Chapter 16




Yes, we think it might be the Resistance, but we are investigating.

A muscular man in his late 30s with a large sword at his waist.

His beard is neatly trimmed, and he has a background in martial arts.

He is the embodiment of what it means to be a soldier, and is known as Sieg Sylphid, the God of War.

Seig was reporting in front of the video.

What is taking so long for the god of war? Ten aircraft, how much do you think they cost!

The communication was with a top military officer from the home country.

Under the command of RHode, we will conduct an operation to exterminate the Resistance.

Oh, that sounds interesting. Ill go with you.

On the other end of the line is a woman.

Her long golden hair reaches down to her waist.

At first glance, she looks like the personification of a beautiful princess.

However, when Seig heard the report of her, he couldnt stop sweating.

This is because her name is Asgar Yumir.

She was one of the first princesses and rulers with the two names of the Torture Princess.

Master Yumir is coming. This will cause a massacre

Sieg is the head of the resident army in the area.

However, as long as they dont act conspicuously, he basically leaves third-class citizens alone.

The main reason is that the country has only been occupied for a short period, but the resistance in this country is overwhelmingly larger than in other colonies.

This is because Seig has not carried out armed extermination.

Kill everyone who opposes you, no questions asked.

That is imperial philosophy, but Sieg has not taken that action.

It was due to his kindness. But he remained so because the emperor was ill at the moment, and there was no particular blame to be laid on him.

Thats all I have to report.

Thats right.Seig.

? Im sorry?

Its your daughter, Reina and you. Weve got a special model for her.

I see, thank you very much. Im sure it will be extremely useful.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

Well be counting on you, father and daughter.

The communication then ended.

Reinas aircraft has arrived. Reina is going to the battlefield too. Then I must make up my mind as well.

Seig mumbles to himself in his room.

It seems that the time limit is already near.

Im sorry, Sakiko. I may not be able to protect this country by myself anymore.


Several days later, Dad, whats wrong?

Seig and Ice Princess Reina having breakfast.

The Sylphides were not originally nobles. However, Sylphids contribution to the army made them barons.

No, Its nothing. I just wanted to ask you something.

Hes the head of the military, but he certainly had the image of a great military man.

So, is that okay?


Hes in the army, so he cant say no. What the hell does he want, has he found out were in the Resistance?

Hey, youve got to deal with one of them soon. Im getting a good grip now.

Well, shall we go? Kaguya.

Im going to let you win today, Reina.

The three of them have shared this voluntary after-school practice together several times since then.

At first, She clashed with Reinas blunt words.

However, Kaguya gradually came to understand that Reina only sees Kaguya herself without any prejudice or discrimination.

And she doesnt call herself second class or anything like other Empire people, but always calls her by her name.

I dont like Empire people, but I couldnt dislike Reyna.

Youve really become good friends.

I can understand now what Kenya-kun said before. Shes getting stronger.

Pulled by two of the strongest levels, the originally gifted Kaguya progressed in a flash.

Like with everything, if you practice at a high level, you improve quickly.

Then being able to practice with Kenya and Reina every day would be the best environment.

In the upcoming Ranking order test, Im going to beat them all.

With that said, the two of them got into the simulator.

However, she is still not even close to Reina, so she fails miserably.

Alright then, Reina. You want to have a go with me?

Todays the day, Ill at least knock it down ten points.

Thatll be fun to see, If you can, that is.

Reina has grown stronger.

But Kenya has even become stronger.

Coming to this world, the KOG he loved so much turns into a life-saving weapon.

This determination pushes Kenya to the next stage.

There is a saying that talent is the depth of concentration.

Kenyas concentration has reached even deeper since coming to this world.

His growth has surpassed even Reinas and Kaguyas, and the gap between them is widening overwhelmingly.

The difference in resolve, the resolve of Kenya, who killed a man on a recent mission and knew the weight of risking his life, became incomparably stronger.

And it was when he was about to board the simulator.

Do you mind if I watch the game?


One student suddenly entered the simulator room.

Blonde hair, a little long for a man.

The boy with blue eyes is about the same age as Kenya and the others.

He is a boy that we see every day, but we have never spoken to him.


Ro-, Your Highness Rhode!

A member of the family that rules this world.

The second prince of the Empire.