Backstage in the dressing room, An Yinong and Tao Ran were doing a live broadcast while putting on makeup. There were no filters or beautifications in the live broadcast, and netizens could see the most authentic state of the two artists.

A person could also be heard asking questions outside the camera, and the questions were all questions that netizens cared about. For example, Tao Ran was asked, “In the past, he had always been quiet, but yesterday he was very energetic when he was with Ke Yinong. Did they hit it off right away?” 

Tao Ran answered this question.”It’s very easy to chat with him. I know that I’m not very good at talking, and I’ll be cold when I open my mouth. But he doesn’t seem to care. He lives very purely. I am very envious, but I can’t do it.” Speaking of this, Tao Ran’s eyebrows and eyes were gentle. His fans had never seen their idol like this.

“I also like Tao Ran very much. Thank you to the program team for giving me this opportunity. It’s kind of lucky to find a co-production friend.” An Yinong squeezed over and replied solemnly.

The answers from both of them were very honest and without any ambiguity. And the atmosphere between them was really good, as Tao Ran said, relaxed and natural. So even if the two sat shoulder to shoulder, it didn’t feel that they were engaging in CP, they would only feel that it was nice to have friends.

“God sees his pity. Our family, Tao Ran, a black hole in variety shows, has finally found a friend. You don’t know that he used to be so stiff in variety shows, and was always said to be withdrawn and has no emotional intelligence.” Tao Ran’s fans could attest to this.

“The co-production mentioned above means that they can discuss why Chinese cabbage has risen by 20 cents?” a netizen complained precisely.

“I guess so.”

“Then I can fully understand that as someone who never cares about the luxury industry, if my colleagues ask me ‘do you know that a certain brand released a limited edition bag today’, I will also be caught flatfooted, and seriously consider whether it is suitable to be friends.”

“So why is the price of cabbage going up?”

“The price of cabbage has risen recently because the crops in a certain vegetable base have suffered from pests and diseases and have reduced the harvest. In other words, the cost of making kimchi will be higher this year. Oh, they can’t even afford kimchi, can they? Fans want to help?”

“What you said earlier is really ugly, how can my brother be short of kimchi? They can swim freely in the kimchi jar at any time.”

“I don’t know whether the front is pink or black.”

The painting style of this live broadcast room was really strange, it was obviously a variety show related to idols, but most of the audience were passers-by who didn’t like the entertainment industry.

“It’s not easy to win these people’s approval.” The general manager watched the live broadcast with a mobile phone in one hand and closed the car door with the other.

The driver in front had already planned the route, the destination – the airport. The airport was in the suburbs, and it was around half an hour. In order to avoid accidents, the general manager advanced half an hour.

He was going to visit the city where his friend lives and transfer the company – this entertainment company had completed its mission and he no longer needed it. A few months ago, he had already grasped the handle of the ‘enemy’, and followed the clues to find the protector behind the scenes.

“Then just hand in this evidence.” The general manager just wanted to be a clean businessman, no, maybe he can be a good citizen.

The general manager, who fastened his seat belt, picked up the phone again, and the two artists on it had to answer trickier questions one after the other, and the makeup artist seized every spare moment to give them makeup.

At this time, there was a small accident inside, and two other guests came. They changed into a set of macaron-colored uniforms and appeared on the camera.

“Babies, long time no see, did you miss me~” Lai Qing blinked at the camera, and made another gesture of love. Jin Zhe blew a kiss.

“Wow~ dear mother loves you~”

The fans of Lai Qin and Jin Zhe in the live broadcast were so excited that they swiped the screen; love and red lips flew all over the sky for a while.

“My God, my eyes are going to go blind.” Netizens who had only had a vague idea of “Little Fresh Meat” before were startled by the pouting thing, “Wait a minute, don’t they know that this is a filter-free live broadcast?”

Without the soft light, the real texture of the skin came out, and one could tell at a glance that these two were adult men with heavy makeup on. It would be inappropriate to act cute at this time.

