“I have something else to do, so I’ll hang up first.”


Song Wei couldn’t take care of this for the time being because of family matters, but the others did not forget this special performance. There were also other keen people in the crowd who searched for talent.

This city was originally a first-tier city where many entertainment companies were stationed. There were also many people engaged in the entertainment industry walking around, or simply scouts. These people always had a keen sense of smell.

“Did you find it? Yinong? Why does the pronunciation sound familiar… So these songs are really original? Is there a way to contact him? Let’s buy the copyright at the market price. Speed ​​up, efficiency is life.” This was a successful recommendation.

“No, I didn’t receive money for the recommendation. I really… died? Damn, you deserve it because you can’t get promoted!” This was an unsuccessful recommendation.

In addition, some people had taken a fancy to the singer himself.

“It’s a very special voice. It’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely very distinctive and pleasant to listen to. At this moment, there’s a three-tiered inner circle and three outer floors. The police came out to maintain order. Think about it. It’s really not an exaggeration, as long as the equipment is better, it will be around for three days without pause.”

“Looks? Good looks, among other things, the proportion of the figure is very good, and he was definitely stylish on the platform.”

This person strongly recommended this street performer. They feel that the next king may be born from their hands: “The most important thing is that this person’s singing is at least a professional level, and he can sing right after signing, saving the effort of training.” For the same price, one can buy a golden goose, why still buy chicks?

And what was An Yinong, who disturbed the pool of spring water, doing? He was being questioned by the system.

“You can still compose music and lyrics?” The system followed An Yinong, with a skewer in each hand that was bigger than it, “Can’t you hear me?” 

“From birth to death, all the sounds I have heard have been recorded. They exist here.” An Yinong tapped his head, “Even if I can’t hear it, I still have a symphony orchestra here, ready to work for me at any time.

“…Did you turn it on and hang it?” The system angrily bit the potato: the host could do everything, what else did the system do? Be cute?

An Yinong pushed the wig behind his ears: “Why do you think those variety shows let me, a useless person, rub off? You don’t really think I’m popular, they do charity, right?” 

System: As far as the charm of the host was concerned, it was also possible.

“But to be honest, host, you sing really well.” The system still honestly affirmed this, “It sounds better than the host who used a singer’s golden finger before.” 

“Thank you, I plan to be a singer in the future, and perform concerts.”

“By the way, host, what was that business card just now? I saw you flirting with each other, tsk tsk tsk… But it’s okay, you are a straight man, you have to think about the mission.” 

An Yinong stretched out his hand and flicked its head, “Can you be healthier? The reason why those song titles fit is because these songs were originally written for perfume. She knows perfume very well, so of course she has some advantages over others.” 

The system thought that the other party didn’t think so, and he asked, “That person has connections in the entertainment industry, so these are resources sent to your door? Then, do you want to contact her?” 

He put the business card away: “I’ll contact her after the variety show.” He was not famous enough right now, and these songs couldn’t  be taken seriously, so it was better to wait.

‘Woooo’, the phone vibrated for two seconds. An Yinong saw the word ‘boss’, and connected the phone: “Manager.” 

The general manager at the other end said concisely: “After three days, tea restaurant, sign the contract, I will go to pick you up.”

“Okay, thank you.” An Yinong’s response was equally concise.

After two seconds of silence, the general manager said: “I have seen the things on the Internet, and now there are two plans.”

“One, let the variety show bundle hype for the time being. In the future, if you prove your strength, you will receive double the attention. Second, releasing the contract that the other party asked you to sign at that time will also bring the same effect. But your name is really important. It’s tied up with this variety show.”

“I believe in my ability.” An Yinong said.

The general manager smiled, he understood An Yinong’s choice, he could always make the best choice.

“By the way, manager, I want to borrow the company’s recording studio.”

“Yes, you can record anytime.”

“Thank you, manager.”

Afterwards, An Yinong hung up the phone. He just put the phone in his pocket. The phone vibrated again, this time it was Zhao Ze, who was the predecessor of the original owner and the legendary mission object.

The antenna of the system perked up, it smelled the mission.

After so many days, An Yinong almost forgot about him: “Hello?”

“You also received the variety show ‘I’m Really a Star’?” .

An Yinong frowned: “It’s you, are you still alive?”

“Reject it!”

An Yinong had never seen such a cheeky person, if Zhao Ze was in front of him, he would have already stepped on this person’s face, and then crushed it under his feet.

“Remember to take your medicine on time, or you’ll die from the consequences.”

“Don’t go.” The person at the other end didn’t listen to what An Yinong said, and ordered as a matter of course: “I will pay double the liquidated damages.”

An Yinong laughed. Before the variety show started, someone asked him to leave the show with double liquidated damages. An Yinong had never experienced such a thing in his life, it was very fresh. He still had to go.

“I’m not joking with you,” the ‘overbearing boss’ voice was so cold that he could freeze himself to death.

“Your voice is the same as that of a male duck, you speak like sawing wood, you are as weak as a ghost, how can you look like a star? Why go on the show and humiliate yourself?” 

Hearing these words, An Yinong’s smile disappeared. Suppress the original owner, destroy his self-confidence, belittle the original owner day after day, kill a person from the psychological level… This was how the man treated the original owner in the plot.

“I’m too lazy to talk with you. Wild boars can’t eat chaff. What kind of music do you know? You, Mr. Zhao, are only worthy of listening to clip sounds.” His voice was hoarse, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Red wine, in any case, couldn’t be matched with male ducks, it had no taste.

“Ke Yinong!” The man didn’t expect that he dared to be so sly and angry at him. He gritted his teeth, and his arrogance gushed out from the receiver, “If you continue to participate in this variety show, don’t regret it if you lose your face.”

