, who is it?

What was I doing?

Was I able to protect them?

Kenya slowly opens his eyes.

A familiar view, inside the cockpit.

The blurred vision slowly becomes clearer and the white light becomes dazzling.

Huh? Me.

Kenya-kun, thank goodness are you alright? Are you hurt? Kenya-kun?

The sound of communication echoes in the cockpit.

Is this voice Tanaka-san? Ah, thats right. I fell asleep.

Im sorry, Tanaka-san. Its okay, I fell asleep.

Thank God! I was worried when you didnt wake up at all. You can come here and rest. It will be somewhat easier to sleep in the transport.

Kenya did as he was told, opened the cockpit, and slowly disembarked from the Takemikazuchi.

He looks at his partner again.

Although scratched in places, it stands dignified and is as white as ever.

Thank you, I survived Thanks to you.

Kenya gently pats it.

Then Tanaka-san gets out of the transport.

Good morning and thank you. And thank you, Kenya. For protecting everyone.

Tanaka-san No, Im the one who should thank you. If it wasnt for Tanaka-san, I would have died.

Yes, I know, Im also a reckless person who came here, but Really ..

Tanaka-san slowly walks over and pats Kenya on the head, saying good grief with his dingy white coat and tired bearded face.

You re still just a child

Isshin-san told me too, so may I ask you a few things, Tanaka-san? What about the Empire solders? What about Kaguya?

Well, calm down, lets talk slowly.

Then they opened the back of the transport so that I could lie down.

Kenya sits there with Tanaka.

It was already nearly midnight, a beautiful night with stars and moon.

As you might have guessed, Im a member of the Resistance.

So you are, after all.

Yeah, I ve been cooperating with them, well, technically, to be able to use the KOG that we took from them in an operation a while ago.

Was it Tanaka-san who Isshin said at that time that he had a collaborator on the inside?

Kenya is convinced.

Tanaka was conducting cutting-edge research as a researcher at KOG. Then he must know how to break through security easily.

Isshin-san and the others are probably on their way to the Asian Union. Although it is unknown as there is no way to contact them.

There is no way to contact them once they leave the capital,, as all infrastructure is controlled by the Asgars empire military.

Conversely, being unable to contact them means that they are far away.

It would be a great night if it didnt smell of gunpowder.

I dont know what Im going to do now either. .. If I go back to the army, Ill probably get killed. I dont even have anywhere to go, maybe to Asia.

Same! Im probably exposed too, Sieg-san was there, and Im the only one who can fly this aircraft at the moment If I go back, I might labeled as traitor and executed.

Tanakas identity is also known to Sieg, and Sieg is probably aware of Kenyas identity.

What kind of place is the Asian Federation?

Well, Ive never been there myself, but its a group of Asian countries. Democracy on a country-by-country basis, do you understand?

Democracy? What form is that?

Kenya is not a very good student.

He knew that Japan was a democracy, but he did not clearly understand everything Tanaka said.

Haha, not good at studying? No, sorry. At that age, you couldnt even learn in school

Tanaka looks sad, wondering if Kenyas mere ignorance of the subject was not learned because of the war.

No, thats not the case. Im just an idiot.

Simply put, its a coalition of Asian countries united against the threat of the Asgar Empire. Each country has a different political form and a different economy, but they have the right to vote according to their population.

So, when you decide on something, you mean that the countries of the Asian Union vote on it?

Yes, well, to be precise, the representatives of the countries have the right to make decisions, and these representatives can be elected, or they can be the king, and so on.

I see

Kenya did not understand much about this world.

The Asian Union, a huge collection of nations, and the EU, another collection of the same nations.

And the Asgar Empire, an empire where everything is controlled by a single person, the greatest, and most powerful of all.

Even in the previous world, I wasnt really interested in politics, but in this world I have to be interested because it concerns my very life.

Well, what are we going to do? I dont have a clue, but shall we go?

Well what shall we do?

Then Kenyas KOG device rings.

Only two people know this number.

There are currently two people who know Kenyas contact details.

One is Kaguya, who cannot be contacted as she is currently heading overseas.

Then the other is.


Kenya answers the phone fearfully.

Is this Kenya-kun?

Yes what whats wrong?

Im on my way to you. To the location of that white KOG.

The meaning of those words is very clear.

In other words, the other heroine that Kenya, who crossed swords with earlier, and should protect.

Lets talk.

An ace-class pilot of the Asgar Empire, nicknamed the White Silver Ice Princess.

Reina Sylphid was on her way.