Chapter 8





Kenya shouts in his heart and makes a small gut-punch.

He was nervous inside that he might be disliked, but it seems that he managed to be just on the borderline of being accepted.

And then the test was over.

In the end, all the Japanese lost except for Kenya, who declared his defeat in a loud voice.

Their voices were full of pride, and no sense of condescension was felt anywhere.

It was certainly frustrating to lose.

Still, it felt good to see the Asgardians, who had been knocked out of the game by Kenyas victory.

Kenya smiles shyly back at the Japanese people, who are happy for him as if he were one of them.

In the previous world, he was a total bum, but in this world it seems to be a little different.

After the tests, the days training is over.

From there, Kenyas strategy began.

Its name is.

Hey Kaguya. Why dont you and I go out for dinner?

Operation Favorability.

Huh? Do you think Ive forgiven you for that? You pervert.

The strategy ended in failure.

Strange, with the current favorability level of you should have readily accepted my offer..

Unfortunately, Kenya have guts, but no romantic experience.

If it was a VR novel game, these guys would come running towards me now.

Shit! Where did I go wrong!

The mistake was the difference between reality and the game.

That these girls have countless options and that the route is not fixed like in a game.

The Zero romance experience virgin Kenya couldnt possibly know that.

But Kenyas efforts were not all in vain.

Kaguya replies while looking sideways at Kenya, who shudders, and turns away.

Ki, I have plans for today, but I can go to you tomorrow okay?

I got you, Heroine!!!!

Thank goodness, I wasnt wrong.

Thank you, you gal games.

Even though, Ive hardly played any of them.

All right! Then lets exchange contact details.

Kenya and Kaguya exchanged contact details.

The exchange was done via the KOG devices messaging app.

I have a lot of questions I want to ask this guy, and I can at least thank him for helping me now

Kaguya thought about it as they exchanged contact details.

The two then left school for the day.

Kenya returns home and decides to plan his future strategy.

Kaguya, on the other hand, proceeds towards the unpopular area instead of the dormitory.


Kaguya Point of View

Im back, Dad.

Welcome back, Kaguya. I hope youre not having a hard time.

Away from Tokyo, this is a lawless zone.

The town spreads out like a slum.

The occupied and ruled country has lost its capital functions, except for the Tokyo area.

The infrastructure has been left inadequately maintained, and life is hard and inconvenient.

They were unable to form a government and were poorly governed.

If they tried to unite and stand up, they were mercilessly suppressed in the form of death.

Whats the point of having a shitty dad look at him ?

Thats terrible, Im your father, you know.

Kaguya turns away and curses Isshin.

I respect him as a person and I respect him as a parent, but sometimes hes like this.

If this were past times, it would be domestic sexual harassment, but despite everything, Kaguya liked her father.

And anyway. Im planning a large-scale operation in the near future. Youve got to be a part of it!

What are we doing?

Well build up our forces, well attack one of the ships. Depending on the outcome, the Asiatic Union may acknowledge us.

The Asian Coalition is a huge federation of states that divides the world in two.

We will take back Japan and ask them to let us into it.

As for the Asian Coalition, it will be able to strengthen its forces.

They are happy to increase their forces as they have been invaded by the Asgars since the beginning.

However, they have no intention of welcoming back the losers.

Therefore, they want to make it known that the country of Japan is not dead.

The operation was a test for that purpose.

We really need good pilots for that mission.

The eyes were serious, and Kaguya nodded slowly.


Kenyas point of view

Well, Im tired from too many things happening all at once.

The fact that it has not yet been a day since he came to this world surprises Kenya.

According to his usual experience, it has been about three days, but from the repetition of every day doing KOG all day long, there has been too much stimulation.

It is said that life is turned around at the age of 20, but it is strange that the speed of experience increases when you continue with the same kind of days.

I open the door to my room.

I later realise that this is a dormitory for second-class Asgar Imperial citizens.

A room given to those wishing to become military personnel.

It has minimal furnishings, but I didnt expect my room to be the same.

I wonder if the other rooms are the same.


I sit on the sofa and exhale.

Im tired because I havent been outside in a while.

But I guess I really have come to the world of KOG.

What happened today was so shocking that I remember everything vividly.

Seeing KOG live, meeting Kaguya, fighting Reina.

And then I found out whats going on in this country.

The world is the same, but its not all the same events as in the game, of course.

If Kenya is the protagonist, there are no episodes where he saves Kaguya or fights Reina.

In the first place, there is no protagonist in this world.

Its a game in the form of enjoying the school as a mere pilot.

It didnt look like it was going to be fun at all, though, and the guy called Goode was a prick.

Is it the fault of the Asgar imperial people, their culture, or the royal family?

I cant blame them alone, though, as they were raised to be that way from birth.

Still, we have to stop it anyway

One thing is for sure.

It is a future that will probably happen one day.

The worst event that will cause many deaths.

An all-out war, initiated by the Emperor of the Asgar Empire.

In other words.

World domination, really, needs to stopped.

Outbreak of world war.


(kirin According to legend, the appearance of a kirin foretold the birth of a great ruler or profound human being, hence its symbolic association with fertility. This was popularly demonstrated by the birth of the legendary Confucius.)