“Speaking of which, today’s guests, except Ke Yinong, are all from boy bands and turned to film and television.”

“Then why is Ke Yinong, who is a singer, the best-looking?” The audience who didn’t pay much attention to the talent show circle asked a question from their soul.

Weren’t idols picked for their looks? Tao Ran was not bad, but what happened to those two? A sausage lip with a single slit eye dyed grandma gray hair, and always touching porcelain. There was another who acted in a drama and destroyed it and often ran away from home.

Were the aesthetics of this year’s show fans okay? The live broadcast room was quiet for two seconds: Hmm… this question…

“Because we didn’t choose them.” An honest man explained, “They can only represent the aesthetics of capital rather than the aesthetics of the public.”

“What nonsense are you talking about upstairs?”

Online viewers complained about the looks of the other two, but the guests themselves didn’t know that they were still ‘chatting’.

The gray-haired Lai Qin squeezed into a conspicuous position and said softly to the camera: “This morning, there were a lot of people gathered downstairs. I was really shocked, so I came late, and I’m sorry to keep the two brothers waiting.”

Suddenly, a group of fans yelled in the live broadcast room: “Be good, be good~~ Kiss, you are so polite.”

Others: … This apology is not sincere. If it is a real apology, it should be towards the person to whom the apology is being apologized. Why did he talk to the camera? Moreover, thinking about what he said just now, was he boasting that he was very popular? Thinking more deeply, the ones with high popularity are late, so the ones who are not late are… low popularity?

An Yinong knew that this was a provocation, but he always left room for others in front of the camera: “It’s alright, we came early.”

“Who is this person?” The gray-haired artist’s fans wondered.

“Ke Yinong, you don’t know each other?”

“Who is Ke Yinong?”

Netizens who know about it somehow feel the vicissitudes of time: The younger generation of fans didn’t know the traffic singer who became popular a year ago?

“Oh, I’m afraid the one upstairs has dementia?” Gu Mi, a fan of Ke Yinong, was instantly dissatisfied. There were still 3,000 nails in the rotten ship, not to mention that Ke Yinong only disappeared for a year, not ten years, and he still had fans.

“It doesn’t matter who Ke Yinong is, it’s important that he looks good! Did Xiufen next door choose with her eyes closed? How can she keep chasing after being so ugly? Blind?” This is obviously a new beauty-loving fan.

The fans of the two men pinched again. However, this live broadcast room was always pinching, and the netizens didn’t care much, bypassing the barrage and continuing to watch the live broadcast.

The gray-haired artist in the live broadcast room was a little surprised. This ‘senior’ was so rude in the hotel, but now he was tame. Could it be that he knew that he didn’t have enough power, so he didn’t dare?

He turned out to be a soft one. That’s right, his voice was like this and not popular, it’s on the 18th line. Thinking about the purpose of his visit – black and red to get out of the circle, the gray-haired artist felt that this level of yin and yang was not enough.

So he looked at his skin in the mirror with a little complacency, but in fact, he showed off: “I’ve been too busy lately. I’ve been working three shifts and flying here and there. I’ve gotten angry, with blisters in my mouth and a pimple on my face. My mother also let me take traditional Chinese medicine, and I’m not afraid of eating dead people.” As he spoke, he took out a medicine and prepared to ingest it.

“Is that the crew? I’m so envious.” The curly-haired artist quickly picked up the conversation, and the two chatted like guessing codes. One said ‘you’re so busy’, the other said ‘you’re busy’, attracting all the netizen’s attention.

Everyone understood that the two of them were here to steal the spotlight. However, whether it was An Yinong or Tao Ran, they both acted indifferent and let the stylist take care of their hair and spray them with setting water.

“The two of us chatted and forgot about the two brothers.” The gray-haired artist drank the brown potion, and looked at An Yinong and the two, “The two brothers were so lively in the morning, it almost became a trending search. My manager even said that I am too stupid and timid. I should learn from you two.”

An Yinong, who was brushing his hair in the mirror, turned his head.