“Mr. Zhao, you are already an adult. You don’t understand the word breakup. An excellent ex should be as quiet as dead. If you are sick, go to the doctor as soon as possible. Yes, how nice. What do you want me to do? I don’t know how to treat rabies.” Then he hung up the phone and blocked the phone.

“Oh, I don’t know what it means.”

“Crazy.” The system added a knife.

The private dining room at the other end was silent. The well-dressed Zhao Ze looked at the phone in his hand, and couldn’t believe it: “What does he mean? He said I have rabies?”

At this moment, Zhao Ze was like a husband who found a man hidden in his wife’s closet. He was on the verge of rage. His fans didn’t know what to say for a while: wasn’t it normal to be bullied with this attitude?

One of them shook his head slightly, and said cautiously: “Wait, didn’t you break up?”

From the perspective of a normal bystander, they felt: Yes, there was nothing wrong with it. If his ex-girlfriend suddenly called and humiliated him, ordered him to do things, and finally cursed him, not only would he hang up the phone, but he would also return a curse package. Thinking about it this way, he felt that Zhao Ze’s ex-boyfriend was civilized and polite.

“So what if we broke up?” Zhao Ze was furious. He only recently remembered that something happened to this variety show in his previous life. It seemed that some guest was beaten for revenge or something, and his face was disfigured.

But he stopped An Yinong not because of this, but because of something else. He walked around the box and said bitterly: “Damn it, did he eat firecrackers? His tone was so aggressive?” 

How could a person who had always been like a little sheep become so tough? This was not a little white rabbit turning into a hedgehog, but a rabbit turning into a porcupine. When Zhao Ze and Ke Yinong were together, the latter had always accommodated him. After all, the status of the two was unequal, whether it was emotionally, economically, or socially So he got used to Ke Yinong’s obedience, and didn’t accept the fact that ‘Ke Yinong’ rejected him at all.

“He actually hung up on me, I’m going to find him.”

His assistants looked at each other in dismay: “You won’t… regret it?” Such drama?

“Regret? Are you kidding?”

After hanging up the phone, An Yinong forgot about Zhao Ze. He started exercising and practicing songs at home, spending almost all day in his recording studio. When he had a little free time, he used it to enjoy the music of this world.

He listened to music regardless of whether it was domestic or foreign, popular or niche. The system watched him absorb nutrients like a dry sponge, and then apply the newly learned skills in his own singing. The whole person was in a state of frenzy.

“You can take a rest and practice singing inside every day, so you won’t be afraid of damaging your ears?” The system couldn’t stand it anymore, and couldn’t help but persuade the host.

Ears were An Yinong’s Achilles’ heel, although the possibility of damaging his ears was very low, but what if? He had to cut down on the amount of time he spent in the studio. But even when he was not in the studio, he played in the hall or in the room.

“When I have money, I’ll buy the best audio equipment.”

Fate treated the original owner favorably. Although he didn’t recover his usual clear voice after the two surgeries, he got another kind of smokey voice with a sense of maturity.

An Yinong had experimented, and he could sing high notes, but the notes were a little hoarse, which had nothing to do with clarity, but it had a heart-piercing quality, and it sounded like the stimulation of strong alcohol to soothe sorrows.

On the appointed day, the general manager’s car appeared downstairs, while the person appeared upstairs. Although there had been a lot of things going on recently, he still wore the most appropriate clothes, his face was calm, and there was no trace of haste on his body. There was still an hour before the appointed time.

“Please come in, sit down.” The person had already reached the door, so come in. However, An Yinong, who had always repelled others from entering his private space, did not feel any disgust towards the general manager.

“Probably because his attitude towards doing things was like a robot?” He thought, ” It’s always difficult for people to feel disgusted and guarded against machines.”

“Does the general manager drink tea?” An Yinong picked up a glass jug containing flower and fruit tea, and poured him a cup of sweet tea. His movements were flowing like clouds and flowing water, which was indescribably beautiful.

Seeing An Yinong’s relaxed face, the general manager didn’t know why, but his heart also calmed down.

“Thank you.” The general manager said with double meaning.

A smile appeared on An Yinong’s face: “I should say that, thank you, the general manager.”

“My surname is Lu, Lu Yu, how old are you, please call me Brother Lu.”

An Yinong was startled , looking at him with eyes as black as nk, and said kindly: “Brother Lu.”

There was a sincere smile on the young man’s face, just like a spring breeze blowing through the willows. The general manager squeezed the cup in his hand and looked away: This young singer has been silent for a year, but he forgot that he still had a crazy handsome face.

“What do you think of the variety show “I’m Really a Star?”

An Yinong put down his teacup, “The entertainment circle deserves its reputation.” The other party was a program group that specialized in inserting knives into the heart after researching the guests.

“Of course.”

Just be prepared.

The general manager lowered his head to drink tea. He saw a small pot of roses on the coffee table. A small persimmon-shaped flower pot was filled with more than a dozen half-bloomed or fully-bloomed roses. The flowers were small in shape and delicate in color. Adding a splash of color to the room.

An Yinong noticed that he was looking at the flowers, and said with a smile: “These are the roses from a grandma downstairs. I bought some, and now I keep them in the vase. The flowers in her house are well grown, and the pots are handmade. Looking at it from a distance, it’s the same as a waterfall.”

“Do you like roses?” The general manager had no preference for flowers, but looking at them carefully at this moment, he actually found them a bit delicate.

An Yinong smiled and nodded: “I like them. It’s a pity that I’m not very good at planting flowers, otherwise I would like to plant a rose garden on the balcony, it must be very beautiful. Does the manager like it? I’ll give you one.” He picked a flower.

The general manager looked at the delicate rose in his hand with a stiff expression as if holding a mine.

“…” An Yinong couldn’t help laughing.