Chapter 12

Then I swore an oath. I swore to avenge.


Kenya didnt know.

He knew she was in the Resistance, but why was she in the Resistance?

He doesnt know what kind of past she has and what kind of life she has lived.

Its so tragic.

I was speechless at what happened, as if it was in a story.

But Im sure it really happened, and it was a common story in the world I used to be in not so long ago.

Then, Kaguya is

Yes, Im with the Resistance. The largest resistance group in Japan. Im a member of Amaterasu. I undercover in the army.


Are you surprised? Im sorry. I wasnt going to tell you, but I had a feeling you were something different

Kaguya then stands up.

The curry was delicious. Forget about today! From tomorrow, normal might not be possible anymore, but you have to get along with me!

With a slightly sad voice, Kaguya gives a fake smile and tries to leave.

But Kenya holds Kaguyas hand as she goes to the door, strongly.

Then he speaks clearly.

I want you to let me in too. I want to join the resistance.


Because I want to protect you. I want you to join the resistance. Lets fight together.

What? Are you serious?

Of course.

(Thats why I came to this world, its easier to protect you if youre by my side)

Kaguya looks at me with a surprised face.

Originally, I wanted them to be my friends if possible, thats what I thought.

But it was a path of war against an empire whose future was uncertain and whose defeat was almost certain.

Kaguya could not easily invite him to such a place.

Because what that means is like asking him to die together.

But Kenya said it of his own will.

He wanted to protect me and become a member of the resistance.

Y-You might die, you know?

Better than letting (you) die.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

Hmm, youre weird after all. But if Kenya has his own reasons

Kaguya then smiled at Kenya, not with a forced smile.

Okay, join me. Kenya.

Leave it to me.

Kenya smiles back.

One of Kenyas objectives.

Joining the resistance was achieved.

Kenya then stands up.

Well then, lets go.


Youre going back to Amaterasus stronghold, arent you? Ill go with you.

Kaguya does not live in a dormitory.

She has a fixed place to return to the home base of Amaterasu.

It was a slum that was supposed to be a two-hour drive from here.


You can drive a Kaguya?

Its easy, this much, compared to KOG.

After getting into Kaguyas car, Kenya and kaguya drove to Amaterasus base.

There are well-maintained roads and empty landscapes all around.

The rubble has been cleared away over the past five years, but there is nothing to stand on.

A battered light car, although not comfortable, fulfils its role well and carries two people.

I didnt realise they usually had cars and stuff.

Dont tell me youve never heard of a car?

No, thats not it, but.. light when compared to the KOG.

You dont see many of them in the city, but outside Tokyo, theyre quite common.


Feeling the wind, Kenya looks outside.

The temperature is just right and it feels like spring, but there are no cherry blossoms anywhere.

An empty road stretches out, which has been cleared and landscaped.

Then Kaguya looks straight ahead and asks Kenya.

Hey, can I ask about your past?

Are you interested?

Id be crazy not to be curious, seeing how you can operate the KOG like that and yet not know much about the world.

Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, Ill tell you about it one day. But for now, can it wait?

Kaguya holds his head.

However, Kenyas joining Amaterasu was accepted.

His identity was unknown, but he was introduced by Kaguya, and above all, to Isshin, his eyes looked like those of a man who was prepared to do anything.

Alright, Ill go to the strategy meeting then. Its late today, stay the night, Kaguya, show him around.


Then Kenya and Kaguya went to a sleepover.

I thought it was going to be a mufufu development, but that never happened at all.


Yes, youre staying here today.

I was shown to the place where id sleep today.

Whos there, brother?

Play, play, play!

Im sleepy.

Kaguyas boyfriend?

There were lots of kids there.

Surely you didnt imagine yourself in a luxury hotel,did you? we cant afford that. Were all sleeping together here.

Haha, here comes the big kid. Im the auntie of this orphanage. called Yoshie-san.

Then, a woman from the dining room, who looks like she could fit in with a giant rice scoop, walks into the room.

She is wearing a kappo-gi and looks like a mother.

That day, he decides to sleep with the children squirming around.

Sorry, hard to sleep?

Oh, someones arse is in my hand ugggh!

Its mine!

Hey, does Kaguya sleep here every day?

Not every day, but because all the kids here lost their families in the war. As much as possible you know.

Her face even looked like the Virgin Mary in the dark room.

She plays with everyone until they go to bed, and when they sleep, she sleeps with them gently.

She even looks like a mother.

Beside her, she was tucking in a young child, patting him to sleep.

I see, good night.

Good night.

The next day.

(My back hurts)

Kenya woke up with many others in a room where it was not very easy to sleep.

(Its just like a school trip).

The children were sleeping around Kenya when he woke up, with their futons lined up in a row.

This little girl.. I think her name was Azusa?

He then stroked the hair of a little girl sleeping beside him.

She is probably only about six years old, and its hard to believe that she has no parents at such a young age.

Kenya understands how it feels painfully.

Kenya, who has lost his own parents, understands how these children feel when they are at an age when they want to be pampered and have no parents.


The girl held Kenyas hand and hugged him.

Haha, Hey, Im still in high schooler.

She calls me Papa.

He laughs a little, wondering if she has mistaken Kenya, who sleeps beside him, for a father.

But with the following words, he understands what it means.

Papadont go leave me Azusa..

His hand, which she holds tightly, is small and trembling.

Tears flow down her face and she grips Kenyas hand more strongly.

The smile disappears from Kenya when he saw this.

Kenya remembers.

This is an orphanage, this childs father is already dead.

He blames himself for laughing so shallowly as soon as he realises this.

Nn-ohayo Kenya oni-chan, whats wrong? Arent you getting up?

Sorry, I just want to do this for a little while longer now.

Kenya held the girls hand and gently patted her head.

Little by little, Kenya was realising.

This world.

It still felt like a game and fluffy, but each person had their own story, and that made it feel real.

This world is awful really.

When I first came here, I thought i came to the best world.

Now Kenya feels only one thing about this world.

This world.

This world where so many people are dying in war.