The gray-haired artist’s grievance made his fans feel distressed: “They are deliberately selling people-friendly designs, with scripted performances. Our little milk bag is not deep in the world, how do I know these operations? It’s not that my brother is too stupid, it’s that the water in this circle is too deep.”

“This person and the entire program group are targeting our brother.”

“You…” Just as Tao Ran opened his mouth, An Yinong pressed his shoulder, and the corners of his mouth raised.

“Then you are timid, what is there to be afraid of when you have a meal? It’s not half a million walking.” An Yinong in the live broadcast room also showed a ‘kind’ teasing expression.

There was a moment of silence in the studio.

“Say it out, half a million walking…”

“Damn it, he’s so brave!”

“Everyone seems to understand, what kind of joke is this?”

“Go upstairs to Baidu.” It’s not a secret that an artist with the surname L has misinterpreted national policies and made inappropriate remarks.

An Yinong was laughing, the gray-haired artist was laughing, everyone was laughing awkwardly, and the atmosphere backstage was anxious for a while.

“Brother Ke Yinong is really pitiful. If there were no accidents at that time…cough, it is actually very good now, and I think your voice is super nice now!” the gray-haired artist said timidly.

“I’m not careful, you won’t be angry, will you?”

An Yinong glanced from one to the other, and smiled: “I also think it’s a pity.”

From his expression, he couldn’t tell that he was unhappy, but Tao Ran squeezed his hand tightly. An Yinong noticed and said softly, “The show is about to start.”

It was better to defeat the opponent openly and aboveboard in the professional field than to fight lightly in front of the audience to create heat for the opponent. The backstage live broadcast ended in a discordant atmosphere.

As soon as the cameraman left, An Yinong pointed to the medicine bottle on the table and said, “This Chinese patent medicine works well, right? Maybe you don’t hate Chinese medicine as much as you say.”

The gray-haired artist felt baffled. He picked up the medicine bottle and glanced at the ingredient list, his eyes suddenly widened several times.

Kangfuxin liquid, a Chinese patented medicine, can be taken internally or externally and can treat oral ulcers and stomach diseases, with obvious effects. If there were any shortcomings…it was the extract of the American cockroach. Well, it was the kind that flew in the south, was larger, and a nocturnal animal. The protein level was six times that of beef.

“Cockroach juice…” He couldn’t hold back anymore and rushed to the bathroom outside.

Everyone in the background: “…” In a daze.

Tao Ran couldn’t hold back his laughter.

An Yinong looked at Tao Ran who finally laughed, and laughed as well: “This kind of person if you ignore him, he wins.”

The guests here were doing makeup and styling, and the studio over there was also undergoing a last rehearsal. The whole process must be gone through to ensure that any problems could be resolved. The host who was called a dog by many fans was also reciting his lines, and the chief director directed the group performers, telling them when to go on stage and what to do.

Live broadcasting was different from recorded broadcasting. Live broadcasting had higher requirements for the working group, as well as for the host and staff.

One episode of their program lasted three hours, and none of them went wrong. This was a test of the on-the-spot reaction ability of the host and the program team.

“I feel that this time it will be better, at least two of the guests don’t look like they will be demons.”

“You don’t know until you’re on stage.”

The staff ran backstage: “Are the four teachers ready? They are about to play.”

An Yinong straightened his cuffs and smiled as he walked: “It’s nice to join showbiz. You can become a teacher without taking the teacher qualification certificate.”

Tao Ran couldn’t help laughing, An Yinong had a ‘reckless’ temperament as if everything in the world was nothing special. The guests were all sitting on chairs in the dark, and only the host was speaking on the stage.

“Welcome everyone to the large-scale anti-counterfeiting program “I’m Really a Star”. I’m your host Ying Qing.” The host showed his white teeth to the camera and extended a finger, “Puzzle-like originality, abstract acting skills, star, do you deserve it?”

The audience cheered like thunder and shouted: “Unworthy! Unworthy! Unworthy!”

The sound would blow the roof off.